This will be airing black friday. It is black friday, its friday, its black friday. It means sales, it means 20 percent off the entire bar still store heres, something that people well. Some people may know about me a lot of people may not some yeah. I eat pizza yeah, i start borrow so from scratch. Yeah i trade stocks, you name it entrepreneur. The best selling childrens author me number one times best selling childrens author sharks have feelings too. I wrote it, i think, four or five years ago little debate. I said i love sharks. People like sharks, suck, oh yeah, sharks, dont suck. If sharks, dont suck so much write a book about it. Thats. What i did childrens book sharks can defend themselves. I have no, they cant. I have no tears lost for sharks. Im gon na do so much research. I didnt know this was a this. Was a anti shark group turned into an anti shark convention? Lets move on uh this sucks sharks are awesome. Sharks have thats the cover. Sharks have feelings too the little signature of the best selling author. Slash me on the sleeve ill, be honest. It could be sold out by the time. This thing airs, i dont know um. If you have kids and you want to buy the book, you can buy it online the hard copy that sold out. You should know theres a lot of and shits and swears in it, but the kids gon na learn how to swear at any.

At some point. Anyways might as well be for me one bite. Everybody knows the rules. Roccos avanal see what we got. Oh, i flipped it thats my bad see. I got a little aggressive, looks like a super traditional football pizza straight out of the oven and by the way, the entire store. The one bite, this team portnoy part of my take uh, you name it free uh, bff, all on sale, 20 off. I want to put up a quick number on cancel cultures face one bite, everyones rules. This is just a traditional football pie. You guys can come come on. Sorry, no Music, they dont know they just went by a best selling childrens offer. This is pretty good. I actually really like this very traditional, very good, good crust. Good crisp basic can eat a ton of these. You can go. This is a good pie. Seven six id eat this every day. If i lived here, this is good enough that i would never search out other pizza. I think oh, this is. I can eat this every day and be happy seven, six, roccos really good, maybe even a seven seven. I gave a seven six very traditional, solid uh, better actually than i thought very good. Football pizza, michigan, michigan, ohio state.