I was lucky enough to get to play early for about four hours, and the short version of this review is its looking good, like really really good. Youve seen some good gameplay clips here in the beginning and ive got a lot more to show throughout the course of this. Video were gon na, be talking everything about the beta from the good, the bad to the ugly to the technical, like the graphics and performance on your card, which is the perfect segue into todays, sponsor, which is nvidia and thats. The perfect sponsor for this video, because the game is gorgeous nvidia not only makes great hardware but also great software features to back it up. So if you have an nvidia, gpu, 900 series or up one of the features that i would encourage, you enabling on battlefield 2042 is nvidia reflex. The short version of this is that it lowers your render latency, thus lowering your system latency a little bit and making your game feel a little bit more responsive a little bit more snappy and can sometimes actually help mitigate peekers advantage too. Nvidia reflex is very easy to enable from the main menu just click on options where you would change your well. Everything go to display, which is the second tab over then scroll down to the very, very bottom and youll, see nvidia reflex, low latency and go ahead and enable that that will reduce your system latency and increase your pcs responsiveness, as you can see in the tab.

Over here on the right, and just as a general pro tip, i like to turn my motion blur down. I, like it looking crisp as well, so were going to go ahead and do that and ill spare you, the math on how all of this works and just direct you toward a link down there in the description theres a link below you can click on that. Will take you to nvidias page where you can learn anything and everything you want to know about reflex and nvidia dlss, which well talk about in a moment. Reflex is a feature that i turn on in every single pc game that supports it, its supported by any 900 series and up cards. So basically any card that runs battlefield and you dont need a g sync monitor to use it. You get the most benefit out of this option in a gpu bottleneck scenario, and let me tell you, battlefield 2042 is demanding, so a lot of you are going to be running into gpu bottlenecks. Nvidia dlss wasnt available in our early beta today, but will be supported in the full game. Thatll save you some gpu resources too. So when the full game comes out, well talk about that, but seriously check out nvidia theyre great. Basically, all of the gameplay that you see today was captured on nvidia shadow play. I linked them down there in the description so give it a click. Give it a read and now lets get back to our review.

The shortest possible version of this review is that battlefield 2042 is looking really good right now, but lets go ahead and start off with the good things. First, i think the graphics for this game are nothing short of astounding and they have good aesthetics as well. Every single technical detail about the graphics from the water to the smoke to the fog to the mud, reflection, rain effects, destruction, fire particles, general scale of rendering and everything is just downright fantastic. But what really makes it shine is that the game has nice crisp clean aesthetics, its a lot like battlefield 4 – in that yes, theres a lot happening. Yes, things are blowing up or on fire, but the particles and effects arent overwhelming you kind of dont get lost in the fog of the gameplay so to speak, and you can always tell whats going on its got a great color palette. Its got great lighting in most scenarios, even inside where its supposed to be darker, you can still see your enemies and interact and fight and pretty much everything about it. Just sort of makes sense, as if the team knew what kind of artistic look they were going for and they implemented it, and then they added a giant storm which is just broadly speaking, incredibly fun. I like parachuting in it i like flying around in it. It looks great, i think, most of the content creators just wanted to like fly around the storm and film it in this particular segment.

But the other thing thats good about battlefield 2042, is its base gameplay, and that is the most important part of any video game. Battlefield 2042 knew what kind of game it wanted to be, or the devs knew what kind they wanted to make and they made that game so think about it as a lets. Think if you start of a base of a game of being about like battlefield 4, and then they decided to undo a lot of the shooting mechanics that battlefield 4 had import a lot of the ones from battlefield v and maybe even increase those to make a Very tight cod like shooter. The weapons are, for the most part, quite accurate when you aim down sights, they do have battlefield mechanics of inaccuracy as the full auto continues and bullet drop in range and all of that, but theyre much more forgiving in this game than they have been in. Really any battlefield title that ive ever played bullet velocity is quite high for the majority of the speed of the bullet for assault rifles. You really wont have to worry about your velocity too much unless youre shooting fleas on a hill at a distance time to kill is relatively fast. Not many weapons are going to be bullet sponges, though i do admit, if you try to use smgs at extreme ranges. Even if you are very accurate, its not going to deal very much damage and youll have a slow time to kill.

Headshots deal a ton of extra damage, so the game very much so rewards headshots, which is a good thing and the recoil is lower than what you would have to deal with in most battlefield games or, more specifically, the visual recoil and the amount that it kicks Up and you have to pull down is pretty reasonable, but battlefield games have traditionally added a lot of inaccuracy the longer you fire, just an accuracy that you cant, see or control like counter strike. This game has a lot less of that. So, for the most part, your bullets are going to go wherever you put those cross hairs and it makes the shooting feel really really crisp. I think that the hot swapping attachments on the fly feature is really cool. Every gun that you equip has a couple of different attachments that you can cycle through. Typically, no attachments means faster and snappier more attachments mean slower, but you get some kind of performance benefit. Smgs have suppressors rifles, have compensators like lmgs and stuff. Have long barrels. Of course there are all sorts of lasers and grips and optical attachments, but it takes only a second or two to swap them. So if youre in an outdoor engagement, youre popping people with this long range zoom scope and then you need to move in and push a building, you can swap to iron, sights or red dot sight or laser or whatever. It is that you happen to need.

I personally enjoyed it and i think that the overall space of the gameplay is a little bit faster than the other battlefield games. I noticed that they added a very cod like or more since its ea apex, like sliding mechanics. So if you hit crouch and slide down, the hill itll feel very familiar to apex and you can shoot and move and do everything while youre doing that as well like apex and cod theres. Now lots of zip lines on the map, since the maps have extreme verticality, they have a lot of ways to get on top of the building vertical zip lines, very long, zip lines that take you to the top of a radar tower and then over to the Rocket launch, or something like that, and you can combine this with the grapple hook, with your ability to mantel, to climb to run fast jump. Pretty high and youve got way more mobility in this battlefield game than you do in any of them that i have ever played and since im a guy that likes speed and movement. All that i absolutely loved it battlefield. 2042S building destruction is the most similar to battlefield 4.. I think a lot of you were really hoping for a bad company where you can punch individual sized holes in buildings and level floors and then take the entire thing down like tower 7. But that is not true. The destruction is very much so like battlefield 4 and that you have your big scale: destruction like the storm or the rocket launch blowing up or a couple of buttons.

You can hit that do things on the map like activate the cryogenics chamber and freeze people and then a lot of smaller scale. Destruction, which is windows, combustible barrels and tanks, cars and you can punch holes in buildings, but for the most part you cant take down the frame of the building itself. You just make it more porous and its not easy or always tactically advantageous to do so. I think thats generally the best compromise between total destruction and levolution, only its kind of a nice sweet spot so im totally. Okay with that battlefield 2042 has a huge scale of combat. These maps are massive, no doubt well. The one map i got to play orbital was massive. It would be one of the bigger maps in any other battlefield game but, as im told its a medium map in this game, now thats not always good, but it is at the very least, technically impressive and very cool to look at speaking of looking at things. The hud and overall player feedback i want to use the word telemetry, but signaling whats, going on, is very good, thats kind of like the aesthetics of the game. The hud tells you every single thing that you need to know without wasting a whole lot of space and it more or less matches the theme of the game and doesnt cover up important areas, and not only does the hud in good situation, but if youre drowning.

If youre on fire, if youre taking damage in the storm or a lightning strike, which can disable your hut actually since its a digital thing, since youre wearing like goggles like the hud, is your soldiers goggles, which is kind of cool but theres other things in the Game that let you know if youve taken damage from an enemy and where theyre from or its from a lightning strike or the water or a ton of different stuff, good footsteps: good audio theres, a lot of information that i can pull from the environment. Thats helpful to me and thats just another sign of good design. I love that the specialists that they brought back are basically unlocked and mix and match. So you will pick a specialist that has two abilities. Typically, one unique gadget and a perk, for example, youre, mostly seeing me, play the assault guy and his unique gadget is the grapple hook, and his perk is that he can strafe faster while aiming down sights and you can shoot more accurately on the zip lines, while Aiming down sights than the other classes, so you can pick that, but then you can have any weapon on this guy that you want. I can have a sniper rifle and run around with these assault abilities. I can do a shotgun, a pistol, a dmr lmg. All of thats unlocked – and i can also choose whatever equipment, that it is that i want whatever grenades whatever rockets, whatever bonus abilities, so you can make a sniper guy.

Who has the ability to detect enemies that are nearby, so he cant get snuck up on and load out an smg on him and play very aggressive. You can make in a support guy and run him with. You know traditional like rocket launcher and stuff, but then you can also run specialty equipment that would be more common for snipers, so the class abilities or class specializations. So the combination of things that you can make with your classes are greater than before, but still controlled. In a way where i dont think its unfair – except, i do admit i – i was like 90 grapple hook, because that was just the most fun thing for me. Its really cool to me that you can spawn in transport vehicles like if you just spawn somewhere in the middle of nowhere and you dont, want to walk. You know, however, many meters you can hit on the pc at least what is the b button and select one of the vehicles and itll come and drop it down for you, these arent going to be like tanks and planes theyll just be like little atvs and Dune buggies, but it does help you transverse. The map faster, the storm which we already mentioned is mostly fun. The storm doesnt really kill you unless you stay in the center of it for a very long time. Basically, it comes onto the map and its a giant like electrical tornado that goes across and it kind of works like the storm in fortnite and when you get close to it, the tornado winds pick you up and start carrying you higher and higher and higher and Youre stuck in it, but when you cut your shoot since it no longer, has the chute to latch onto it, flings you really far in whatever direction.

So not only does it rain, the lightning strikes disable your hud. It deals a little damage while youre in it. It chews up buildings that it goes over, but what the storm really is is a sort of additional mobility, so that, if the storms in the middle of nowhere, you can jump into it, go up and get flung halfway across the map and land wherever it is. That you want to be i in terms of optimization, the game itself appears to be very stable. The build that i played i didnt crash. I didnt have very many hiccups in the very beginning when im still loading the level a little bit, theres, definitely little drops and hiccups. But i think that this game – at least the beta that i played, is in a more stable and better functioning condition than any aaa shooter. That ive tried, since maybe overwatch very, very good from a stability standpoint, were going to talk about a gpu demand standpoint in the bad section because it is really demanding but its not crashy, its, not buggy, not many gameplay bugs. We ran into a few where you couldnt, reload or swap attachments, or i had a little difficulty spawning a vehicle, but for the most part they were very minor things that didnt really take me out of the game, and the good news is what dice told us Anyway, is that the beta that were playing, which is the beta that youre gon na play, is over two months old? So when the final game comes out, therell be three plus months of improvement to whatever youre playing today in terms of bugs and stability and just generally everything.

I do think that the grapple hook is nothing short of amazing. That is the absolute perfect thing to add. To battlefield it makes it a little bit less painful to kick campers off of buildings. It makes the verticality more fun and less punishing, and it generally just allows you to go for insane. Clips battlefield is all about clips and like battlefield moments and jumping out of a plane to shoot another plane and then back in, but while with a gravel hook, your mobility and therefore ability to get all of these plays, goes way up, and your counter play potential Is really high, so i think it was super good, probably the best of all the specialists and one last thing in the good section: the old gen previews that we saw actually looked pretty good. They showed us gameplay from xbox one and playstation 4, and on those systems you can only have 64 players. No, the graphics are not as good as what youre seeing today we werent allowed to share them, but honestly theyre, not that bad. Looking i mean, i saw them on a little preview, render you know window that was streamed and that kind of stuff so theres some compression. But what i saw looked very reasonable. It looked similarly stable but just lacking in a lot of details and it wasnt a lot of these like cross gen games, the old gen like on cyberpunk or something comes out very potato like not so much here.

It was very more representative of the regular game. So i think a lot of you are going to be happy with that and now its time to talk about the bad things. The bad things are about half as long as the good and then the ugly section is going to be really small today. So the number one bad thing is that the game is demanding on gpus and thats a little bit of an awkward subject to broach, especially in a video that is sponsored by nvidia. But the demand is significant. The game looks beautiful its stable it doesnt crash, and i love everything about it, but theres a price to pay for that and that price is youre. Gon na need a good gpu to have a great time here. I talked to a lot of people that were playing in the chat with me, a lot of other content creators. Most of them were on 2080 or 2080 ti still and with those kind of settings at 1080p they needed to play on medium. Most of them were playing on medium to maintain a stable above 60, well, say: 70 to 80 fps on medium settings, now im blessed to have an rtx 3090, which means that my gpu basically cant get any better, and at that i put all of my settings On ultra, so the graphics, youre, seeing and all of this game plays like ultra maximum every single thing 1440p, and i topped out at about 80 fps bouncing up and down a little bit.

If i wanted 120fps, i would have to drop a few settings or drop. My resolution and some of the other content creators that i played with were on a 1080 ti still and those guys were kind of swapping back and forth between medium and low. So the game looks good and is stable and has a giant scale, but the reality is youre going to need a good gpu. If you want to run that on high settings now, hitting 1080p 60 is doable on pretty much any modern graphics card. But if you want to crank this one at 4k or 1440, 144 hertz, youre gon na need a really big card which can hurt your wallet of course. Another bad thing is that i mentioned this before with the specialist. The grapple hook is better than well really. Everything, in my opinion, the other specialist one, has a sentry turret and a robot dog, the other one. You know the sniper guy has a drone he can fly around and he can detect when youre coming up. The medic can heal and revive people. But for me for my money, nothing is more valuable than the grapple hook. Thats an instant get out of trouble, instant, engage, skip the ladder jump straight to the top of the building jump out of a helicopter hook. One thing: throw yourself into a zip line and zip onto a building for an ambush and for me thats way better than having a little personal radar balance wise thats, probably not a good thing.

I think youre going to see a lot of people running grapple hooks and not so much of anything else and im actually going to expand on this a little bit more in the ugly section. Another thing in the band section is that, while i talked about the gameplay being very cod like and tight and responsive which i liked, that also means its kind of easy. Now i didnt have this opinion, but i did talk to some of the lifelong battlefield, guys uh in the while we were playing and they were of the opinion that the aiming and shooting mechanics were very easy and very noob friendly. That might be an elitist point of view, but they felt that there were too few mechanics to master and that everybody was kind of lasering each other in the case of assault rifles. This may be true. In my personal experience, assault rifles were generally a sort of best at everything class. You could swap to the correct site and barrel and dink snipers that have this gigantic glare, its a little bit harder to snipe than it is to just sort of treat your assault rifles like dmrs. The dmrs are harder to use than assault rifles. Smgs do have a faster time to kill they absolutely rip. People up close youve, probably seen a lot of vector gameplay already, but theyre pretty horrific at long ranges, whereas assault rifles are still good up close to be honest and great at long ranges, so you only get a little bit of benefit there from running the smg And i feel like that, some of the other weapons are going to need to get a little stronger or the ars are going to have to get hit with the balancing hammer just a little bit because otherwise theyre going to be too popular.

On the topic of easy and popular battlefield, 2042 has very easy to fly aircraft. This is very good for accessibility. The controls are also well designed for console. The bad thing is that means theyre very difficult to fly on pc and the aircraft are going to be very powerful when you get good pilots in them, which is one of the most frustrating things about any battlefield game is when some guy in a jet in A helicopter just goes like 112 kills and four deaths on your team and is basically untouchable when hes max level everything, even though he had some excellent battlefield players and pilots and stuff in the game that didnt happen yet, but theyre easy enough to use to where That is very possible for the future and in general, the game is very easy to play. I personally love that i think thats going to get more people into battlefield, but the battlefield people that i played with definitely had their complaints about how easy it was. They said it was kind of like babys first battlefield. I do think its a bad thing that theres no total building destruction with all of the amazing features that were getting in mechanics and graphics. A part of me really do wishes that bad company destruction would come back to where i could just blow my own custom holes and do all sorts of stuff. So our our building destruction is not quite total, and that does break the immersion a little bit.

I feel like that could have been done a little bit better and theres a lot of walking. Yes, you can kill yourself or redeploy. Yes, you can spawn a vehicle and theres ziplines and grapples and its less walking than battlefield games before, but one of the core parts about battlefield games is, if you think, theres going to be a fight somewhere and you spend you know a minute running over there. Sometimes you get there and theres nothing happening, then you have to run it a minute or two in the other direction, and there is a fair bit of that. The map that we played orbital has a couple of different choke points and key points and then a lot of empty space in the middle. Now. The empty space in the middle is very interesting for some sort of pub g like combat between the trees, but really theres not much going on out there. So you kind of just run back and forth and dont do anything until you get close to the objective. Thats kind of a battlefield standard, but its definitely not a good thing and in the bad section the storm and the rocket can be kind of repetitive yeah, theyre, fun, theyre, big theyre hype, but they do not the same but similar things almost every time. And you can tell theyre coming and when it happens over and over and over again, it gets a lot less hype, thats the same kind of problem that people had with the bf4 revolution, and i had kind of the same problem here after like the second or Third time the storm was on the map.

I was just saying to myself man, i really wish we had less storm. I think i like the map better when its all sunny and bright and green, but i guess i have to deal with this storm for like the next 15 or 20 minutes or so then. Finally, at the very end of this video in the ugly section theres, a couple of things that arent very great number one is that i believe that some of the maps are going to be unplayably large. The massive map that youve seen today called orbital is considered a medium sized map. They have bigger maps than this in the final version of the game, but even orbital felt too big for 128 players. It felt very spread out. There was a lot of people meandering walking to be fair. This was a learning session, people werent playing really hard. They were testing, graphics and filming stuff, but it was really big. I think we played at 110 out of 128 players and it still felt kind of sparse in quite a few occasions. What they dont have is kind of. If you remember playing battlefield 1 battlefield 1 was the opposite. Battlefield 1 was hundreds of dudes tight little clusters. Trenches, no mans land brutal fighting out there, a bunch of godless savages fighting in the sand over the train. This game doesnt have that its more like battlefield 4, where you wander around a whole lot and im really afraid that, on the giant maps, its going to be like a ghost town in the ugly section, we already talked about this a little bit in the bad Section, but if the planes are going to be very very easy, pilots may dominate now any class can take anti aircraft and theres a lot of ways to take them down, but theres also a lot of ways to absolutely shrek people with the airplanes.

So, im really afraid that we might see like a jet and or helicopter dominant game. And then probably the ugliest in the ugly section is im afraid that solo gameplay wont last that long. While i had a great time playing this – and let me tell you, i loved playing this game, i essentially did it solo, because we werent able to squad up and send friend requests, because our accounts were restricted and stuff, which meant that i couldnt call for a Revive i couldnt really call for more ammo. There was a lot of things that i kind of could not do so. I found myself just relying on the grapple hook more than anything, and it did get a little bit repetitive. Even though i had a squad, i felt very much so alone, because i couldnt really communicate with them, and i did see some squads that somehow all got together and they were communicating and they were covering each other and sharing meds and ammo and doing a lot Of complicated stuff, but that was not me so if youre, a solo, gamer and youre, not playing with friends and you cant communicate with people or the squad system for really like any reason, just doesnt work out the way they think it will its gon na kind Of get repetitive fast and thats thats a bad thing, so i want the game to not be repetitive. I dont want people to get bored of battlefield and go back to playing any other game, and i think that the key to doing that is the making sure the squad system works as long as the squad system works and is rewarding for all the different roles And theres reasons for people to use it instead of just the grapple hook.

I think the games going to be good, but if it ends up being an 80 grapple hook, game then thats going to be rough and if the devs are watching this. This is not me calling for a grapple hook, nerf quite the opposite. Actually i love it. I think its in a good spot. I just think that there needs to be more of an incentive for squad squad based combat and that a few of the abilities on the other specialists could probably use to be a little bit stronger. Also dont forget to go to your options and enable nvidia reflex and or click the link down there in the description to learn more about nvidia reflex. Well guys thats all for todays video. I hope that you enjoyed it.