9, but everyone in this area is being like, oh my god, its so good theyre. Talking about having a grandfathered um oven that you cant build right now, it goes to the scotch were like one of the only two actual brick oven pizzas, where the chimney goes all the way to the top of the building. Okay, which is not legal to make it anymore, so your grandfather – it is all right here we go its an interesting looking pie. I hope its gon na be super soft. Its its like almost has a weird neopolitan vibe, but not see what we got its a full menu. Its not just a pizza place a little different than the other ones where, like luigis, for example, the guy literally, is like id rather be a pizza maker than a pro athlete. Whereas this guys a contractor his buddy from italy, build the whole uh chimney and all thats how you the history, i did this for my my friend from italy uh. He came here and he did the color theres, always only three down here. So lets see what we got one bite. Everyone knows rules. Why do i keep forgetting battle hill tavern lets see what we got very good, very different, very good, very different yeah, the its wood fired right. Is that what they said it was brick oven. That was totally different, like the guy down there hes, like i slightly prefer this place over the other.

I dont know how you compare them, theyre totally different pizzas. It was very good and were in park, slope, corner 6 and 21st pizza, apparently every single corner. We walked from luigis the giuseppe gia pinis. Did i get it to this place so theres a million around ill go 7 1 on this. Its very good pizza i dont know if im putting it up against the other places is very good. This is also a full menu. The other two places are just doing pizza. This is doing everything very good pizza. You can tell that its fresh, you can tell its good um, but i still have to i dont want to get killed, but i still nod to the strictly pizza places: 7 1 thats review battle. Hill tavern did i nail it and they got tvs. I think in there to watch sports and all that they do so its more of a hangout pub spot than the others which are strictly in the pizza business. Thats review park, slope: hey. How are you good? I got a photo huge man dude. I popped to you in my school i got ta see this guys im a big fan, dude watch all your content, man, its about to tell me sure, yeah thanks appreciate it and my phone just died. Nice thats, my luck, guys, man yeah! All right! You want to be hanging out with me. I got a charger uh. We have an uber on the way here.

Take it just send me a dm on instagram ill.