Tell you all about why you should buy this drone its my pick for 2021, as the best drone out there for the price were going to start off with an overview of the features and then were going to get right into. The footage. Lets do work Music, Music, the hubsan xeno pro 2 plus is a 4k 60 fps. Video recording drone, shooting 12 megapixel photos at a range of up to six miles and it can go fast with a top speed of 45 miles per hour and with a high quality. Three axis gimbal six level: wind resistance, all the gps features you could imagine and a maximum flight time of 35 minutes. It is the very best sub 500 drone you can buy. You would think that this is a high resolution photo right here, but, as you can see, its actual drone footage and it looks beautiful, look at the white swans way down there. Look at the color of the shore with the explosion of autumn colors captured perfectly by this drone. You can really appreciate the deep greens with the oranges and yellows of early november here in new england. The smoothness of this video is a testament to the quality of the 3 axis gimbal, holding the image steady, even with the wind way above the tree line here now, keep in mind. I shot this at 4k 30fps, but the drone actually had a software patch allowing up to 60 fps, which would be even smoother than what youre seeing here ascending even higher.

You can see miles of rolling hills all in fine detail. This really gives you a great perspective to your position on gods, beautiful earth. It is breathtaking you can see cars driving by in high definition way down there and look at those lush evergreen trees got some really nice houses here. Okay, can you find me in this footage? We are way up here and im, not even approaching the range limits of the hubsan that little dot right there is me, this drone has a 10 kilometer or six mile range six miles. That is absolutely epic. I could literally fly this into town and back without leaving my yard. All right were gon na descend right on top of the lake here. Just to give you a feel for the speed. This drone is fast and im, not even approaching the top speed. The hubsan has a sport mode that unleashes 45 miles per hour, which in a drone, is remarkable and it turns on a dime, okay in hudson valley, new york here checking out the river and gorgeous surrounding areas. Look at the definition on these homes, its crisp, no blurriness colors are popping and we are way up here and the wind was blowing pretty hard that day, but thanks to that 3 axis gimbal and 6 level, wind resistance. The footage is flawless interesting little building here with that old fashioned clock on top lets, go but exploring the beauty of this drone.

With a six mile limit, you can literally go exploring and capture beautiful footage, rising above heights in your neighborhood, revealing things that youve never even seen or knew were there. I discovered a really cool lake nearby with an interesting peninsula of houses jutting out into the middle of the lake. I had no idea that was there until i found it with this drone thats the fun of having a high quality drone like this. With a 4k camera and as i said it turns on a dime, you can turn slowly. You can turn fast and everything in between what a beautiful landscape here in hudson valley, new york. This is my favorite motorcycle dealer and service center of all time. If youre in the area go check out, hudson valley, motorcycles, you will not be disappointed here. Are some photo examples for your viewing pleasure, all high resolution and 4608 by 2592 pixels? They look great Music, all right guys. I cant put it any better than i just showed you. This thing is jam, packed with all the features it shoots. The most beautiful 4k video ive ever seen doing this online may not do it justice, but trust me. I have 800 cameras that dont shoot as well as this drone does. I have this on my amazon storefront link in the description below. If you do purchase something on my amazon storefront, it does help out the channel, and i very much appreciate that all right guys.

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