There see a little bubble on the lens, hopefully that's, better yeah, that's, better uh, you guys say hi to gem. In the background there she is painting using the shop for something other than rc. It smells like wood Laughter number one on my list. Why have we not got the drone out of the pond out of phantom lake? Great question? Okay, i get that question a lot. I bet you do get that question. How many times did i try to attempt to get the drone? Do you remember i don't remember so many twice there was twice. The problem was, is that when i would get over with the uh five fish, but from the time that i discovered the drone in the in the lake itself or in the pond uh for me to get the claw took over 30 days during that time, there Was so much life uh that was born and grew inside of the pond that i could not see five inches ahead of me, uh with the quasi, even even with uh the bright lights, bright lights almost made it worse. Now, if you took the lights and turned them off altogether, it was still so much green. You couldn't see all the little jigger worms and whatever else is in there, the curse of phantom lake seems to be that way. You get a little bit and take it away, and so now basically, i either have to wait uh until the middle of winter, where there'll be like four feet of snow over there and i can't get a vehicle in over there or i'm gon na have to Wait till next spring, and at least we have a general idea of where it is i'm still working on that i don't have a solution.

This is one of those things that's been bugging me, but now you guys know what the answer is and i'm working on. In the background, let's move on to the next topic: next, what happened to the lasso loader right? How come we haven't seen this out on the mine site? Yeah doesn't, it look like it have tiny tires: it's a small loader isn't it you guys are going to enjoy this story. Yeah well, like anything i've, had issues with the hydraulics from lesu. On this, where i cannot seem to get the uh the hydraulic block to work properly, it's either there's, something in the block like metal shavings or something else. I give it to two of my other friends to try to fix. They also didn't know what it was, and you know getting help from china can be a bit of a challenge, especially when you don't know what is wrong to begin with. So the valve it almost acts like the servos are not lined up, but i did use a servo machine to help center those servos as well as the valve. So basically i have to get in contact after waiting a month for my radio to arrive. Once i got it here, i tried to have it all hooked up. Did the mixing everything can't figure it out? This is why you guys haven't seen it on the show yet so there is that for you on to the next topic: hi raven.

Would you look so sad, it's a wiggy tail? This is how you know that my dog is happy. She sweeps the entire floor Laughter next question: why don't you do routine maintenance on all of your youtube gold equipment that's. All i fucking do around here. I don't have time for anything else: it doesn't work, oh my god, 168 hours in a week, and what about it and there's only 168 hours a week, there's that rack there's that rack there's that table. Thank you as somebody that actually knows, there's having to empty out all this, oh there's, outside too they're, oh and all of the acreage outside making sure the mine site is ready. Oh right, family time right, oh right! So did we ask the question again well why don't you do general routine maintenance on all your machines and in between that make sure to squeeze in all the new shows, because there's lots of new equipment that comes out people want me to check out all the Unboxings and all the stuff that's coming out from everybody – and i know you know what people are saying right now – medic has so much hard work to do Laughter at work. People are going to say that all i'm doing is complaining in this video today, i'm. Fine with that all of this all the sluice boxes, all this stuff every every week i get it ready to go and then on saturday we just we destroy it all, and then i have to do it all over again.

So i do have friends that try to help and get this stuff done, but they have lives. They have work that's. Another thing: where are people on youtube gold or loading kings? Um? You just said it: they live, so they don't have to be at every single show right yeah, who does have to be there uh? Well, we do yeah us yeah because we're hosting it so a lot of people ask me why don't i participate in loading kings with all my beautiful trucks, so the trucks get used and i do participate with my friends. But what from gopro footage from your chest is terrible. Everyone will be so nauseous watching it they'd be like what everyone told me i should everyone said i should just get a little holder for my iphone on my radio control and then that way i could film loading kings respectfully, there's, like 15 000 other channels. That can do that. We don't do that. You could watch something that isn't going to make you so people also have been after me and asking you know like we love the ttc where's the rude boys. We love ttc, tough truck competition, tiny truck competition, top truck competition challenge. Whatever you want to call it, you know the 10th scale competitions that we normally do and this year with coronavirus. Obviously, the the city that we lived in basically shut down the calgary stampede, which is a few well, what 40 kilometers yeah about a half hour drive.

They uh. They canceled that so ttc to keep everybody from getting sick, whether you know you believe in it or not, is canceled yeah. That was joe made. That decision like way back in may, that was done so and so i'm still immunocompromised myself. I still have crohn's disease because it doesn't go away. I still am suffering with severe arthritis throughout my body, and my back is how is my back well today now it's, so great yeah, i go through different flare ups, so i've had some pretty serious stuff going on lately, i've been on a cane you guys might Have seen in my last episode of youtube gold i've been on a cane, so my life is challenging to say the least blessed in so many ways we wrote the past challenged in others as well, but i've got a great partner that's here. That helps me um. Thank you by the way and my son, hey, can you please explain to these people why morris isn't always devastated? He would be on the show on a heartbeat if he wasn't allowed to be tell me what's going on um. In a nutshell, yeah the in the united states, they have a rule, i get it child online privacy protection, basically uh target advertising to children, making sure they're in a safe environment yeah, and because of that, we have to make sure that anything under age of 13 Is really censored out well and so yeah, because what could we could lose the channel? We could lose the ability for uh us to or for you to communicate with us right in the comments section, and so there is youtube goal or youtube kids and we could start more a youtube kids channel.

But we pour so much time into a school and we put more time into being polite and proper manners and stuff and he plays with dad and mom off camera. And so we know you all love morris and we we've you've seen him on the show and he is still represented on the show when we're treating him to get ready, that's exactly right. It just takes a few years. Padawan takes years to get ready like 13 and everybody knows there can only be so much area for any gold mining company to dig yes, jim yeah. Yes, in fact, we're going to end up running out of area pretty soon, which is unfortunate, which kind of comes along the side with the water license. At the same time, i'm hoping we can dig out as much of that funnel mine as possible. But after that, where does the gold come from? We don't know we've surveyed, most of the land there isn't a whole lot of area left that we found that would even be worth it yeah finite resource. So what got you here? We'Ll get you there uh. So we're going to take a little bit of a break between youtube gold and loading kings. If we even move forward with that because listen like i live far far away from these guys – and i am so thankful – these guys come out time after time after time on their own dime, even though they drink all my beer and eat my food, which they Come out here, uh to volunteer their time i'm, always thankful for whoever can make it uh and the boys know who they are.

They'Re all they're all part of the rc sparks team, so to take a break in between those, and if we even do a series of loading kings, i don't know i know there's a lot of people that love loading kings loading wars, whatever you want guys want To call it, we changed it to loading kings because of youtube's algorithm and sensitive content. That'S around the word w a r. You know you've got to be very careful these days and jump through the hoops and swing through the lassos and pat your head and bounce on one leg, which i'm no good x. I got a bum hip right, the whole back thing, so things are awesome and the kings are what rule the loading uh world anyway, uh so i'm, going to leave you with one thing. I think you guys will love it and it is a trade that i did with my buddy rc athletes, lyle, who you may see uh in loading kings. You might recognize him from youtube gold, but i actually had a tracked trx4 that i used a long time ago, but you know what i didn't have anymore. Was an rc four wheel drive galenda ii uh, which uh i've wanted for a long time. I used to have one, but i ended up getting rid of it lyle. I know you haven't seen the new decal job on here yet, but hey that was excuse me. That was a that was a table.

Fart right here, lyle will love the timing of that. Look at this, all i did was he painted it: yellow he's the one that actually had this over here. I ended up trading away, my trx4. That was the armageddon edition. You guys may remember that the basically the military style – but i had a sound box in that, but look at this front aluminum bumper winch. He did such a good job. On this i had some extra decals that were laying around 3.5 turbo diesel. Look at this it's a it's, a left handed passenger side so right hand drive. These decals are actually off of the rc. Four wheel drive trail finder as well. So i thought they'd look great! Oh! Look at this small loading kings representing on the back loading kings. Yeah, well, even if youtube gold does come to a close, you know. Well, when it comes to a close, you know at least we're able to have tons of fun i'm sure we'll get together and do a special from time to time same with loading kings. If we were able to had to stop – or we did, you know decided that we wanted to do something else. We'D always get together and do some loaded kings here and there yeah yeah. I know the boys would be on board for that. Look at this. So trail rides to come with this defender, it's absolutely gorgeous. I wanted a yellow and white one.

All the decals on there are looking fantastic lyle. I know you're noticing the tires right here here are the original tires. You had, sir right there. I want to change it to these ones, it's just a matter of getting them all on the bead locks. These are individual bolts in here, but uh. That is going to be my choice. Overall, look at the size difference. What do you guys think? Let me know right now: if you haven't left a comment or a like click, you know interact, partake. Do something right now leave us a comment. We love to read them. In fact, you don't know what to comment on comment on either style of tire. Look at this, would you rather go with a 1.9 mudslinger, or would you go with a 1.55 tire because it's more scale, looking on your defender, hey hon, sorry, thanks for helping me do the video today yeah and as always guys thanks for joining hey. Oh look at this. Can you tell me what this is everyone's always commenting, especially when they don't know it's called a money tree. It is, and we found it as soon as we saw it. We'Re, like we need to take it home with us, yeah it's, a guyana chestnut tree, everybody thinks it's something else, but it's not. I believe we got it last time morris got up for dad when he wasn't feeling good he's exactly right. It was a gift and it did make me feel better look at it.