tv and im, really excited to announce my brand new drone course, which is called the fearless drone academy. This is the ultimate online drone course for beginners, and the whole premise of this course is to help you become confident, competent and fearless when youre flying your drone, ive packed it full of insights, guidance, tips, resources and high quality video tutorials to help you become a Fearless drone pilot the course will officially launch on the 8th of november, but i do have a pre order, special right now, where you can save 50, so the course will typically be 149, but right now, its only 99 until the 8th of november. So if you did just purchase a brand new drone, if you want to get a gift for a friend or a family member or someone who just bought their drone and have been telling you that theyre nervous about flying it or you know, youve noticed that theyre A bit nervous and they dont have the confidence. Then this is the perfect gift. The perfect course for beginner drone pilots so make sure you jump on this special while it is available, because, after the 8th of november, the course will go up to its regular price of 149. I designed the fearless road academy to really combat all of those common fears that drone pilots have youve just purchased yourself. A drone youve spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on this piece of equipment, and they didnt teach you in the store how to fly it.

You have no idea what to expect out of the drone, how to maintain it, what kind of apps to use to make sure that youre flying in a safe area – and you might not even know the basic rules or regulations that are in place right now. So thats, why ive really just compiled everything you need to know all the key pieces of information to help you become a confident and a fearless drone pilot, so thats what its all about 15 sessions of just high quality content, insights and guidance from myself. Ive been flying drones for years now, over five years, ive had over 500 successful flights, zero crashes ive worked in the commercial drone space and ive also taught a lot of people how to fly their drones. Ive actually helped lots of different institutes and academies actually develop their drone content to make sure that their curriculum is up to date, so theres just so much in this course. It really is such a bargain at 99 and its something that ive put my heart and soul into theres, so much relevant information in here and ive future proofed. It so that, even if you do get a new drone later on down the track, this course will still apply to you. You know, even in five years from now this course will still be relevant and cutting edge. So really, if you do want to get into the drone space – and you are feeling nervous, the feelers drone academy is the perfect place to start Applause.

Music. If you go over to the website, feelers drone dot academy youll see everything right. There ive put all the information onto the web page so that you know exactly what youre getting into i even break down the modules. So you know exactly what each session is going to offer you and what value youre going to get out of each session and also to celebrate the launch of the fearless drone academy im, giving away a brand new drone thats right im, giving away a dji mini Se, to one lucky audience, member really simple: to enter that. You just go to the website scroll down until you find the giveaway form put in your email and your name and you will be in the draw to win a brand new drone. So it really is as simple as that. If youve got any other questions for me, then you can contact me directly on all of my social networks or you can email me directly on dan at Ask all of your questions there. I will be available to answer any question you throw my way, but i have tried to put everything on the website that you can go through and hopefully all of your questions have been answered. But again, let me know im available at all times to answer your questions and im really excited about this. There will be tons of future giveaways that i will be hosting through the fearless drone academy.

Therell be exclusive events as well, and im also offering some exclusive opportunities as well for students where you can get additional resources, access to different applications and services, and also on top of that youll have the opportunity to join me on the fearless drone academy, podcast, so Tons of opportunities, tons of exciting things coming your way so definitely check it out, make sure to bookmark, and ill chat to you in the next one guys best of luck with the giveaway, and let me know if you are considering picking up the drone course. I would love to hear your experiences with it ill chat to you in the next one, though guys. Thank you so much for all the support.