U n! Is that how you pronounce it? It says: k? U n right there! You know what it reminds me of star trek. You know captain kirk, you know like khan khan, i don’t know if that’s supposed to be gone. King kong, i don’t, know no idea anyways. This is a foldable drone, it’s, a budget drone it’s, a low cost drone and hey you’re, probably wondering great he’s reviewing budget drones again. Well, i always said when the snow went away and the cold went away. I’D, come back to reviewing them, because budget drones do not fly very well in the winter time in canada, so winter is over back to budget drones. So this one here is actually a little bit different it’s got a three axis gimbal and it has a sony sensor and the lens is supposed to be upgraded. Although i can’t tell it looks like the same lens to me: it’s got optical flow on the bottom. Little camera down here, you can also switch to that camera. If you want, but it’s really low res, it takes 4k photos and 2k video, and in my tests at home it was shooting video at 2k at 30 frames per second flight time with the included battery. Is 28 minutes and range? If i throw this drone or if it goes, flying is supposed to be 1200 meters. I don’t know if i could throw that far. Probably not but uh 1200 meters in a low cost budget drone usually means you’re, not getting 1200 meters, because it depends on your phone.

So i would say the range on this without even flying it you’re, probably more like 700 meters that you could count on it. Has all the features a beginner would love it’s got follow me like a tracking it’s got an orbit mode, it’s got waypoints, it has gesture mode, even if you want to get into that, you can fly it indoors. You can fly it outdoors when you fly it indoors and it doesn’t get a gps. It uses the optical flow to stabilize itself and when it’s outside it just uses the gps. It’S got brushless motors the whole works and from the specs it seems like a really good drone you’re getting the full meal full salad or whatever they call it in this here drone so let’s go fly and see how it does here. We go all right. Take out our controller next and uh let’s power it on you’ll, see some information down here. Next, we take our drone power that on see the blue lights, one two three, four four lights: it should power on and we should be good to go. Let’S see let’s put it down and let it set itself up don’t mess with the gimbal on the front. What you want to check uh is right here on your controller. I don’t know if you can see that you can see the power for the remote and the power for the drone right over here on the right hand, side as long as you see both of those then you’re all connected make sure on your phone.

You connect your wi fi to the drone on mine. It’S called a xl max 5g 8f00′ that’s. What it says on my phone right here, the app you’re going to want to use to fly this baby is called the x. I l pro so i’m going to open that x, il pro and the screen looks like this let’s just check. We’Re gon na go to settings everything’s good. These are my settings. These are defaults. I am not changing any of these settings. You can see them on the screen i’m going back i’m gon na go to ready. That means get the drone ready and the first one it says is: do you want to do a calibration? And yes, i do so i’m going to hit the calibrate button and it says rotate this three times clockwise once twice three times, wait for a beep. Give me a beep. Well, it didn’t give me a beep, but it there’s the beep took long enough and then point the nose down and do it three times again just keep spinning it. If anybody’s looking at you out here, they’re wondering what are you doing with that piece of plastic? All right next thing you have to do is set all the parameters to man. This thing beeps a lot next thing you do, you have to set all the parameters to zero and you do that by setting the gyro uh calibration and that will do all that stuff, so i’m gon na hit calibrate.

But then it knows that it’s on the ground and it’s level well kind of level there we go. I should have a picture of everything ready to fly. It says on here. How many satellites do i have ten? You need eight to fly so i’m good. I have a case on my phone. I don’t know if it’ll fit in here. Oh it fits in there – nice, oh nice, i’ll get in the picture. So the way i fly is i pull the two joysticks in and i just take it up. I don’t use the automatic takeoff or anything so here we go and let’s go up, try not to hit me in the face there. We are all right. All right, so let’s see is the video working right now. You should see me if the video is working. It’S got a three axis gimbal. Sometimes the video on these things do not work, and i have to record everything off my screen. So let’s try the zoom on here 50 times, zoom i’m, going to zoom in to me there’s a little slider on the right of my screen, whoa that’s too much here. Let me get way back. Let me try it back here. Whoa 50 times it’s going to be insane hang on. Let me go way back here and there we are. That is crazy. Look at that! I you can’t even make me out it’s too zoomy here, let’s! Try something behind me! Let’S! Take it up all right! Let’S zoom in over on to that stuff over there let’s go up a bit let’s go over see if we can zoom into the you can’t even make anything out at 50 times zoom.

I don’t know why you would use that so far it flies really. Well. I like the way it flies smoothly in the air i’m, bringing it down. It’S, nice, nice, nice, nice, all right, let’s, try some other features on here. Really quick, let’s! Try! The follow me so go over here. Follow follow and it should be going into follow and it’s going back to my jeep nope. It stopped so that means it should be working uh. So the follow me should be working, it seems to be right now and you can control the height as well should be an okay. Follow me, since it has a three axis: gimbal let’s see, let’s, take it up and i’ll bring the camera down. Okay, so follow me side to side i’m going to the side, the drone will have to catch up catch up to me. Catch up catch up, catch up the farther you are away the it’s easier. It is for it to follow you and go back the other way. You hear those beeps. I can move the camera down like that. Those are increments or you can do it. Smooth like this there’s a little slider on my screen and you can move it. The smooth way, if you want there’s, also an orbit mode on my screen, let’s put in orbit mode here we go and we tell it to go and do an orbit thing. It’S gon na spin go on out and it should start orbiting.

Am i supposed to be in front of it because oh good it’s spooning around it, had me confused for a sec? I thought it was going to orbit the other way. So here let me bring it that camera down, so you can see me you’ll see the orbit mode there. It is. Does that automatically i’m not doing anything? I can control the height and the speed if i want as it’s orbiting, but uh it’s all automatic. So if you need an orbit mode, then it has one, and i think the slow orbit like it is i’ll just bring. The camera up is pretty good, like it’s on super slow right now and that’s, probably the best one for this type of uh drone. All right let’s hop out of that. If your maps are working, it has a waypoint mode and let’s see. So i can kind of see the maps there. We are so it seems like it’s working so we’re gon na do one two three four i’ll just do four like that, and then you just have to submit and uh. Hopefully i have it high enough. I don’t know what the way points are there. We go. Let’S see what it does i put four waypoints holding this up good. It goes high high enough to get over everything. So if i look at my map on my little screen, you can see uh the paper airplane is kind of over me.

The blue dot and it’s gon na go over to number one waypoint number one which is right there, so your waypoint one there and then it’s gon na go to. If i hold it like this, you can see my phone at the same time. Go to waypoint number two and there we are it’s. Turning and it’s going to waypoint number two over there, so that’s your waypoints, i don’t use waypoints i’m, not much of a waypoint guy, so i’m gon na hop out of that. Okay, i got the sun right. There so i don’t want to film into the sun, not with these type of drones. A bunch of drones do not do well filming into the sun, so i’m, just gon na point it that way and i’m gon na take it backwards. Oh canada geese up there. There we go so i’ve got it going full speed backwards and it looks like it’s doing a zoomy out on me. You can see behind me there’s somebody getting ready for some sort of exercise thing way back there all right now that i have it up. I’Ll. Just take it around and take some video away from the sun see how it is i’m gon na go way. High. Okay, i’ve switched the drone to high speed let’s, see how fast it is here. It is coming forward full speed here it is i’m going to stand by it. It’S coming it’s coming it’s coming that’s, pretty fast.

That could uh that could scare somebody that’s full speed right there, all right so i’ve got it right here and home is over there by my jeep. I can hit the return to home and see what happens here. We go return to home it’s going up. Let’S go see where it lands let’s go walk over to where it took off it’s already over here, so let’s see how it does there. It is coming down coming down there’s the landing pad and it’s right over here, pretty close, pretty close and the motor shut off all right. The next thing to show you with this drone is what comes in the box check this out. Super quick captain drone unboxing. So uh here’s, the box and the features of this drone are all listed here on the side of the box. Take note just in case i missed something in the review: let’s open the box and check out what we have. We have the shoulder bag and the shoulder bag’s wrapped in plastic. Remove that let’s open the shoulder bag and see what’s inside we’ll check that out there’s a drone and a controller let’s remove the plastic, the protective plastic off the drone and check out some of the features on the drone. So looking at the side, it’s actually constructed. Quite well they’re getting really good at making these drones. Certainly, it looks like a mavic pro here’s. The battery mine came fully charged, which was quite interesting.

Optical flow sensor on the bottom, that’s also a camera. If you wish let’s remove the plastic cover off the camera and check out our three axis gimbal, so there’s, one axis here’s, the second axis and here’s a third axis: it is a foldable drone, so let’s unfold. The arms right here is where you put your micro sd card. If you want to record video in photos, let’s pull the battery out. You can see it’s a 7.6 volt, 3 400 milliamp hour 28 minutes of flight time, let’s weigh it grams here’s the controller. It looks pretty spiffy, it does take four double a batteries that you must provide yourself to power it. You can pull out the antennas at the back, while they’re not real antennas. If they’re kind of like antennas, it does have like these little legs to sit it down, which is nice, it will take a phone with a large case on it. No problem let’s power it on here is the telemetry display, gives you all the basic information that you need to know. The buttons are really nicely laid out just by looking at the icons on the buttons you can tell exactly what they mean and there’s four buttons on the back two for headless mode and two for the camera. Documentation for the drone comes in all the languages shown here, so there should be one for your country and, finally, you get a spare set of props and a usb cable.

Just in case you need it for charging all right. So final thoughts on this drone flying it around it flies just like any other budget drone on the market. Uh everything what i expected the drone to do. It did all the features work on it. The only problem i had is at home when i was flying it around my basement. The recording the little micro sd card i’ve tried several different ones. Some would work some didn’t work. I don’t know why. Sometimes i recorded sometimes it didn’t record in my little phone screen flying. I did see some jello. I don’t know if that transfers over into the three axis gimbal i’m, assuming it does so you might see some of that. It is windy out. I don’t know if you can see the few hairs on my head moving in the wind that does have some effect, as well as the props that cause vibrations, but all in all it’s, not very expensive. It is not an expensive drone for the price i saw. Anyways in advance so i’m going to put links below it’s on the kaffico website. There is a discount, i believe and it’s not very expensive. I think you’ll be very surprised. All right, guys, hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please give it a thumbs up and i’ll catch you in the next one.