This is actually one of my favorite little line of sight flyers, but it has a big brother, the Potenza, 830 and I'm gon na give this guy away so watch till the end, and during the video explain how you can win this drone, so stay tuned. Okay, so just to start off, my name is Kelly. This is Ready Set drone and we cover a lot of different drones, including the toys sometimes, and one of my favorite little toys is the Potenza k a 20 navigator 2. Now I did a whole video about this I'll throw a link up in one of the cards up there, so you can see the video about it. One of the reason it's one of my favorites is because there's no app it's very simple to fly and, if you're just learning how to fly line of sight, it's a really great, inexpensive little drone. It actually comes with two batteries which gives you more flight time. Well, lo and behold, I noticed that Potenza has a big brother to the a20 called the a 30 navigator 3 and it's this one here, and you can see it's a decent amount bigger than the other one. It still uses a 1s battery, but it's a bigger battery and it's got a little. More kick does a little better in the wind because it has little stronger motors, they're, brushed motors they're, not anything special, but for flying around and learning how to fly.

The line of sight it's really a great little drone. Now one of the things as I said, I really liked about this, no app very simple to fly, not overly complicated and also it has a super bright, LED in the front that's, not a camera. There'S, no there's, no camera there's, no app there's, no way to record video with this it's, just an LED to help you with orientation and if you're flying in indoors, for example, it kind of brightens up the area in front of the drone. This one has the same thing: only it's, a bigger, LED brighter LED this one also has a little easier to put in and out battery now I'm gon na set this one aside for a second. So the a30 comes with a remote control, similar in size to the 820 s remotes, just a little kind of toy video game style, remote, it's, fine for me, I've, pretty big hands, and I do just fine with this thing but of course, I'm used to flying These but it's it's good, because it's also compact, so if you wanted to pack this down and take it with you somewhere in a case or in the box, it's pretty easy to pack down. It comes with this little 1s battery, and this is a one point. Six five watt hour, so that would be 1650 milliwatts our 1s battery. This also has three flight rates. It has a high medium and a low so that, if you are just learning how to fly or if you're flying indoors, you can fly it in the low rate.

It'S kind of breezy out here today, so I'll probably be flying in the high rate. It'S still self levels it just your your low rate is gon na. Give you just a little bit of tilt your medium rates, gon na give you a little more and your high rates. Gon na give you a little more so you can fly faster and you can fight the wind a little bit better back to the battery for a second one of the things I really like about this battery, and I wish more companies would do. This is the fact that this battery plugs directly into a USB port and uses the USB cable it's, a micro, USB cable that plugs right into the back and the battery just charges without any charger. You just need this cable to plug it in and charge it. I love that because then you don't have to deal with different proprietary charging systems. All you need is a wall plug or a laptop or even a USB battery backup. You know one of those power banks and you can charge this thing, so you just plug it in right here in the back, make sure you get it the right way, and then you plug this into the wall and when this is charging there's a little red Light in there that actually lights up and tells you that it's charging this is about half way charged. I didn't get it fully charged, but I have another one charging inside so we'll fly a bit with this and then we'll swap them out.

If we need to so a couple more things that I really like about this guy one is that there's no battery door, this little guy here when you put the battery in you, have to kind of put the battery in there and make sure the battery door Shuts and it's a little hard, sometimes to get it in, because your connector is right here you have to plug in the connector and then close the door it's not a huge deal, but this door doesn't always want to close this latch. Isn'T super accurate or super. Well made so, but this one you just literally slide the battery the right direction. You want to make sure that you have the kind of tab facing downwards, but you slide it into the back and it makes contact and that's it and then to pull it out. You just push the little tab in and then push it out. It'S super easy to get in and out. I like that about it. I also like that both of these have an onoff switch. So if you want to put the battery in but not turn it on, you can do so. You can set it down on a level surface turn it on turn on the remote. The back will blink. The remote will blink for a second and then once it's. Once they're, both solid, so that's, solid, red and my remote is solid orange. That means you've got them bound together.

They should come pre bound together. Basically, this remote works with this one. Now you can see right here. This is that LED. I was talking about it's daylight out so it's kind of hard to see but it's. If you look straight into it, it's actually pretty bright and I'm gon na fly it around a little bit indoors, just to see what that's like, but now that we've got this guy bound I'm gon na go ahead and take this thing off so there's a couple Of things number one, this upper left, where I guess it's upper right button for me on your left side, my right side, if you push it once you'll, hear three beeps one beep or beeps, so that's your rates, so one is low. Two is medium three as high, as I said, it's a little breezy today, so I'm gon na fly it in high rate and then there's also a headless mode, and I think that's this button here when you're in headless mode. I think the backlight is gon na blink and, and is it blinking now yeah that tells you you're in headless mode. A headless mode is a way that when you fly no matter which way the drone is facing, it's always going to come back to you. If you pull the right, stick back it's kind of cheating, but if you've never flown before it can be helpful. I don't particularly like it I like to fly in just normal mode, but to take off there's a take off button.

You can push here. That'Ll spin up the props and I'll bet. If you pull the sticks down and in it'll start them and stop them as well, yep, so they're just a cup button. No, it actually takes it off. So let's see I'm going to get into high rate and, as you can see, it is a little breezy here today. Now one of the things this drone seems to be doing really. Well that I actually didn't know – and maybe it says it on the box – is it's – holding this altitude really well I'm, not doing the left stick at all and it seems to be hanging it's staying in place pretty well as far as the altitude goes, but as I said it's pretty breezy. I can definitely feel the wind blowing it around a little bit I'm gon na just take it out the yard. Take it back this way and that's one of the nice things about having these little having these little ducks around the propellers is you can bump into stuff and it won't really. Well, if you do that, you'll crash, it sit right side up, okay, it's facing you. Okay, so Applause, Music, all right so let's, see if we can get it under the backstop. The LaCrosse backstop over there hey over the pig between the taste legs. As I mentioned, it does a pretty good job of holding its altitude I'm, not holding the altitude right now and it's it's going up a little bit but that's because it's going into some wind, I think over there in the yard.

Oh and there's a there's, a nice recovery after it hits the wall, no censors it's not like trying to get away from anything like some drones do all right. So we flew it around a bit outdoors and it did pretty well, despite the breeze now we're going to take it inside and Tate's gon na fly it and see how it does flying through the house so come check it out now, we're gon na simulate a Real life, beginner, Music and dangerous territory – oh yeah anga! You want a little air, it's beeping Music it's, not happening Music, all right! So at the beginning of this video I told you you could win this Potenza a 30 and now I'm gon na tell you how what you do is go to the video for the a 20 I'm gon na put a link right here at the end. So you can skip over to it and in the comments for the a 20 it's a little brother, I want you to just put a 30 capital, a number three zero and when you do that from all of those selections, I'm going to pick a winner on My next live show, which will be the first Friday in March, which is coming up in about a week. So if you want to win it, go to the video for the a 20 put a 30 in the comments, and when you do, I will pick the winner out of all those comments for this little guy.