This entire video may or may not have just been one giant excuse to buy a drone Music. Now, ever since five seconds ago, i’ve always dreamed of being able to fly, but then i realized that i wasn’t harry potter, so that was kind of impossible until now, what no i’m still a harry potter. But i was stupid enough to pay 700 for a brand new mavic mini drone in all its glory Music, so i’ve never actually flown one of these before so i have a very strong feeling that this is gon na go horribly wrong set. It up turn it on and just like that, we’re all ready for takeoff three two one go take off. The home point has been missing. Oh my god, this is pretty crazy wait. So this is forward. This is backwards. Oh look, it’s me yo. What up this is so cool? What the hell turn this way. Okay, i think i’ve kind of got the controls figured out by now. Look it’s, you that’s what you guys. Look like you look stunning, okay, i’m gon na try and go way: high, whoa yeah! This is so cool hi up there. Okay, all right i’m, a bit scared i’m coming back down. This literally feels like a video game. So, oh so this is up, and this is down and if i turn this way – and i can look up like this – no whoa whoa um i’m – a bit scared.

I’M in love with this drone already it’s the best thing i’ve ever bought by far okay. So by now i definitely consider myself a very experienced pilot, so i’m, just going to attempt to fly through this little gap in the trees here come on, come on, no, no, no, no, no crap, crap crap crap, okay! That was really not a good idea. I’M. Never doing that again, all right. Second flight. Three two one go whoa what i’m going so far yo. This is insane. I actually feel like i’m flying i’m over the river. Oh, my god! This is insane. Look how pretty that is. Oh it’s duckies duckies yo, mr and mrs duckle pots, whoa that’s sick. This is so cool that’s, honestly amazing. I just love the way like the sun just hits everything it’s so cool. What this is yo, look at all the tiny little sheep. Okay. This is actually kind of scary. How i am wait, did you just okay? I thought he just stopped for a second there. Where is our house? I can’t seem to find our house am. I lost, i think i’m lost. Oh crap, okay, uh. Our house should be right there, but that’s, not our house. What what where’s our house? Oh it’s, right! There look: it’s daddy, o it’s doggy, dad hi, dad! Okay, you know what i’m just gon na do the most epic zoom through the trees right now, i’m gon na get it right.

That’S, amazing, all right! So i’m, just gon na have a fly around for a little bit more oh crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap crap, no battery; no, no, no! No! No! No! Okay! All right battery is very low here. I have to get this thing home as soon as possible. Go so i’m in the garage. Okay there. I am yo okay. So if i just fly it in here a little bit there we go. I did not realize how close that was Music. Another successful flight that’s a mountain but you’re not allowed to climb it, which is where this thing comes in so instead of risking my life and breaking the law or for a cool view, i’m gon na see how high i can actually take my drone and possibly Maybe even get it to as high as this amount. This is going to be Music, interesting, Music that’s, definitely the highest i’ve ever flown okay, everyone! So my mother has just informed me that apparently there’s actually a big fire going up over that hill over there. So, of course, i’m gon na take my drone up and see what it looks like okay. So where are we looking? Aha i’ve been flying the wrong way. This whole time, let’s get up there and see how close we can go. We can actually get really close. So that’s either a bonfire or a house fire. Oh, i really hope it’s, not the second one.

I don’t want to go too close, though, because the smoke might actually ruin the motor, but we can hang around the outside for a bit. Oh crap. What happened? No return to home, ah crap, please don’t die then. Ah, this is very bad. Ah, 700 may or may not have just gone down the drain. Crap come on. Please come oh jeez. I was so scared for a second there. Oh, my god, my palms are literally sweaty. Oh wait. Is this camera been off that whole time, oh crap? In conclusion, exactly a week ago today, i bought my first ever drone, not knowing what to expect at all and let’s be honest. I was an absolute new, but i think we can all agree that over the past seven days, i’ve gotten a lot better at controlling my drone. By the way i just want to quickly mention that in case you didn’t know here on this channel. We have a goal of reaching 2 000 subscribers by the end of 2021, so i would really appreciate it if you could click subscribe and if there’s one thing i can say for sure.