It said because this is a custom challenge called the emperors malfunction, which means we get to take control of the emperor and does he get to stare at the back of his ass as we try to fight people. I have no idea whats happening right now, its like im, a megazord trying to battle anne Music whats up guys, welcome back to clone grown in the danger zone, which many of you guys know has been in development for a while. Now you know my first episode of this was in 2016 so five years ago, and then the workshop was introduced in 2017. The point is, a lot of people have had a lot of time to make some really cool stuff in this game, and now that its completely finished fully released, i figured we would go to the workshop and check out some of the best challenges and levels that Have ever been made brett blair, 76 year old brett? Why do i always get senior citizens? It doesnt make any sense. This has been happening for years, its like theyre thinking. Where should we harvest the mines for captain sauces, gladiator bots? Maybe a bingo alley: a shuffleboard court, a retirement home lets just get all of florida. That way itll last longer driving me freaking crazy, but at the same time we did manage to find one of the workshop levels. I think this one is called the last titan, its a pretty cool giant robot.

I should also mention i muted the announcers, because you got to find these levels in endless mode and id rather not be endlessly interrupted by those two idiots credit. Where credits do you know, giant robot, buried up to his tits in the sand is pretty freaking cool. I like the idea of there being titan robots so long as i dont have to fight them, but that being said, i dont think the workshop level changed the arena itself. It might be able to but im pretty sure. This is what it looks like now. Its changed over the years, the crowd is looking a lot more animated and full of original game boys and then the arena itself. You know it used to look a lot more, like a ball pit at a mcdonalds. Now it just kind of looks like a neon bdsm dungeon. Oh here we go, weve got another one coming up, samurais retreat where they somehow got rid of the titan and built the dojo in the time that it took me to get the elevator down here. I would say thats a bit much, but at the same time this entire place is being run by a giant space. Robot emperor right, like eccentric, is kind of the name of the game, says the guy whos got slightly less trophies and slightly more kills than o.j. Simpson lets hope the bretts favorite color is grass because hes a forestry machine operator not because the dementia made him forget, the green is a color.

Also. I completely forgot about analyzer as a gold old friend long time no see you still been cleaning your probe. I dont want a dirty probe stuck in me. That being said, we are about to face off against a bunch of samurais so which upgrade. Would i want its probably going to be like a sword fight, so should we get the fire sword? That sounds pretty reasonable. Even though, if a robot sticks a probe in you and you wake up the next morning with your sword on fire and burning, then he didnt clean it come to think of it, bringing a flaming sword to a wooden building with paper doors. Probably not my smartest idea should i take off my shoes before coming in. Oh, i dont have shoes, okay, well, uh, oh yeah! We got ta watch out for the spears, theyre always really deceiving. I need to get a clone as soon as possible because i really do not want to die right off the bat, but these levels are surprisingly difficult. Why would they have a bunch of spears and shields? Why would they not have swords? You cant trust people in the workshop im telling you next up, weve got a level called the ruins which looks like some kind of fallen greek temple. I would imagine no idea what that means for the fight, but im sure youll be able to stick something inside of me, thatll be useful. We probably want to be defensive here.

So if we dont get a clone, then if we get something like block projectiles id rather not get randomly shot out of nowhere. So that seems useful. You got ta admit these robot contractors are really impressive, like the fact that they can change over an entire building. In the span of time, it takes me to go downstairs and have a load of information blown in my ass, its really surprising. That being said, they could uh use some better guards around here. Theyre not exactly the brightest anybody else hanging around just waiting for a raptor to fall out of the sky. Oh, oh, the raptors are in the crowd. Okay, maybe we shouldnt look at the crowd, yet we can look at the crowd in a second yeah. The the crowd is changing. Now theyve got a bunch of job bots and raptors with tiny bodies. Whered all the game. Boys go weird. I want to get a bow, so i could try to kill them. Guaranteed theyve got force field, but its worth a try, spider cave entrance huh. Well, i may have been a forestry machine operator rather than a cave biologist, but im pretty sure were gon na need that bow after all, because id rather not have to fight one of these spiders with a sword go ahead and take you and really hope that We dont need a clone im, not gon na lie. If brett dies id be heartbroken. I totally didnt just forget his name there for a second.

I was about to say you can call me katniss everdeen, but i dont know if robots can have hunger games without stomachs. There we go. You didnt need that head. Did you jesus christ? I got ta. Stop talking and start fighting im gon na, let brett down im just waiting for it. You really need to die. Oh right, right, okay, good fire sword. Thank you. Keep on moving keep on sidestepping these ones have armor fire sword is gon na work, its business. I havent heard anything from spidertron, yet not complaining, just saying its its a little surprising. Can i pick you off. Boop always takes a couple jump over one. Something tells me hes not dead. Oh oh hes hiding or did i cut off his legs theres no telling. I dont want to go up here because the spiders gon na jump me. What are you doing over here? Buds just just kind of hiding you missed that shot. I didnt, though okay. I was going to say that first one went right through your neck. Oh, so is there no spider well ill, be damned who would make a level called spider cave entrance and then not include the giant robot spider really subverting expectations and once again were back to the last titan im really hoping that theyre not just going to continuously Loop between what ive downloaded, because i kind of want to play some of the endless levels as well were on silver right now.

I could get a new record. I feel pretty good today, not good enough to completely trust myself. I think im going to get an extra life or armor. No, we want an extra life. I dont think armor really does anything if you fall in lava or get stepped on by a raptor or god knows what else is waiting for me. I guess even if these are the same levels, theyre gon na change right, because the harder the game gets then were gon na be facing off against more opponents and maybe stronger opponents yeah. That was a wider arrow for sure. These guys are jumping quite a bit more than they were last time. Okay, yeah there we go good fire sword. We just need to tickle him, just barely touch them kind of like you were just touched, but thats a bad touch, bad touch. Here we go now. What do you idiots want? Die die? I might want more energy that way i dont have to miss, yet they jump over the first one every single time, but the second one will always get them. Oop come on come on. Oh, oh just tickling them i dont want to have to go up. There really would rather not okay, that was a misfire hold on. We got this. Everything is under control. They cant possibly hit me, but i stand a good chance of hitting them between the eyes. I should just time this with their jump: oh theyre gon na jump and then i shoot and then he headed easy all right then well, thank you very much.

Titan youre not gon na get up. Eventually. Are you if i make it to platinum, you really dont want you giving me the worlds biggest spanking. Well, the good news is, it does seem to introduce both workshop levels and endless mode levels, im sure a lot of these endless mode levels weve never seen before, because the game has been updated so much over the years. But the bad news is ive now got to face off against some kind of spider, tron, not sure which one that is im not up to date. On my spider tron models, you got anything for giant robot spiders by any chance. I know that the bow is pretty good for that. I think were gon na stick with sword and bow for today, im not really feeling the spear or the hammer. We could get something like arrow width, do a little bit more damage or maybe fire arrows, because then it would fall apart. Yeah lets go with fire arrows. I like that were going to be a flaming old man, but not in that way. I think the best ive ever done in this game mode is 13. So if i can beat that today, i would feel pretty freaking good about myself. Okay, calm down there, big guy yeah fire arrows were definitely the way to go. The fact that you can tag somebody barely and have them die. It means a whole lot, stop it. Okay, now, maybe maybe i dont want to have to fight you close range ooh.

Maybe i do thank you. Spider tron much appreciated stop with the sword clay there. We go okay, now just got ta avoid the grenades and you cant jump. So you should be super dead. Eventually go on burn out there. You go, you think that would kill me im, not gon na so tempted. It definitely would have killed me. The comedian in me wants to just let it slowly fall on my face, but the triad in me really wants to shoot one of these alligators square in the tits. Can i do that, but they finally get a yeah? No, they got the force field. Of course they do. Can i take out my rage on. I dont even want to kill you guys, because you helped me escape once i shoot the emperor. I think this is a bad idea. Hes gon na shoot me back isnt. He. He doesnt, like this yeah hes hes gon na whoa, careful careful, yeah, im gon na avoid that all right, no ill ill be back ill, be back back to the ruins, except for this time it looks like theyve got some stronger robots waiting for me among the Pillars, this is going to be a close range fight, which means i might want something like kick or maybe the even stronger fire, swords or energy, so that i could fire more arrows. Keep my distance. I dont know funny enough. I think im gon na go with none of the things that i just said and instead get aero with, because then we could slow down time when we aim, and that would make shooting people at close range, really easy, except for now right now is going to Be kind of difficult and those big glowy shields of theirs block fire arrows im, not actually sure, oh, oh, can they deflect them im, still not sure its hard to tell i can deflect thank christ.

I completely forgot about that. Please just get shot there. We go. We need to go fire arrows. Not today we got this. Everything is under control. Okay, the biggest are dead. Oh the biggest arent dead, theyre funneling through into my arrows sweet. I shoot you right in the head come on here. We go okay and uh a couple more archers around. I should really have my sword out. Who am i kidding, because i can do that and when you deflect the arrow back its on fire, i completely forgot about that very useful stuff never stood a freaking. Chance is there anybody else left alive where the hell did you come from. He just tried to smush me through a wall not gon na lie. If brett died from wall clipping, i would have been pissed well. This isnt, like anything ive ever seen in this game before its not a workshop level, but it kind of looks like theyve, got a bunch of electrical columns hanging out in a very shallow puddle of water, electricity and water, dont mix well with robots or humans. Nonetheless, human robots so maybe well try to get uh rubber boots. I dont suppose you could shove that thing in my butt and give me rubber boots. Can you probably not why cant i get arrow slow time? Oh, i need to get energy first. I didnt recognize the path: damn it: okay, fine! I guess weve got energy now. I just want to be able to easily aim at things.

I know its a bit of a cop out, but at the same time, theres just gon na be so much stuff running at me that i cant help it spider tron should be good and dead right. This isnt water holy crap, okay, the spider tron, is not good and dead. Spider tron is gon na make me good and dead. Get up get up. Friends, we need to kill the spider, the spider go. What the hell did it fall over im so confused. It was right here uh, i guess it just disintegrated that doesnt make any sense at all okay hold on. I dont think these guys can climb stairs. Oh, they can. Oh, they cant climb stairs and that was danger. Clothes were always up there im just stupid. My bad, i thought he was at the top, but its at the tippy top okay hold still big guy youre gon na climb up into this right. There we go good fire spreads. Fire is spreading. I didnt spread how i cant get up there so clearly im supposed to shoot him come on just burn out. Thank you. Okay, that was close, could take out my frustrations and then see if i can finally get myself, some aim slow. So the last one may not have had a puddle of water, but mayan mayhem definitely has a puddle of lava which im thinking the rubber boots. Arent gon na help that much against so its probably a good thing.

I didnt waste an upgrade on them. You know best analyzer. That being said, can i finally get some time slow there we go. How hard is it to slow down time? Oh okay, yeah! I can draw and then aim with right click. Okay, this may be the first time ive ever used this. As far as i can tell slowing down time actually drains energy, so we may want to use it against something like a spider tron in the distance and then just to get out of here. Oh i actually hit it. Yeah you see, slowing things down actually helps. Oh, the announcers thought that i hit them theyre being pissy. I got ta watch out for that honestly, because theyll shoot back at me and those are a lot harder to dodge than these idiots ow ow. Okay, no shooting from behind my block arrows, not that good chop through all you. It is you like. How do you like that huh? You feel you dont. It feels bad doesnt it. My mouth is mush right now come on hop along. You know you want it. There we go theyre dogs in the crowd now and theyre doing the wave. I like it, thats cute. I still cant shoot them, though, can i, ah its worth a try, looks like were heading back to the samurai retreat, so if they had a bunch of spears last time, what would i want to counter that? Shooting them is definitely a good idea.

I could get more energy. I dont think i really need to upgrade my fire swords. The fire does not need to spread faster if it spreads at all the robots fall apart. Kik could be really useful, but if im going heavy into the bow, then i dont really want people to be close to me to begin with im gon na go with more energy. I would like to be able to slow down time for longer and spam arrows. Do i even need to go inside what, if i just hung out here – oh yeah, of course the stairs would be in my way, all right, fine ill come in ill, enjoy your fancy, music and then im gon na back up, because there are a lot. A lot of you, okay, im, really liking the fact that theres a nice little choke point for me. Okay, i thought the grass here was gon na be poison or something like that right in the face got a clone. Fortunately, jesus okay come on bret. We really got ta get it together. I know weve seen all of the levels, so fortunately thats good, so thats. What i wanted for today, but a high score would also be pretty sweet. We could just cut through their shields. Come on. You got this yes way to go: okay, now, whoa whoa whoa! Wait since when are there like? Oh jesus, theyre jet packs, with arrows that doesnt make any sense.

Why would they want to shadow run you get away from me? Okay, i got ta get the sword out. I got ta stop trying to be cute with the bow damn it. I hate the spears. Oh, you did good brett. You know at second best ill, take silver, even though we technically reached gold, this isnt going to be the story of marlon the 37 year old public administrative assistant or whatever. It said because this is a custom challenge called the emperors malfunction, which means we get to take control of the emperor and you get to stare at the back of his ass as we try to fight people. I have no idea whats happening right now, its like im, a megazord trying to battle and where are they theyre everywhere? Oh ive got little allies as well. Okay! Well, we probably dont want to squish them. Who am i kidding? I dont care im gon na back up and uh fire, my laser a little something like that. Did i hit anything theres no way of telling i got a big kick bot in my ass. Can i kick them away? Oh, i can okay and then oh thats. The good stuff, okay, so we want to kick them off of us and then crush them. If we can hold on im coming little guy kick get, i cant see anything. Can i get a first person perspective for a second, maybe just fire, my laser and hope for the best.

Oh man, it turns out being the emperor is really hard. No wonder i walloped him in the campaign so easily. I still got little friends around. I really im trying my best not to hit you guys. I swear its super difficult when ive got people on top of me. Can i just knock you over kick there we go and smoosh smoosh. Did we smoosh theyre theyre, getting to me okay, theyre, actually taking out my legs slowly, ive already lost one come on hit him with some hit him with the laser hit him with a laser stop over just die die. Thank you. He is dead, right, hes, not dead. Of course, not gon na hovel around, like a peasant im, gon na shoot him from here. You guys can actually hit him. I think we hit him. Finally, yeah you guys were no help to your emperor. Just saying that this leg isnt exactly gon na grow itself back i got ta go talk to the analyzer. If you guys think im fitting my fat ass on that elevator downstairs youre out of your damn minds, theres no way! No, i refuse to believe it yeah im hopping through the ceiling. Ah screw it close enough. Can you maybe fix me youre, not gon na, be able to pick me up. Oh youre, not even gon na upgrade me youre, just gon na. Send me on my way. Can you at least pick up my leg its over there im pretty sure theres only five levels? Okay, that thats not so bad.

I guess theres no way. Im gon na be able to survive five levels bouncing around like this all right allies. I i dont want you underneath my taint. I want you to get out of the way. Okay just go on yeah there we go just go, kill the enemy. Thatll be an enemy around here somewhere, rice, hello, arko, oh there they are took him a second. You guys are late off with your heads. I should be firing the laser. What am i doing? Theyre all lined up for me. Im such an idiot just keep firing yeah this things stupidly overpowered. If i get a little collateral damage, then all the better allies do not deserve to be in my side, ooh thats, good right. I didnt even kill him. Oh, oh thats, not thats, not good! That hurt it. Lasers, fire, firings lasers. Nothing works, im, managing to hit them, but im only taking their armor off. Sometimes that case im pretty sure i beat them up into little dice. Oh one left. Okay, we got him, wait, wait they get him. I think i kicked him theres just no way of telling what attack youre gon na do or is there maybe, if i side, strafe, okay, different side strafes make for different attacks. So if i move left, i use my swords. If i move right, then i use my hammer if i move up – and i do nothing – oh its like a little kick a little blocky bit all right.

Why am i having such a hard time smushing this guy? What an absolute champion is that me down there very well could be he is doing work just chopping up my bits. I got no armor left. I got so many levels to beat hes dead, so oh theres, a crippled, spider tron left, okay hold on im coming. I know the feeling so itll take a second. Please dont hit me with your butthole grenades. Please dont hit me with your butthole grenades. I dont want any part of that. So let me get over here and smoosh. You, like the big spider that you are die die die, die die. Please hit it yeah there we go. You kidding me right now, hit it hit the spot. Oh, my god is that gon na hurt me a little bit were fine level two down, and i am much worse for where theres no way were gon na finish. This come on just shove it in my butt and fix my legs. I dont want to go fight like this. Okay, we can do this. We could do this as long as uh. We see them coming from a mile away and then we hit the laser. I dont think i have allies anymore, who would have guessed that they wouldnt want to stick it out with me after everything that ive said and done, lasers doing a lot of work, lasers definitely hurting them, oh, and that attack is really good too.

I need to figure out how to do that more ill, just cut you in half goods great, i think, im. Finally, getting the hang of it. It only took me most of my armor and a couple of limbs, but so far so good. I want to look down with the laser instead of just like looking wherever sometimes ill be looking down, it wont even bother right. Does anybody look alive? Oh, of course there are. You guys, have armor isnt that just fancy itd be really cool. If the king could get himself some armor but uh no dice, this is not working im just missing them over and over. I dont have arms again um. So what do i do now? Can i like guide them over to the fire? Would they be dumb enough for that? Oh, okay, yeah, theyre, dumb enough for that yeah everybody just hang out here and get a little torched im getting a little torched too, but im big. I can take it, whereas you probably cant i cant kick. Oh, i can laser. What am i thinking? No, i cant i cant laser because im dead, why is the emperor such a push over? I dont even want to try that again. I dont even know what im doing im just spamming buttons and crying all right. You know what i think, thats gon na, be it for this episode of clone grown in the danger zone guys. I honestly thought that the emperor was gon na, be the star of the show today, not some 70 something year old, named bretts, but you could tell that the game wasnt really built to be the emperor, because youre constantly staring at his ass rather than over his Head but its still really cool im, hoping that people could develop this more.

I would love to play a campaign as the emperor like theres an uprising or you have to play against the player and stop them from escaping in each of the chapters stuff like that. So if you guys want to see more workshop levels, as always be sure to leave a like in the video leave, a comment, letting me know and maybe ill return to get picked apart again soon, but thanks so much for watching this video.