So anyways lets get right into the video all right, so im very excited to be doing this video today with the drone you get the instruction manual as well as an extra set of propellers and a little tool right there. That is used to take off your propellers, so lets say if i were to crash it and somehow damage the propellers. I would use that little tool to pull the propellers off and change about with the new set, but its going to be pretty hard to damage. Your propellers with the included propeller guards that are already on this drone. You have your battery right here and then you also have your controller right here. So this is a very basic and simple drone, its a inside flyer, something to fly around in your house. If you are bored so im just going to give you the specs for this drone and were going to take this up and were going to see how this actually performs in the air and see if it flies good and if its worth your money so im Gon na put the specs for you to look at on the screen right now and lets get right into it. Okay, so heres how it flies flies pretty smoothly, all right guys id just like to interject myself here. Just so you know, the controls are very responsive and its very smooth operating this guy, and i actually have a lot of fun flying it.

So very, very enjoyable flight and im really really liking this drone so far, the Music all right so im starting to develop. My opinion on this drone and really i think this drone would be perfect for somebody who wants to learn to know how to fly a drone, but doesnt want to spend much money at all and just wants to get a little bit of practice in, and this Would be the great practice drone to buy? Also another thing i really like about this drone is the lights on it, as you can see theyre flashing right now, so that means its on low battery, but i still decide to take it outside and get a little bit of flight time in outside and as You can see im doing just fine, because i can see where it is at all times: Music, alright guys. We hope you enjoyed our little flight demonstration of this holy stone hs175 and i guess its time for my final opinions on this drone and personally for a first time drone or just something to fly around your house if youre bored or whatever you want its a Pretty fun drone i like flying it a lot and its very easy to fly. The controls are extremely responsive and its just a lot of fun. So, yes, i would recommend getting this drone now. Obviously, price is a big factor when it comes to purchasing really anything in this world, and you can see this new for about 50 bucks and really, i would not spend fifty dollars on this drone because it is a toy and it is something just to fly Around your house, but if you look hard enough, you could probably find this for as low as 30 bucks uh the cheapest that ill find.

I will link in the description below so i dont know what that is off the top of my head. But when i go searching through the internet for different links, i will leave the cheapest prices that i can find in the description below so go and check that out for sure, if youre still here id like to thank you for sticking around this far. Please, like this video and subscribe to my youtube channel. We make content like this and more so go check out some of my other videos. Thank you.