What can i do? I need to sleep so i i i didnt go to the toilet, the blue door, the pink door. What do i do? What do i do? What do i do watch out theres a baby Music? Yes, please too bad! You cant have what i feel like youre harder to take care of in roblox than maybes in real life Music, and then one day the gum said: oh hurry. Last lap. This is the final lap go happily go out there, no hes. Getting close. I love you. Youre getting so big Music welcome to every athlete today were playing some roblox, but we cant play roblox without a dad now wheres dada is he behind this chair sounds like it alley. Had the amazing idea to play roblox. So what are we playing? Okay? First, we are playing. Oh, i got an idea: race, cars pirates, nope dinosaurs daycare daycare and your baby. I already have to take care of navy in real life, but now i have to take care of baby adley and roblox. Okay, take care im transporting, i feel, like youre harder to take care of in roblox than navys shirt in real life. What car binky? Oh cute, color diaper, oh purple, diaper youre, a cute baby! Oh and you have cute little red hair pigtails like in real life. So, im a caretaker okay bottle um. What color bottle? Do you want chocolate, milk, theres, no chocolate milk? I think orange juice.

I think orange juice is orange juice. I want orange juice. Okay carrier, okay, purple purple, stroller, pink, pink face thats your face. My face all right: let me check in the way help wheres that. Let me just take me away from daycare audley. Where are you im all the way up to the city? Lovely excuse me front desk. Do you know where adley is yeah? Let me check her tracker click, click, click, click, click, uh, shes in the city. You need to get over there right now: okay, im going to find her; okay, wheres, the city city, city, hey ally, all right! Well, my names dad im going to be taking care of you today. Do you want to go run in the flowers? Flowers? Oh sorry thorns! Okay. What do you want to do today? Im gon na paint read cant, wait its gon na be a busy day. All right painting first park park park. Do i need to do your needs in order lets go camping. Where do we go cam and then painting them reading the park, and then i need to go to the doctors to get these thorns out. All right were at: how do we? How do we camp whats, the i just need marshmallows? Oh, i can give you a hug. I want marshmallows, i can rock you. I want marshmallows. How do i get marshmallows just send me down in the high turn off my high chair? Okay, oh heres, some marshmallows, you like the marshmallows spicy.

Merci, merci, okay, let me cook another one for you. Can we sleep now? Yep, oh okay! Well, i cant believe were camping. Music doesnt need to sleep right now, youre, not even tired, yeah, just pretend. Okay, here you go thanks ill just sit by this campfire and tell ghost stories once upon a time there was a ghost babysitter and he took care of all the babies in daycare and then one day the ghost said: okay, oddly wake up, we need to do Your next thing come on yeah, you need to sleep too. You know i dont sleep im a daycare wake up its the middle of the night, all right. Why are my babysitting you in the middle of the night? Do you always come to daycare in the middle of the night? Okay, whats! Your next need drawing lets, go drop all right! Well, bro got ta, look both ways. Dad look at me all right, ah, youre. Looking all the way um drawing drawing my Music hey, come here: yeah, okay, thats kind of cool, okay, im gon na figure out where to draw you just ride your airplane around drawing for babies. Is it upstairs yep our corner, found it all right? Oddly, i got the art corner set up. Come here come here. Let me catch up get over here. You baby on an airplane. Oh howd, you go through that door. Where are you? Oh okay, shes outside come here baby, hey that door, i cant even fit through those slow down, youre faster, no ben.

She vented youre. Looking suspicious wait. Really. How do i get you baby get out of the van um. Excuse me front thats, my babys stuck in the vent. You know how i get her. Oh, i trick her okay yep. I got ta get one of these balloons. Babies, love balloons. Can i pick these up? No, i cant even pick up the balloons. Only the babies can pick them up. How am i supposed to trick you to tell tell you myself tell the worker why im stuck in the van say: okay, um excuse me front desk. My baby is stuck in the vent. What do i do? Well, you got ta, get her favorite thing and lure her out. I think adley. Let me look at her records. She loves chocolate. Oh chocolate, thats, a good idea. Okay, the vending machine is right there. Oh, the venting machine, hi venting machine. I need some chocolate cause. My babys in the van uh, okay thats. Why is it great? No, i wanted chocolate, not green chocolate. Let me try to get nope its just green. All right! Oh, i wonder if anyone will help me eat this delicious green chocolate, hes trying to trick me. I know ill ill go outside the side. I wonder if anyone wants this delicious chocolate hello. Does anyone want delicious? Is anyone even in there baby? Ah, she escaped out the outside baby on the run. Get this baby watch out theres a baby with an escape.

Okay. Come here i got her okay, its drawing time, youve got needs and ive got to take care of them. You need to draw and do oh and its morning time good morning. I need poo poos. Oh no seriously! Um well just go on your diaper because we need to do art class right now. I am your diaper changer. I got a picture of a kangaroo, okay! Oh, that is what are you drawing? Is that a kangaroo its you? Am i a kangaroo, youre silly im, a silly kangaroo? Oh, she had fun trying okay, where to next miss you need oh class. You want to go to class okay, wheres class classroom right here. That was easy. Hi class welcome your new student. This is adly shes! Really, Music: okay, where to next a book once upon a time there was a boy named nico, he ate a lot of chocolate and turned into a bear. He turned into it and they lived happily ever after happy ever after look in your face now, dont put this book about get this book out of my face. Get this out! Okay drop the book before i pick you up: okay, no books in my face. Okay were going swimming, um youre still holding that. But okay, you need to use my daddy first, i cant have a wet. I cant have a wet diaper. Thats. True lets go change your diaper. Where do i change your diaper? Put you right here lets change that bump.

Oh ooh, you are a little bit poopy baby powder. Oh this is stinky. Why do i have to do that? Okay, throw it okay, clean diaper, where to swimming? Oh, i put on a water, diaper thats, perfect! Oh youre! Swimming over here, um adley. Do you know how to swim? No! Its swimming lessons. Oh swimming lessons. Okay, welcome to swimming lessons. Every kid needs to put on sunscreen. First, okay, sunscreen sunscreen, sunscreen sunscreen, hey get over here; hey! No! Okay! What slide do you want to go down? It says i, i go down the slide and then the dagger catches me and puts me in the pool. Oh gotcha, okay, you go down the side here. You go ill be in the pool to catch you im going in just got in the pool in my clothes. This is weird. Okay, i got you okay, you need to sit in the floaties. What floaty do you want pink? Oh you look sad. Why are you sad? I got. I need a bottle a bath, because this water is corny, it has chlorine. Yeah. Okay, lets go, give you a bath. You might think this water is from the sink, but its from corollini, its not sink water, its chlorine, water, okay and im sleepy, i fell asleep in the pool. Oh seriously, she fell asleep in the pool. Okay. How do i even get out of here? Oh, i got ta go this sides good all right.

We made it out of the pool im. This is my first day at daycare, im learning um uh. So what do you need to do? I need to you need to sleep, no bathroom, sleep. Okay. Why do i give you a bath and then drink? Okay, wheres, the bath wheres, the bath in the diaper, changing room? Okay: okay, sorry its my first day at daycare: oh okay, uh, shes, asleep in the bathtub im im, asleep splashing sleep, splashing thats, how you know youve had too much fun today when youre sleep, splashing okay. So what do you need to do first, eat and then bottle, and then i need to do quiet time, which is not okay, eating bottle. Here we oh baby on the escape baby. Okay, that babys escaping okay, just some milk. How do i make food? You need milk first im thirsty and then i need the food you just okay, im making some milk and im still holding a rubber ducky im gon na set you down. I got ta figure out how to get food: okay, guys wheres. The pantry turn turn um right here. No, oh sorry straight and thats storage. Oh tap here to get you know what to do. Okay, i got a refill of baby food. Oh hi babies, you guys having fun uh. Do you guys have daycare workers here hi? You should probably have a daycare uh someone. These babies over here need a daycare worker.

They dont have daycare workers, okay, im going to fill up the food by right behind the fence, uh hadley i lost my baby. Has anyone seen natalie? Where is she? I got? Ta lets drop this get rid of this okay. Okay, where are you? Oh, i got you busted. You were hiding behind the fence. All right sit up in your chair. You got ta, grab the baby food and then put me in the chat: okay, baby, food and feed yourself. Do you like this? This is white pudding, cool. Okay. Now i need to sleep: hey oh shes, going to do it: okay, wheres the toilet, wheres, the toilet, diapers im going im going im going: okay were trying to potty training baby oddly here, okay wheres, the oh, the blue door, the pink door. What do i do? What do i do? What do i do its over there? Those are for the dolls. Okay, uh potty go! Oh did we make it in time yeah? Oh good job. You got got ta plus ticker on your chart, yeah good job. Okay, are you done yep? Okay? I want to pick out a nighttime stuffy and then i want to read a bit in the story. Okay lets go, get a stuffy which stuffy do you want? Weve got a bear, a unicorn, a cat or a monkey or a plane. I want this one. Oh, this is such a cute kid and i want a bedtime story and a bedtime story: okay, rock goodbye in the nursery.

Yes, that works every time. Good night ashley, finally get a break. I just want to relax in this white couch and relax. Finally, Music, its okay, its okay. Oh did you have a good nap, miss sadly, park park. Okay lets go park, your car? No! What car do you want to park? I want to play at the park oh play at the park. You want to park your car. Oh okay, wait look for cars. No car looks like stop looking for cars. Music lets play. Oh pick, a car. You want blue, pink, yellow or green youre gon na race, this little boy, red car, okay, i got ta drop. My stuff go on the racetrack. All right. You ready race, go Applause! Oh this is like rainbow road. Oh no theres, a boy racing you go ashley go ashley, go hurry! One more lap, one more lap! Hurry! Hes catching up! Go, go, go hurry! One more lap! Go loudly, oh hurry! Last lap: this is the final left go happily go out. We go hes, getting closer, okay, good job, my little speed, racer! Okay, you having fun at the park im gon na go see, saw yeah. Okay! Here you go! No! What? No? Oh! This is the baby set. Okay, then you Music, i got some. I got some splinters in my toes splinters in your fingers. Going down on the ground lets. Take you over to the nursery daycare hospital place. Thingy lets ride these scooters over to the hospital get on.

My back, ah there we go my dads taking me to the hospital. My dads taking me to the hospital were too tall. Lets see, lay her down right here, check it out. I need magic tonight, oh, i know were doing a check up hold on hey. Wait. Your turn, this is my babys turn fix, fix, fix, splinters and her toes are gone. How does that feel? I need medicine, my tummy, my tummy eggs back. I need medicine from that green chocolate. You gave me heres. Some medicine all right see were all better here. Hop on ill give you a piggy back: okay, okay! Oddly i had a fun day today, which crib do you want uh, theyre, all the same, so ill, just take one of them. Um this one! Okay, there you go nana baby. What hey you fell out of your crib already give me: are you ever gon na survive without getting out back in the crib? Okay lets. Try a different crib come here. This is this. This one will work get in this crib. Okay, there you go little baby! No, no, tomorrow bye, im going poo poo. Oh no get me out of here, uh hey front desk. There might be a baby asleep in the crib that needs a bum change. Bye, get on my scooter and im out of here going home. I live by the beach. I live by the beach again next game by the next game.

Finally, i dont have to take care of a baby all right. What game is next water water? Wait? Really water slides? I like water, slides im transporting you just hey. We played this one before its, not water, slides, yeah, but then theres an update. You go on water, slides, oh a water slide. Oh theres rockets, dad youre the kid im, the mom because im the kid because i was already the kid thats true. My voice is rascaline because i had to make a baby voice. Okay, now im the baby. I got ta be: oh wait. I look like a cool dab. You got ta, make it look cool. You got ta, make yourself smaller and change your character like a baby. Uh hi im old kid wait. I want to change my hair, so i look like mikko. Can i be nico? Yes, okay? I can do it like that, and i know like that. No, like that. No that looks like nico this. No, this! No, that ones pretty good this one, let me see – yeah yeah yeah were gon na put down were moving. Okay, if i was nico bear what would i wear? Oh, these are cool. You cant be any of those just the normal shirts, but i want to be a gingerbread man run run as fast. You can catch me. Wait, wait, wait! Im a dog with a suit yeah hold on wait. One more. I want to be a snowboard boy, hey! I do look away its too hot in here.

A skeleton stop what okay thats creepy. I dont want to be that one okay push this one. It will make you very cool. Oh okay, i reset! Oh hey! I got my knickers okay, yes, and then you can change your hair and and get a new hat and change my hair. I need niko, bear hair, get your nico bear hair back wheres like that all right, im ready. I am full nico bear and im from mama mom mom. Yes, yes, uh hi. What are we doing? Oh, i need a backpack yeah lets. Go back and theres a theres um theres a banana backpack. Oh, i want banana backpack look for any backpack. You have well! Oh uh, i think this is a banana soup, not a banana backpack, not that one right. Oh here, got an eagle bear backpack. I just got ta get mine. Okay, okay, got mine; whoa, wait! Mom whered, you go im! Looking for me. We got ta go to our car whoa. This is like a space park like a rocket ship. Oh welcome to the fountain of water. Come on you kid. We need to go. Wait! Mom! Where are you oh hi? Mom? Sorry, i lost mommy. Okay, all right! What are we doing? Mom mom? What are we doing follow me? Where are we going? Mom were going to our car? Okay, wait here: oh this place is fake. Our car will show up any minute. Okay waiting for a car wait whoa the car showed up lately.

Wheres, the gas im im the driving now okay, i got ta sit in the back seat because im just a kid get toppings im, just a kid and my car is a red car lets, go mom hug, the horn hunt, the horn nope, please, Music, okay, uh Mom, where are we going to our new house? Where do we live on the beach? Oh, even better, are we there yet nope? Oh lighthouse, can we go the lighthouse nope? Oh, can i get my hair nails done? No, i want to go to the pet shop. Okay, wait really yep. Can i get a pet nope? Oh look at all these pets, mom mom. I know what kind of pet i want. I want a snake. No you just yeah, no, no! No mom! I know what i want my spider. I want a spot. No, no mom! I want a fish, i want purple. I want an orange fish, okay, so the purple one has a kitten and the blue ones, a dog which one would you rather have. I want a kitty. I want a kitty cat kitty, kitty kitty: okay, youre gon na have a kitten for your birthday. Okay, okay, lets get back in the car; okay, mom theres, a pole. There, your birthdays in two days, whoa, oh a skate park. Mom! Can we go to the skate park? Please please please please please please were here were here. What number is ours? Four number? Four, oh we live by the skate park.

Come in im home. We have a view of the beach. We got a purple bed jumping on the bed jumping on the bed. Mom can i go outside and go to the skate park? Uh no sweetie come back here. I have a question for you and its really exciting. What okay, try and guess im saying its your birthday? Oh tomorrow is my birthday, yes, im so excited for tomorrow i want a skateboard or a scooter for the skate park. Okay and you run there uh, you remember our pinky promise, oh, that i could get a pet for my birthday. Yes, dill, okay, but first let me tell you something: get yours from suit up im, taking you somewhere special, oh somewhere, special okay. Let me get my swimsuit on a swimsuit im, getting my swimsuit on. I put on my front stand still. Oh, i, like your swimsuit mom lets go. Is that your nico bear swimsuit yeah, i just kind of got it lets go in the car. Okay lets go. I brought everything we need the beach right there. I see it nope its a surprise, its a surprise, close your eyes, the surprise whats, the surprise. Ah you got ta see, i know i wan na see. Are we there yet? No are we there yet? No, are we there yet? No are we there yet? No. Are we there yet? No, how about now mom were here. Yeah were here, wait wheres here? What do we do? Oh its, a its a weird building over here.

Oh, what happened? Oh yeah, oh yeah. Oh yeah look theres bubbles everywhere. Oh i want to theres somebody, corn, floaties, so whats in here the bathroom get out of here, um mom. I want to go down the slide. You can go down the slide ill watch, you, okay. How do i go up here? Slides the in the water Music mom come with me, im nervous, come with me, okay, im coming! Thank you. Mom jump over the water Music, which one do we go up theres, so many different options lets go on this one yeah mom. I fell down the stairs its fine just come back up. Okay, you should really put rope on these stairs. They really should its so dangerous for a little boy. Like me, oh mom, wait for me im coming mom, wait for me. Catch me at the bottom. I cant swim. Okay, do you think i have floaties in here somewhere just get them to put them on. Hopefully i see a floaty for reals. Oh, never, mind, thats, a pink cookie, oh theres, something better than a floatie. I got a popsicle ill put it back in my belly. Thats the best popsicle in the whole world drop it now. Okay, i dropped it in my belly. That was delicious mom. Can we do the blue slide with the jello hold on come here? Come here you want a slushy. Yes, please too bad! You cant have one what you are.

You just ate a popsicle. Why did you ask me if i wanted a slushie, we got squishy cupcakes whoa, a slushie cupcake thanks mom. This is delicious, actually hold on. Lets. Go on water slide, yeah water slide. Uh lets do the blue one because it has a jump: yeah, wow, theres, a lost im, so high up mom theres a lot of stairs im, tired wow. This is a big one: whoa whoa mom, i cant swim mom. My mom water – i guess sorry, i didnt know i should jump. Oh thanks, sweetie climb up the green one coming climb up, stop nope im on top of the green one mommy. Where are you dont go down the slide? Yet i wont where are you mom? I slept and fell down the slide. Oh thats, good um. Where are you out mom? You sat on me well, thats, good that you go down that side. The only is like that you can go on the only side that you can go and buy yourself at the green one. You have to wait for mommy for the big ones. Okay, oh mom, ice creams. Can i get ice cream? Fine, the mom theres ice cream right here, okay, fine, i dont have any money im, just a kid ill, throw you something! Thanks! Hi, sir, my mom threw me this money id like one ice cream cone. Please sweetie get a towel. Okay were going in the car. Oh, were going in the car okay im coming its time to go home; okay, im, pretty tired! That was a fun day.

Okay, hop in the car, okay, im gon na surprise him and i hope, hes happy wake up Music, okay, im coming: where do we go? Were going to the beach, i love the beach swimming. Oh yeah, im glad im going to the lighthouse mom im here: sweetie mom! Where are you come here? Okay? So i just found out that the lighthouse looked but look behind it, whats behind it. Oh, a beach resort, wow thats, pretty cool, i didnt know theres a beach im, pretty tired me too: hey mom, whered! You go lets just sleep in the ocean sleep in the ocean. Are you kidding me? Oh lets, um theres, something i can swim. Mom im a mermaid, i can breathe underwater okay, you stay there. I got ta, go on the surface. To get something. No dont go the surface. Mom its dangerous were mermaids. Look i got you a pet chicken. Oh you got me a mercat for my birthday. Oh, i always wanted a mermaid cat, oh hes, so soft this was the best birthday present. Ever i got a cat and i found out im a mermaid boy. This was fun mom. I guess were going to sleep good night mom. I wasnt actually saying that were sleeping, but if hes asleep, if the days over and when he wakes up hell, have a little surprise ill hold this on his face tight, i guess hes asleep, so i might as well go go play them.

Bye, Music, mom mom: where are you mom? Where are you mom, wheres adley? I guess the videos over thanks for watching bye emily.