That is a flying drone for kids and in this video we’ll be doing a very quick unboxing and complete review of this product and the box. It says 12 plus, which means it is actually made for kids about 12 years of age, and this is the box, and this is the product and this hub that gesture control using your wrist watch or something like that and the box says. Mrp is 5000 rupees. But this product is available on amazon for just 2499 rupees and some qr code and some barcodes, and you can see some tracing of the product on the box itself. As you can see there and on the side, we have some specifications, so you can see they have that ir obstacle avoidance sensor and we have hand thrown induction mode, altitude, hold gravity sensor and we have 360 degree flipping and light control and then gyroscope and one Button start, so you have that ir obstacle available. So if you uh fly the drone and if there is any obstacle it will automatically move to the side. So that is a kind of interesting thing and some safe uh or what you say. Instructions are given on the box that you should read before flying this drone and you should not maintain it. It is not waterproof and you should be careful about the electric lines and also some flying objects, so it should be red and before flying this drone and on this side tap to fly obstacle avoidance.

So this is the box, a typical minimalistic package from blissbee brand, and this is the package for this drone. Okay, let’s do the unboxing without wasting much time. We have already unboxed this product because we have to check whether this is a the product. Is there or not, anyway, let’s again unbox, this and inside this uh? What is the package? There is a thermocol package, so the drone is completely safe inside this box. As you can see, they have given a complete protection and there you go the invoice and let’s do the unboxing and let’s check yes, here we get the blispy flying drone for kids. It is yellow in color very attractive, in my opinion, and very lightweight, very small perfectly for kids and let’s have a look at the other accessories. What we get. Okay, all the accessories inside this box was in a plastic cover. I have already unboxed this and i lost that cover, and this is the digester control smartwatch and we get extra proper layers in case uh, any missing of the original one. So we have two other extra proper layers, that is very nice, and this one is used for charging the battery and we have the usb a type charger and we have to just continue the battery and charge it and we get extra screwdriver in order to remove The back casing: if there is any issue with the motor or like that or if any dirt is inside, that motor or propeller, we can just clean that uh.

What is it the bearings or something like that anyway? We have, we can use that one. So they are providing extra screwdriver, also that’s kind of interesting, and then we get the user manual. You should read this user manual before using this drone because they have completely. They have clearly given how to use this round, how to use this gesture control and their youtube channel instagram id all these are given in the user manual. So you should read this uh user manual before uh going to fly this drone and the last thing is actually a remote that is used to turn on the drone which we’ll be explaining in the later part of this video. So that’s all thing that we get inside the box, the drone and some accessories. So for this price we get good kind of accessories, good kind of technology – i’m very impressed by that gesture control of this drone for this price. For a kid – and this is very interesting – and we have also that that obstacle uh – what is the sensor that’s kind of very interesting for this price kind of very good, very innovative technology? They have used inside this drone, so let’s open the back side and we have that battery there and we have to remove the battery in order to charge. There is no charging socket there. So this is a 600 milli ampere battery, so very powerful battery, and you can see there the board the circuits going out there and all sensors.

So this is the battery very small and how we can charge is just connect the battery to the back side of that usb charger. Just connect like this and plug it to any mobile charger. As you can see, there is a red light going there, which means that battery have been successfully connected and just connect to your mobile charger like this and plug it. To your, what you say, ac plug in and uh almost half hour or one hour is good for charging the battery to full. And let me just put back the battery to the drone and let’s have a look at how it flies and how we have to what is that connect this gesture control, smartwatch and the power uh? What is a remote anyway? We have to check. So there is a button on the top, as you can see there, and we have to press that and yes it’s, very interesting full of light. I was impressed by that look a lot of light there, and this is the gesture control watch and how to press and these three blinking, which means they are singing with that drone. So now just press on that. Yes, now we have uh no charge that’s. Why it’s not flying so we have to charge the drone before using it and just go outside and fly so guys. Now we are outside our home in order to check the performance of the drone, and now we are in a field.

So we get a wide area, so i will be saying step by step so first place the drone on a surface and now just put that smart watch over kind of hand, control gesture control. Watch like this the same way and what you say you should wear in the same way and place that button. This button is used to do that 360 degree flipping, and you should place this button in the same manner. That is shown in that video, okay and just place, and now we have to turn on that drone, fastly and just press on that button, and it will turn on the drone. As you can see, the lights are blinking, it means they are sinking and just tap on that power button and just fly that’s it. The direction of this crown can be changed using that hand, gesture, controlled, smartwatch and very interesting as very fun to drive this drone. Even for adult and it’s a complete value for money toy, so Music, it is very interesting to do that 360 degree flipping very fun for kids as well as for adult. You can just tap on that button. To do that 360 degree flipping, and this is that button just click and do that 360 flipping flying the drone at night is very interesting because of this bright light and blinking, and you can also fly this drone inside home because it is a toy. So it is safe to drive this drone inside home and also they have given some kind of cushion in order to give that drone a safe and soft landing.

So for this price of 2 500 rupees, this is one of the best toy drone that you could buy from amazon. And i will be adding the link in the description for this product so that you can check out the product and buy this product and so guys. Thus we are coming to the end of this video, a complete review, a complete unboxing and flying review of bliss beat drone for your kids, and this is very interesting. I was pretty impressed by the performance of this drone so guys. Thus we are coming to the end of this video and if you find this, video helpful, give us a thumbs up and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button.