This might be your answer. Youre, all in one bundle to grab at the link down below im justin davis. Today guys we are checking out the emacs tiny hawk 3. It seems that emacs has done it. They have done something comparable to some of the top binder fly quads out there for beginners and for the ready to fly bundles. This might actually top them all. With one exception out there, there is the gap, rc tiny go, which is a crowd favorite. It also has 4k recording on board and a 2s option. So if you want more power later for indoor and outdoor, that might be the option, but for the 1s crowd, if youre looking for something thats, very simple one s 450 battery on here and a lot of upgrades compared to the tiny hawk one and the two Were going to talk about those upgrades in this video and uh, i think that my my prayers have been answered with this one, because you know what they listened to. What the community said about the tiny hawk 2 – the tiny hawk 2 ready to fly and they changed up the transmitter. This time they made a tiltable camera. They gave us plenty of power with new th0802 motors 15, 000 kv and newly designed th props. These are 75 millimeter props on here its just. It flies really really good nice and smooth and a beginner tune on here. So its not overly twitchy on the sticks so lets go ahead and get started with a little bit of flying and then after that well come back and well show you whats in the box and how many upgrades emacs has done on the new tiny hawk 3.

. It is freaking sweet here we go Music, yeah, im, justin davis and youre not going to learn something today, but what we are going to do is road trip. A little bit were going to drive around with the new emacs tiny hog three and were gon na. Have some fun, so what you are gon na do today is have some fun lets, go ahead and jump into the flight test without waiting change. Here is the debut of the new, tiny hawks Music kid through the valley we walked through the fire. Your grace is amazing. I trust what youre saying Music, what youre Music i was lost, but then you came and saved Music all right. I think the consensus so far for myself – and these guys is that its fun to fly its predictable. It has a pretty good power at the high end of the throttle. If you want to boost and do flips um, i will say that it could power loop things low to the ground, probably not like a big structure like something like this. Unless i get really lucky, but as far as like making gaps, proximity flying like park flying beginner tune on there, the 1s battery seems to last a pretty good long time like three to four minutes. I guess – and i think these guys are a fan of the controller – the monitor having a dvr on there is nice yeah good starter package for the new guys much better than the tiny hawk 2.

nice update everything on here and you have a fancy case. What do you think dee nice good mm, hmm now lets, go, send it across the river all right lets: send it out out to the container ship out there do some gaps: perch Music, cause Music. What yall Music be scared if im gon na make it out. I wont be tonight if im gon na make it hard enough Music. All right. My friends welcome back from the flight test, lets go ahead and put the tiny hawk 3 on the scale we got 29 grams without a battery lets put the stock emacs battery on there. This is a 450 milliamp battery hv battery, getting us up to 41 grams total takeoff weight, no need to register this with the faa. This is an anti karen drone, all the way youre not going to have. You know circle of many a vans around you when youre flying this one, the kids in the skate park, thought it was the coolest thing theyd ever seen besides the skateboard, so people are not intimidated by this little tiny, fpv drone. Finally, something we can fly without the public. Just you know, thinking were all perverts. This is nice. 40 to 41 grams on the scale under 50 grams seems pretty light for what it is. Um now lets get right into the tiny hawk 3.. You know i said that my prayers were answered with this one, mainly because they finally added full size sticks on a transmitter.

This transmitter feels more like a mid sized transmitter and not that stupid little bubble, ball gimbal piece of junk that we had before that felt kind of laggy on the sticks. It did not feel good. This one feels more real time and it feels more like a real transmitter. I dont notice that im flying kind of a smaller transmitter than my tx16s when im flying this its just lighter in my hands. Yes, but it has plenty of switches all the way around. For adding other things on here, can you bind it up to other quads thats, a good question that somebody maybe can answer in the comments down below, but we are running a d8 receiver on here thats built into the new stm32 flight controller, so f4 flight controller. It has, i believe, stm32 firmware on here: youre gon na get four to five minutes flight time out of an emax 1s battery, so thats pretty good. This is an hv battery with a ph 2.0 connector. As always, it also comes with a cool little usb. Stick charger inside so you also get 5.8 goggles with detachable, monitor and dvr. Come on emacs its about time. What is going on with beta fpv, they cant seem to release a ready to fly with a dvr in it. This has an sd card slot yay emacs. Thank you, everybody around the entire world, thanks you, because you know what you guys are beginners, and what does a beginner want to do? What do all of us want to do in the fpv community? We want to record we record our videos, man, yeah thats.

What we want to do well be able to upload it to the facebook groups and share with rhoda riot and other awesome facebook groups that were on so now our prayers have been answered. Not only can the gap, rc tiny, go record videos now. The tiny hawk 3 can do that. Now. Is this one up to par with the tiny go ready to fly? I have to say not, quite you know why, because that one will fly 2s also, and it will record 4k and its also around the same price. This ones close to the 300 points, so theyre all in the same kind of price point here. So if you want to start out, i guess the ultimate beginner kit. It might still be this one because it is a 1s configuration its not 2s, its not too zippy its not too fast. It has a soft beginner tune on here, but its nice to be able to step up the 2s on the fly when you feel like it with a tiny go. So this one is is totally aimed at beginners. Now i love the new transmitter, no more bubble. You know, bubble bulb, gimbal sticks on here we have a removable monitor. We have an 18650 battery tray in the back here for an 18650 that is awesome. Mine came with one. It also seems to have a trainer port on the bottom, which you guys want to fly a simulator right, so thats thats what thats there for once you press this, it will turn on.

We have a mode two set up here, throttles on the left, yaw roll and pitch there, and we have little tiny switches here. We have a three position switch here, three position here two here: this is your arm switch and we have a two position here. So two three position switches is nice and if you did notice, there is a little mounting point here so whats that, for that is for the monitor check this out. We have dual antennas on there: im, assuming that is going to be diversity, emacs logo here and a mount on the bottom for a gopro style mount, and this mounts on the transmitter super cool. Because now you have the option to fly 5.8 goggles or you can fly by monitor so a lot of times if youre brand new. This is good advice, for you start out flying with a monitor here and fly it around the house line of sight and just every once in a while glance at the monitor. If you learn to fly line of sight first, i swear to god. Youll, be a better fpv pilot later on youll, be that guy thats doing some pretty awesome tricks. Youll understand all the basic orientations of the sticks and thats super important, so yay emacs for doing that, having it attachable, even if youre, not flying with a monitor, start out by flying line of sight, very important on the side. Here we have modes and the power button here, the beautiful sd card slot here for recording your videos so important over on this side, we have a usb port for charging.

This monitor it has an internal battery. We have an av out port there. We have a b there for bands and a c here for channels and an r here for recording yay. It will now record – and this monitor looks pretty good, so i dont know what the resolution on that is right now, but i would try to find that out for you guys um. It is going to record up to a 32 gigabyte card and it records mpegs and avi. So that is pretty awesome and that was running 5.8 gigahertz. So can you fly the tiny hawk on other goggles besides these? Yes, actually, you can sky zones that have 5.8 go for it. Thats a nice upgrade the skyzone xs. Are you know some of the ones that that i love the most? Those are my daily goggles, along with the 03 os that ive kept forever, so the box as well nice upgrade the goggles fit in here the transmitter fit in here. The quad fits in here. Your charger is in here – and i would say these batteries charge up in about 10 minutes time, 10 to 12 minutes. It has a nice charger because it does have dual purpose here. We have ph 2.0 on one side for 1s and you have 2s option here. That is cool, so they have another tiny, hawk 2. I will do 2s and you can switch it between lipo, hv or lipo.

So do not charge a non lipo. A non hv lipo as an hv, you will blow up the cell, so be careful with that. If it says hv on the battery right here, i dont know if you can see that, but it says hv on it: 3.8, volt, otherwise itll say 3.2 volt at the bottom resting voltage. So when it charges up, it should be a little bit higher on a hv charge, so be super careful not to blow up your house. These batteries can cause a fire in your house. So be very careful about that. Also in the box, we do get some stickers here, some emac stickers. We get some qr codes for manuals and support. Usa, canada, international emacs website there emacs usa ill put the link down below for the banggood version. Ive got an eight percent off coupon for that as well. I put up in the beginning of the video but grab some extra batteries as well, because youre gon na want to fly some extra flights here, as youre training start out in stability mode guys and then work your way up to flying some acro. Its kind of the holy grail of fpv, but i love that we have newly designed frame. We have 200 milliwatt on here. Now we have a new camera, its a nano. Four. We have four blade props on the bottom, evon tiny, hawk props. We have zero eight zero. Two fifteen thousand kv motors dvr, a new transmitter.

You know removable, monitor, mountable monitor. I mean this has a lot of cool stuff going on it and by the way the monitor is not the highest resolution in the world. So if you do want to go ahead and upgrade to some nice fpv goggles later, this camera does look better in a nicer pair of goggles, like my sky zones versus this, this is 480 by 800 pixels. This 4.3 inch monitor so yeah thats, a 1300 milliamp battery inside that monitor, as well its about 260 grams. On your face with the exclusion of this little mount here but yeah i like it, i think its a great great upgrade from the previous tiny hawk series. The tiny hawk one, the tiny hawk two, the s theyre ready to fly, and now the three is here. Finally, so i think this is a nice release and i think emacs listen to the community, which is awesome. Do i think its perfect, no um, it could be better. Could it be yeah, it could always be better. I mean we have to be honest on the channel, but i think they did a great job with all the new upgrades for you guys, um yeah. I would just like to see you know it would be cool if this could handle 2s and there was a dual port on this thats. What id really want? Ph 2.0 connector and an xd30, so you could switch back and forth between your 1s batteries and your 2s batteries.

That would be the ultimate tiny hawks, so yeah theres, always room for improvement. Guys! Thanks again for watching my honest reviews, you can check out the links down below.