You can always kind of tell right when what the weather is like here uh, because of how dark or light this room looks im thinking about getting some tint for that window. I think i think i might try to tint it just to bring the bring some control into this room, maybe anyways uh. This is this, is the bentsey bensai b10 mini b10 mini, and this uh has just, i believe, released on indiegogo today. So right now, as you can see, on their indiegogo page bensai b10 mini the finest printer for business uh sign up and get it from this price. Now were doing this video a couple days before this comes out, but this is kind of some information in regards to it, and this is one of those printers that it doesnt its not a print on paper kind of printer, its a printer that you print on Stuff and ive known a lot of people that do they print on vinyl or they have those little printers. You can get that print on little strips that you can put on your stuff. Uh both are cool, but i think the bonus of this is that uh for one. As far as i can tell with the video, it seems to just kind of come off with water. If you wanted to for cleaning, i think so just kind of watch that i dont know how much water, or what kind of fluid or liquid fluid fluid, sounds weird right or liquid.

That needs it to come off, but it can its removable. As far as i can see here from the video, but today what were going to do because theres not a lot of info on there on their actual indiegogo campaign. As of now, when im shooting this uh, what were going to do is the box is here. So that means for you, guys that are looking at possibly getting this its its ready. Uh were going to take a look at what comes in the box, were going to connect it to my smartphone and were going to print on the back of a set of earbuds yeah lets lets lets do that now. I guess: Music, okay, so again, heres heres! Your indiegogo campaign page again im going to this a little early, but i want to make sure we got this video ready for uh the day that they launched it again, which should be now um, so ill put a link down below. If you guys want this, but i watched the video, it looks pretty cool 195 grams, wi fi connection, one click print uh 42. I dont know what that is. Million letters equals two million letters. I dont even know what that means print anything on any surface. So really cool like it could be cool for those of us that have business gear, especially you know you have. You know youre traveling around, you got camera bodies and you got earbuds and you got all kinds of stuff that are in your bag and you want to kind of label it, especially if it is like removable, which is nice or you got kids or family that Are taking stuff to school and you just want to make sure that you can put their name or initials or whatever it is on it.

Thats cool as well heres, the box, uh prt fox, draws your world prittafox printfox, maybe pritchfox, i dont know fox draws your world thats all thats, all its on bensay and i guess im guessing. You can get it maybe in different colors, because they show a white one there and a black one, so maybe theres two different colors. Now the other thing im guessing is im, hoping that well learn more as we go on is uh, where you get ink for this right so anyway lets crack open the box. Nice box, though, like im, always im, always pleased when you get stuff that are going on indiegogo or going on kickstarter or whatever, and its got at least good packaging, so thats a thats, a fantastic start. A lot of crinkle paper: okay, ready its coming its happening cool all right, so we get a a pass quality control which is good, uh print fox, i guess, is it called print fox and heres, your app so im guessing im, hoping that these apps are on The store and ready, because sometimes weve done, that, where theyre not so view in app store so thats good there. It is yep so, and i dont think this is like by any means their first printer theyve, probably done other printers as well, but were going to install that so its ready all right downloading its on its way. Okay, so in the box we get the printer.

You guys will get an idea of how big this is so its its here. It is its its got, some thickness to it for sure uh its plastic. Here it is in my hands. You guys will get an idea of it, so thats thats it right there but looks simple enough: theres your usbc charger im guessing this is maybe maybe does that open this yeah. So that opens that so that you can probably put your ink and all that inside it, nice solid, solid, lock and it prints it prints somewhere through uh magic im. Guessing i dont even know how it prints thats, like you, look at this and youre like where, where does the print magic happen? Does this come off? Aha, so there it is. So this piece here comes off uh. This is again im. Guessing uh shows your password for it, which im hoping you can change uh and again, there is your uh. This is scan this one for android for in china, ios and android in english. So and then this just oh its magnetic. Oh, you guys see that its like thats cool, all right good. This is going to be your ink that you get so again im pretty sure this is proprietary that goes in there or does it say, pull pull that off so ill. Do that in a second uh, you do get a little usbc to usb a cable right there, not overly large, but probably large enough.

This is thats it right there tiny, but its fine, um and thats thats. All of that all right lets come back to this little thing here. This is this is your. So all this is in chinese im, guessing im, hoping there we go. This is english, so printing steps, printer maintenance, cool and on off instructions, charging functions, install or removing the ink cartridge. So id keep this handy just in case precautions and uh. The warranty provision, so a little small in terms of writing or my eyes, are just getting worser one one of the two well right. Okay, so lets lets figure. This out lets lets, put it together. Uh, printing steps: yeah im; fine; okay, so this is number one number one uh press and hold the power button. Charging press number one press and hold the power print button on the side of the product for three seconds. The indicator light turns on and enters the startup state. Okay, charging this product uses uh the type c interface good voltage, five volt one amp. The indicator. Light is red when it is turned off and charged, and it goes out when it is full. Okay, so im guessing its red ones, chart jing, install and remove ink cartridges press the ink cartridge cover open button to open the ink cartridge cover yep, and i guess you just slide it in thats kind of it. Okay well lets lets uh lets. Do that so thats thats, this fella thats thats, popping up were doing were doing it were putting it in there im guessing by the looks as it goes in like so so open lid right in it goes: okay, thats, the pole.

It says: pull pull what this this little sticker guy, okay, its probably more on there than you youd, want, but its good, its fine okay. That was it that seems odd. It doesnt seem to really have done anything whatever. Okay, i pulled it off. Does this? Maybe its this its talking about pulling thats, see it had a little pull arrow down here, but im pretty sure its this. That needs to come off thats. I dont know if thats super well laid out all right, and this is just going straight in snug – done thats it um press and hold to turn on okay, because it doesnt really talk about uh connecting it really were. Gon na were gon na connect it right. Now were gon na move all this stuff over there. This little pull tab uh. It has a little like an arrow up there to kind of tell you a little bit, but maybe not as laid out as well as youd would want it to all right. So we got our phone Laughter. Uh were opening up printfox here, printfox printfrogs would like to find a connected devices on your network. Yeah im down all right, so first off were gon na say: please connect this device searching for printer all right so hold on lets. One two three so its on im thinking. Maybe you have to um, go in and connect this possibly to wi fi, this just beeped and now its kind of solid im going to hit that ad again, maybe itll, search searching for printer see server failed so lets.

First, go into, i want to see in my settings here if theres like a new wi, fi yeah, see print fox right there and it said pretty sure one, two, three four five six seven eight lets see: yep. Okay, nice now well go back to this. Okay, print searching for printer anything there, it is found one cool right check. Success go back cool, so you can do it like a qr code bar code, a picture time number database text all right. I guess this is your printing field, so lets lets. Do text click to input and im just going to go cruisin canada success just like that right and you can withdraw delete edit new scale right. You have all kinds of stuff here, so you could turn that in barcode would kind of be cool actually, because you could pop, like put your qr code, you could put like your web address in there. So im gon na, say thats, thats, awesome and 24 is what my printer is setting at right now, if i hit print printing, what do i do right this? This comes off. Yes, lets print on the back of this box lets print on the back of the box. Just so, i can see keep saying printing nope turn on the mobile wi fi im with you scan the qr code. Im with you open the app open, the nozzle protective cover at the bottom and press the side print power on button, oh theres, a theres, a! I guess you have to tell it.

You have to tell it that youre printing, so you ready everybody, get it there hold yeah all right, ready were going over here same idea, coming down here, drews in canada. Look at that! Oh i like that. I, like that thats and honestly thats a pretty big ink cartridge right, so i dont think youre gon na have any issues like printing three times so its printed. Okay lets take that off. So i can say withdrawal no content can be withdrawn. Withdraw, can i just take that off? How do i get rid of it? Oh delete, i guess, delete it. Yes, so you have a qr code. Okay, qr code input your text so lets say i was like okay lets: go www dot our web address whos in canada, dot com right done size, i dont even know what size that is. Does that look reasonable, sure, good, maybe and well say print just goes! Blue, its usually flashing when its not all right and im guessing see thats the print right there. So im going to come down here, just kind of line it up. I dont know if i got it right in the right spot were hoping ready, a little bit of a mess up, but this got a curve, but you can see what its doing right. Oh, i like that a lot actually yeah and i i messed that up a little bit, but that curve just throws it. So if it was a bit bigger that would work, because i dont think that qr code will work now, but thats okay.

So if i went here, it was like: oh no, it did work. Look at that took me right to my website:, okay uh. I think this is pretty cool now, just to see ready, well see how easy this comes off, so its dried, so thats thats thats on there pretty good. I think if we were to take this wet this, oh no thats thats on there, you probably just need like a cleaner right, some kind of cleaner to get that off, because i do think they say you can re remove it. It does say waterproof and superior durability, so yeah 100. They must require some kind of cleaner to take it off. This is a complete win. This is changing the game. My friends uh i im gon na be qr coding and putting my name on everything even stuff. I shouldnt i kind of want to do it to my own skin, but im not gon na nope, not gon na im, not here to do that all right, guys, uh. I am putting links to this uh indiegogo campaign. If you guys are interested in it because thats awesome thats super cool, i like it a lot just remember: you got to hit the print button to tell it to start printing, and you hold this when youre done to turn it off right. So yeah thats thats, pretty cool, uh im gon na end up using this a lot i can see im gon na end up tagging everything i will leave links again to indiegogo site.

If you guys are interested in this because yeah very useful all right. My friends uh this is the bensai and i cant its just print frogs print fox here, but on here its the bensai b10 mini either way very cool links down below and uh. We will see you guys tomorrow, like comment.