A lot of life stuff has been happening. Good life stuff got an apartment new place with the girlfriend new job and uh, maybe have been playing a little bit of cyberpunk anyway, i’ve been riding the uc still been riding the v8f by end motion enjoying that wheel. I think a lot of people underestimate the smaller wheels it’s, always great to have a small wheel at some point and if you can have a big wheel and a small wheel, it’s, definitely really nice to be able to jump on either one depending on what’s happening. In the day, what’s what’s the mood or people hanging out in a parking lot are people going on a longer ride, so it’s always nice to have both types of wheels. Now, with that being said, zen lee another youtuber, now i live in his apartment. Complex i’ll put his link up there if you have not seen his content but i’m sure if you’re writing an euc or interested in that content. You have already found his channel as he makes much more content than i do. We went out recently to the dry lake bed with uh drone pilot and you know he’s zipping, all around us getting his cool angles, these cool views – and there was a couple times to where he ran into us and uh. You know it’s not too big of a deal, but this thing’s going fast and those blades, the propellers they’re, also going fast, and it does not feel great getting hit with those later on.

As the last shot of the day. His his drone hits right into my pinky put some pressure all right. I don’t want to touch you because i’m dirty, okay, here’s, a ride, open blood was gushing all out and um. It was not uh the most pleasant feeling, i’m, just glad that uh it’s pretty much healed now zen. He got the new rs he put on some spike pedals, uh some side pads and he’s allowed me to try it out and also review it to which coming from the msp. The only thing that i’ve noticed is, along with it being 100 100 watts more powerful. It’S an inch thicker and in width and a few pounds heavier other than that the lights are cool uh the headlights are brighter, i believe twice as bright off roading you know, handled well, definitely felt the new weight of it and definitely felt a little bit thicker. Getting close to the size of the sherman and which isn’t you know, bad the bigger and heavier these wheels get uh. They do feel uh more solid and stable to the ground. But the whole idea, with the msx style wheel, at least to me, is to be able to jump these things and get them in the air, and you know be able to be somewhat nimble and light. I won’t say light, but at least to be able to do more with them than you know, say something like the sherman so now they’re adding more weight to it.

60 pounds now it’s, not the biggest deal but i’m starting to hope they don’t go too high. As i still want to be able to, you know hop this thing around and whatnot so again, it’s all with practice and uh. You know just training yourself to be able to adapt to the wheel and make it make it your own. So that being said, i definitely can feel the more power of the rs i’m looking forward to taking it out more and using it more now.