To me it seems like theres, the big three right: theres phils, theres barati brothers and then theres uncle lookies theres, three uncle oogie locations. I just met the owner. Delightful guy hes got a place called the falladium in south philly. That does pizza. He wants me to come in and have a drink and tell him how to get involved in gambling. Dude king of wildwood, king of philly ill, do whatever ill be the lady. My promise so here we go uncle oogies by the way, big operation. By far the biggest of three weve been in, like they got 30 workers in there looks like assembly line style churning and burning um and theres the slice pretty good. Looking slice id say i some could say this is unfair to uncle oogies were up against the time crunch because were gon na get out of here soon. So i didnt have time to order the full pie, so i just went in got the slice. Who knows how long this slice has been sitting there? Maybe unfair, maybe unfair. Here we go uncle oogies, which i would have bet my life uncle oogie meant something. Besides just the name of the pizza place, we googled it couldnt, find anything else. Here we go little flop over there. Khan tastes like a fast new york slice. To be honest, like this is a slice that i feel like. I have a lot of place in nyc, thinner than the others.

I wish it had a little more crisp for me. This has no beach town flavor to me, this feels like a new york slice more, so i really like the guy. I love how get that the beach cart. Like the golf cart, i just want to retire on a place where i can drive my golf cart everywhere. Get my groceries, get my watermelon get my pizza, get my coffee and just live on a golf cart. Honestly. This pizza uncle oogies. I think six nines the right score generally. That means sex.