The first person in the world to drive it outside of ford, which is pretty amazing, so were going to see how he gets on, should be quite a good day. Music filming a rally car is one of the greatest things we can do on top gear. It just looks unbelievable all that spray all that snow, but its actually quite technically challenging because it kicks up so much stuff. It destroys the lenses, so you cant see it so. The goal for me for the drone team is to effectively replace the tracking car that follows the rally car and get in on the action as much as possible, its all about them. Getting us that intensity that the tracking car normally would, but without getting decimated yeah. The drone thing really has gone berserk. I can remember 10 years ago, actually almost exactly. We bought a parrot drone and i strapped a gopro 2 to the bottom of it and it wouldnt quite carry the weight, so it hit the side of my house and destroyed both, but i thought this might go somewhere. I was ahead of my time now. The games moved on so until recently, youd have a dji. What have you and it would follow you at about 60 70 miles an hour when they were chipped up and going fast. I had no problems with them because they were a long way away. The drone was always quite high up or even pan past you a bit like a tracking car.

Now youve got these pov drones and they sound angry thats. The thing, if you can hear them, you cant hear them from the rally car, but in a normal car you do hear them. I have no concerns because the people that fly them are very, very talented. However, i have nearly hit a couple because they love this shot when youre coming towards them and they just they just raise it up just the last minute. So so you just looks like youre just popping underneath it um, i let them do it. I really do one day i will hit one and now i will hes out there doing his doing his review now. Hes full send mode its totally amazing Music as low and as close as you can be, hey so im, manga, fpv and im. A professional hpv drone pilot, so fpv is stands for first person view so its a drone that you fly with these goggles. Looking at what the drone is, basically so, you feel like you are flying can get up to speed such as like 200 kilometers. An hour depends the gear youre. Actually, using now the bigger ones will go, maybe a bit slower, but you can easily reach like 140 150 kilometers. So this is like a classic fpv drone. I would say, like a very common, very used size of fpv drone thats a five inch drone. So we talk in propeller size, so this is about like seven to eight hundred grams um, so it has a crazy weight to ratio power like 10 times even more so this can reach speeds up to like 180 kilometers.

So you can get very like dynamic and low shots uh with the gopro thats super easy to maneuver, really quick, easy to break easy to accelerate. So this is like our like: go to fpv drone for gopro use. You know what i mean, and then we have the bigger kind that we use to get the quality uh with a cinema camera like this one. So the big difference with this one, as you can see, is we have like bigger propellers. We have. We have eight motors, but we have a lot of weight. This is about four kilos, so basically the physics around this is the same as the small one. So you can take the same kind of shots, but you are heavier. So, of course, the handling is a bit different, but otherwise you can get kind of the same. Super dynamic shot such a small one, but with a cinema camera on it its its. It takes a lot of skills actually to to work with these tools, because you have, to you know, be able to build them, tune them um, and then you put a cinema camera on it. So you have to be able to use a cinema camera. So, if youre sort of a technician, but also like a gop that has to you, know, make sure that the the shot is well exposed and everything is right with the camera, so its like theres a lot going on uh behind these things, you try not to Break it this one and we also brought with us um regular, inspires uh to get more cinematic classic drone shots, because these are not the same tools like people.

Ask me sometime like oh: do you think, like fpv is going to overtake cinematic drones im like no theyre, just like a new tool, we dont do the same shots, so these two drones i mean ltd and entire – are really good combination to get like cinematic. You know beautiful and then get into the action be really close to the subject. With a theory, the performance is outrageous. Behind the car you get like a massive spray of snow everywhere, and snow is just water, and drone is just pure electronic in the air. So you dont want that water to get inside your camera or your drone and just like try to run in the mid air and just crash so thats, something that is. You know you have to play with the snow because it looks good, but you know you have to find the limit uh and just not get like a massive spray on the drone and you would just crash. Oh, my lord is far when you learn fpv uh theres a lot of crashing, but even now i mean like i have no problem to say that im crushing a lot because its worth it. The good thing with these drones is that you can take the risk to crash to get like a really good shot, and so the good thing is that the crashes are not that expensive. On a machine like this, maybe you change the motor for 25 bucks, uh or a piece of carbon for you know 10, so it wont cost you the whole drone most of the time.

What could happen is that you lose your drone uh flying too far away. Losing the signal or something this happened, but i mean thats thats the game. If you want to get the shot, you know you have to risk it thats it thats a wrap uh. What an amazing day its been the wrc car looked amazing. Chris had a lot of fun, i cant wait to get back to the edit and see what weve got push the pedal down. How does it do that on ice hows, the day been good ive just been the first person outside the factory to drive the new wrc ford it its outrageous? This is what this is, what my lifes made for, if you dont like doing this, go home, its been fantastic and the weathers been great and im, not too cold, so yeah.