com ever since i posted my review on the mini 3 pro. A lot of people wanted to see a little bit more in depth. Details about this comparison right here, the mini 3 pro versus the autel nano plus and main reason why this is more of a comparison, because the fact that they are very similar as far as weight goes theyre, both under that 250 gram mark and when it comes To camera sensor and specs very similar on these two right here and well, first talk about the specs of the drones. What do they have to offer and what are my experiences with them and then towards the end of the video? Well, talk about some of the major pros and cons between these two drones now lets jump right into size and weight when they are unfolded, as you can see here, size wise, the mini 3 pro definitely has a little bit larger of a footprint. However, when theyre folded down, they are very much the same size as you can see when i put them down here a little bit taller, of course, with these sensors here up top, but for the most part very similar when folded down theyre very similar in size. Now, of course, why are these some of the most popular ones? Well, they are sitting under that 250 gram mark. Both of them are rated for 249 grams with the standard batteries in them. As far as the mini 3 pro now, the 250 gram mark is pretty important for some people in certain areas.

Uh theres, less regulations for drones under 250 grams now lets talk about pricing of these drones. Octal actually just recently had a price cut. The drone for the nano plus used to be 949 – and that comes with the drone and your remote control, theyve recently lowered that price now to 879 dollars, and you get the standard package you get the drone, remote control and all these standard accessories. That would come with it now for the dji mini 3 pro we have a similar package which runs you 759. You would get the drone and the rc n1 remote control. This would be the standard, remote control for the mini 3 pro. The one thing that dji did release, though, with the mini 3 pro is the ability to upgrade to this remote, which is the dji rc. I really like this combo right here and if you were to get this combo, the drone and the remote control comes out to 909 usd – and i just like this because you dont have to have your mobile phone attached. These remote controls right here, youre going to need a mobile device attached to it in order for you to see your screen and change all of your settings next well talk about flight time in the air and for me, when i normally do a flight time test Ill, just normally do a hover test now for the autel nano plus the standard battery that comes in your drone is rated for 28 minutes and the standard battery or the 249 gram and under battery on the dji mini 3 is rated for 34 minutes now i Did my own standard hover test, like i normally do with all the drones, and actually i put these up in my backyard when theres a lot of wind going on just for a standard hover, i was able to get 22 minutes on the autel nano plus and For the mini 3 pro, i was able to get about 26 and a half minutes on this standard battery.

Here. The one thing i do like that dji has to offer over the nano plus is that they not only have the standard battery which is available, but they also have this extended battery the 47 minute rated battery for the mini 3. Pro. Of course, a lot of people are putting these head to head because of the camera quality camera sensors on these are very similar on the dji mini 3 pro we have a 1 over 1.3 inch cmos sensor and here on the autel nano plus we have a 1 over 1.2 inch sensor and when it comes to aperture size, we have an f 1.7 on the mini 3 pro and an f 1.9. Both these cameras have nice really wide open apertures, allowing you to get more light in in low light scenarios. One of the newest features that we do have here on the mini 3 pro, which we dont have here on the nano plus, is the ability to do this vertical or portrait shooting on the drone for a lot of people that are into social media. That post on everything from tick, tock, instagram real stories, everything is in that portrait or vertical mode and now youre able to easily, with a tap of a button, switch that camera from horizontal to portrait mode. Now, because these drones are super small and light, they are pretty prone to take on a lot of wind. So when theyre up there in the air, you can kind of see them fighting the wind a lot.

They are both rated for level. Five wind resistance. The one thing i did notice, though, when putting a lot from side to side is that youll see a lot more kind of just smaller jerky movements on the nano. Just even when i was doing my basic cover test, youll see that both of them were fighting the wind, but youll see just a lot more shakiness a lot more kind of these micro vibrations, smaller movements with the nano versus the mini three pro. Now, when it comes to video resolution, we do have now 4k 60 frames a second on the mini 3 pro on the nano plus. We are still at the 4k. 30 frames a second. If you wanted to jump up in higher frame rates on something like the nano youre going to have to lower that resolution down to 2.7 or 1080p now when it comes to video quality thats, one of the things that a lot of people like putting these two Side by side against the quality out of both these are very, very good. I think the biggest difference here is that when you look at the nano footage, while it does come out very, very clean, very very crisp, it does have a lot more sharpness to the video and that might perceive to be a lot better quality, but overall, very Impressed with the nano footage, as well as the dji mini 3, very, very high quality video coming out of this.

Both of them just have that different color profiles or standard color profiles that they push out. So, of course, youre going to see a difference when you put them side by side. I do feel like the dji profile as far as the standard profile has a more kind of softer natural look to it. But, like i said, a lot of that is really up to preference. Some people prefer that sharper image a sharper look out of the nano versus the softer a little bit more natural look coming out of the dji drone. When it comes to photos and photography, we do have 50 megapixels on the nano plus. We have 48 megapixels on the mini 3 pro. Luckily enough, both of these do shoot. Jpeg and raw. Now, when it comes to video transmission between these two drones, both of them work really really well, we have the ocusync on the dji side, as well as the skylink on autel. Both these drones are rated for great distances. I believe its around 12 kilometers on the dji. Both those of course are gon na be far far further than you would ever more likely fly your drone for me. I normally will keep my drone around one two, maybe three thousand feet away, normally its under a mile, theres, of course, going to be some. You know times where youre going to have weak reception and ive had that both on the nano, as well as the mini 3, even though theyre rated for that far away youll still sometimes have your bars drop.

You might have some, you know, slowed reception, but for the most part, once you adjust it once you reassess where youre pointing your antennas, youll more than likely have some pretty good range. As far as line of sight goes next well jump into the intelligent flight modes and the reason why were able to have intelligent flight modes is that both of these do have obstacle avoidance. We have sensors here on the very front on both of them. We have sensors here at the very bottom and also on the back testing on optical avoidance, on both of these work. Fine, nothing too crazy. You know it will send something in front behind it, and both the drones will just automatically slow down. The one thing that is nice about the dji drone is that it does have a pass. So, even if it does come up to an obstacle, if you have a pass turned on, you can choose to have this drone go around it go on top yeah youre able to change what you want the drone to do when it faces an obstacle. We dont have that option here on the nano once an obstacle is detected, itll. Warn you in the app and itll just automatically slow down and stop some of the other. Intelligent flight modes include quick shots. So, if youre not familiar with quick shots, basically a bunch of automated features, youre able to do some intelligent modes where youre able to press a button and the drone will either automatically do a droney itll do a circle around the subject.

Itll go on top of the subject. Both these drones have that theyre called quick shots here on the dji side also has different words for them. They call it rocket and flick and orbit and fadeaway, but very similar to the quick shots if youre used to dji one very similar on the nano, the one they know is very frustrating with the nano plus is that this thing was released back in january and They advertised dynamic track on all their drones and it never came. It came so later down the line now tested the dji mini 3 multiple times when i went to the hill also out front here and also chasing. You know, boats and things like that. Never really had any issues with this. This thing does really really well when it comes to follow me functions active track spotlight as well as point of interest. There are, of course, those times where your subject will be lost if its trying to track a little bit too fast, but i mean for the most part it does. What you expect it to do. The one thing with the autel drone is that it took them. Five or six months to come out with the following function for the nano and just doing some basic tests out in front of my house. I put this thing in track mode and just had it follow me from behind and for some reason i kept getting warnings of insufficient space to track tracking will exit, and there was no contrast issues.

It was bright day. I was in the middle of my street, so you know sometimes when i would do some of my tracking, i would kind of you know, maybe try to understand hey you know. Maybe it lost me in the shadow. This thing right in the middle of street kept losing me for some odd reason, so even basic tracking still seems a lot further away a lot further behind than the mini 3 pro alright im actually cutting into this video because im editing the video that youre currently Watching right now – and the one thing is that i realized was wrong with the tracking or dynamic track on the autel nano, and i havent talked to autel about this at all – is the fact that it actually wasnt supposed to be, or not its still, not actually Updated in the app whats weird is it worked, and the reason why it worked is because i think i kind of did some well not really a hack, but basically what i did was i flew the light, the autel light and that actually does have the dynamic Track on there, they did update dynamic track on the light they didnt update it on the nano and when i went on their website very bottom of the dynamic track image, it does say it will be released in a future in a future firmware update. But what was interesting is that when i did fly it, i flew the light first and then i flew the nano plus, and this might just be.

Not really a hack but whats happening is, is that when the uh autel app was still open, it then opened up with the nano and it already had the tracking available when i was flying the light. So i think what was happening is that it was giving me the ability to actually kind of use tracking, but it just didnt work well, as you guys saw, i kept getting. These little prompts these little notifications saying that theres insufficient space and things like that. So this wasnt really working well uh and i think its just because of fact its still not actually on the nano. The firmware is not updated here on the nano plus, and i didnt realize that, because i went out again and i flew and did some of the quick shot modes and im like where is the tracking in the app im not seeing the track anymore. Its gone and i think, thats the reason why i was able to actually kind of turn on tracking when i was doing the test initially, because the app was already open. When i was flying the light and all it did, was i turned off the light turned on the nano and the app didnt switch or didnt uh readjust to basically uh take away the tracking thats. The reason why it kind of worked but didnt. So, in a way its good and bad because, yes, i kind of hacked a way to use tracking on it.

However, its not ready and its bad because we are now in june – and we still dont – have the proper tracking on the nano plus so just wanted to give that disclaimer out there, because some people are going to be like. Oh, i didnt know that theres tracking on the nano technically theyre still not, and i just figured out a way to kind of turn it on by launching it using the light first and then using the nano now like i mentioned, the specs on these are very Very similar, but when it comes down to usability and just confidence using a drone, this is where i lean, of course, towards dji, because they just have a trusted system, a trusted platform that has been out for a very long time. The thing with dji is: whenever you pick up any one of their drones, whether it be a mini, whether it be a mavic, whether it be a phantom, an inspire, you pretty much know what to expect from it, how to fly it and the one thing you Want when youre out there, especially these platforms right here, are geared towards beginners, the one thing you do want is to have that confidence to know what youre flying and what its going to be doing. Thats. One thing i think, with the autel drones theyve definitely struggled even when i was flying the first autel uh, the auto evo, then alta evo2, sometimes with these drones right here.

You just dont know what to expect, because it will start moving on you when youre not actually trying to pilot it in a specific way. The dji drones in general just feel a lot more responsive, a lot more accurate to what youre doing on the sticks versus the autel drones. Also speaking of firmware updates, thats, one thing you just dont know with the autel drones is that when are they going to do the updates to give you some of these features in a more reasonable amount of time? Like i said this drone came out in january, and most people just barely started getting the tracking feature the for the past month, two months now, and that was something that they were. You know really pushing forward with. With these smaller drones it does, it has obstacle. Avoidance, it has tracking, but it took them four to five months to put it on here versus here. We already have that in there and you already know what to expect with the drones now granted. We didnt get the same thing on the mavic 3. The mavic 3 did take about, i believe about a month and a half or so to get the tracking and to get a lot of the features and also were still getting firmware. Updates on the mavic 3. But at least weve know that, when its stated in there that it is going to be coming, we know its more likely going to come now.

One of the biggest benefits of the autel drones. Though, and ive talked about this. When i talked about the light, as well as the evo is that they dont have the geofencing that you do have with the dji drones now its definitely a good and bad thing, you always want the geofencing just to keep you secure, keep you away and keep You alert of things around you, however. There are some places sometimes where youre flying and you still might be within the area of a geo fence, and you might just want to take the drone up 50 feet up in the air 100 feet up in the air. Just to take a quick picture, maybe of a house of a subject of a landmark and youre, not able to do that on some of the dji drones without going through a lot of the you know hoops to to get permission to do that. Overall, both these drones are very, very good when it comes down to video quality. For me, it just comes down to usability. I just feel a lot more comfortable using the dji drones because you know what to expect with them every single time i put the nano up in the air theres, always something quirky, something either jittery moving. The sticks arent responding the way i anticipate them new and because of that im, im optimistic that you know octal will always come out with a firmer update but, like i said, those firmware updates sometimes take a very very long time and there it is guys you Guys wanted me to talk a little bit more in depth about these two drones right here ever since i posted my review video on the mini 3 pro, so i just want to give you guys a lot more details if you guys are shopping around and trying To find whats the best or what drone i want to get that under 250 grams whats, my best bang for buck.

What are the pros and cons? Hopefully, i was able to answer some of those questions here in this video. As always, if you guys got some value from this video, a big like would be much appreciated. Dont forget to subscribe hit that bell to be notified when i post new videos. Of course, if you guys want a lot more dji mini 3 content, i have a full playlist down below and also if youre interested in the nano lite ill leave. Those links down below as well. This is alsacio with flightpath.