This is made from the best stuff on earth. Folks get yours today, snapple all natural. You want to stay refreshed. You want to stay focused k, a l e, i d, oh yo, hitman squad got your ears on yeah, so unfortunately, folks there is no uh voice game chat for this. So that means each episode im going to show a different um tip trick. The first thing im going to do is show how to disable that uh text right there, thats called subtitles so im going to go options, option start start again, just to get to options im going to go to subtitles and go off thats how you turn off Those dumb subtitles resume select vehicle, theres, no aircraft available whoa. What happened Music? The first map were going to be taking a look at is kaleidoscope. Folks, kaleidoscope, help help im, begging you. This is not the gun. I wanted all right so im stuck with the marksman rifle to start out. Theyve taken proper sector didnt exactly want to be okay folks. So this is how you uh change your loadouts. You have to be your attachments. This is how you do your attachments on your loadout. You have to be in game, press the left, bumper lb and i can switch and if you want to mark people its rb im going to mark that enemy im going to ping that enemy aircraft up there. No, i didnt get it. I didnt get it wow im requesting a ranger to be dropped at my marker, dude.

Look at this thing. I called this thing in its got a target on something we have occupied an objective. Our force is still strong, but theyve taken a blow huh wheres. My dog, shooting at here boy, ah shoot that son of a move out there to my marker go get him boy. We are holding scratch that that lets move, cancel that head out there. The enemy has occupied a new objective. Come on this gun, sucks up, move to that area cross over to the marker. Why is my dog not killing him kill him boy gosh? I cant see him anymore. Wheres, my dog come on boy lets move up. We have taken control of an objective, so i need a ride. Hostile captured alpha sector were halfway to victory, continue to fight, you can throw most secrets attacking echo great. We hope all the doctors, one of our objectives, has been lost. We are losing resources objectives seized by us forces requesting transport drop at my marker vehicle incoming, stop the u.s forces from conquering every sector, initiating attack or objective alpha, one occupational, we control most sectors on the battle requesting ranger deployment at these coordinates now attacking better one. Cancel that oh disregard weve taken heavy casualties were at half strength, stand strong one last blow and victory is ours. You can call stuff in, like i called that ranger in i held down uh our rb and then you can do collins and you can talk to people im, trying to mark enemies, uh.

You can mark enemies and you can ping stuff um by tapping rb again. Uh tap it quickly to mark enemies, mark enemy vehicles and ping stuff and then hold rb down to call stuff in or to say things to people like that menu right there. Oh, my dog is shooting someone whos hes, shooting tech is ready, go in. If you need support, stop the u.s forces from conquering every sector – somebody was up here. Taking cover, get him boy, ive got a mechanical dog here. Rover rover get him boy. Let me see if i can successfully mark somebody or mark a target for you. This game is absolute fire. Folks, ive got a robot dog to protect me theyre. Abandoning the fight weve won this. They were no match for us. We punish them today and look its kind of like call of duty. At the end, they they feature people that did stuff good during the game. Most revives most assists. Did i get anything at all yeah i got longest life without dying.