This is generally the same capra youre used to seeing, but now with a second copy of the front axle located in the rear, thats the biggest difference, but thats, not the only differences as just trying to take a front axle and put it in the rear of A capra isnt, exactly a plug and play situation, so were gon na go over the changes that theyve made to this capra and then im gon na go. Take it out on the rocks, get some run time with it. The biggest difference is, of course, the addition of a steering axle in the rear. It is the exact same as the front. Any parts for the front portal of a capra will work in the rear portal of the four wheel steer version of this camera. So nothing new as far as that goes other than just having that back there. One of the other big differences is that this cage is actually significantly different and thats, not something that i immediately realized. When i saw the release of the vehicle, the cage sides have been completely redone to accommodate the up travel that the servo needs to clear. The cage, the original kappa rear cage, has a much taller rear section here, and people who used to build custom four wheel, steer they used to have to modify that themselves. Now. This one is much tighter and you get full compression and that rear servo still clears now that still clears with the longer stock capper shocks.

It does set this thing up in the airways. So if you run a shorter shock, then youre going to start running into some clearance issues again, but it does look like theyve, given you a little bit of room still to tuck that servo between the frame rails. So something to note, just by trying to add a little bit of clearance back here, they basically had to redo the entire side of the capper, so its mainly a new cage, even though it looks the exact same little, things like that actually are big projects, so It was cool to see that they went to that effort just to be able to release this version of the truck. Now i did get the red version of the molded cage, its coming in a red and then the normal black. The black version has a nitto livery, where this red version has the curry livery on it. Its coming with the nitto trail, grappler 1.9 tires mounted onto the bead lock wheels. These are the race line, monster design, all plastic design, the screws from the back side sandwich the halves of the wheels together to hold those in place. Previously, one of the features of the capper that was touted quite a bit was the fact that it does have a dig. Now. This is still the exact same transmission and it still has the dig function. Ability inside are all of the internals needed, but theres a spacer located on the shift fork that locks the dig into the four wheel drive position because there is no servo on the inside for that.

Instead, the three channel dx3 radio thats included, controls the rear steer. Instead of being able to control the dig, so if you want to add, dig youre going to need a different radio, a 4 or a 5 channel radio, that way you can have the dig, servo rear, steer, front, steer and throttle talking about the radio and the Programming now the rear steer of this is operated on a toggle switch here on the bottom, now its operated independently of the front. So when you steer the front, nothing happens to the rear, and this has been something that weve been running in competition type or four wheel. Steer trucks for over a decade having it operate independently from the front is really the way that it has worked best in competition that entire time you dont want a mixed steering. You know when you turn one way: it turns the rear, the opposite for competition or just the maximum amount of capability having it operated independently is the way to go. It does take a little bit of getting used to, though, because youre obviously usually just used to steering the front, but just work yourself into the rear, steer idea, slowly, dont, try and overuse it. Dont use it when you dont need it just when you get into a tough situation, start using that rear to manipulate the vehicle around out of the box its set up. So when you hit the toggle switch, it will move the tires halfway in that direction and then you can hit it once more to go the rest of the way.

Then you back it off manually to re center and then you have the same: the opposite direction. Its five positions for rear steering that is exactly the way that ive set up my own rear, steer vehicles in the past. No matter the radio exact same settings, five positions, its just a great easy to use simple to maneuver and simple enough to handle under you know the pressure of a timed course or just while driving around you dont have to fumble around so much. So i think that the setup they did for the radio on this is really perfect. It is the same dx3 that weve been seeing as of late. Its got the little adapter that sticks out, so you can more easily drive it. One handed which i typically do its got the spectrum smart technology in there, so it has the battery telemetry built in if youre, using smart spectrum batteries. Thats one caveat you have to use that to be able to take advantage of the telemetry beyond that. This is mainly the same capper that youve seen before and if youre just not familiar with it, lets just do a few quick high level overview points just to get you up to speed with the capra now compared to a normal 1.9 trail buggy, which this does Run 1.9 wheels and tires its wider than a standard axle. The axles on this are about an inch and a half wider than an scx 103.

For example, weve got a 10 and a half inch track width with these nitto trail. Grappler tires on here where the axial sex 103, with the knitted trigger grapplers, which has about a 9 inch track width, so a significant width difference between the two now, the other difference between a normal 1.9 trail buggy as of late, is that the servos are mounted Onto the axle theyre not mounted onto the chassis or anything like that, then the suspension setup is a four link in both the front and rear. That typically goes along with those axle mounted servos. Also, these axles are a portal axle, an important thing to note and if youre not familiar with what a portal is specifically its out here at the end of the axle, in this case its integrated into the steering knuckle, the axle shaft comes from the ring gear. It goes out and then it goes into a gearbox which lowers the output further, so that it gives you additional clearance under the axle. Also, in the case of the capper, it also adds additional reduction, which is nice that takes stress off the ring and pinion the drive shafts the center transmission, everything by moving some of that reduction outwards towards the end of the vehicle, as the livery on the side Would suggest these axles are also curry branded, so theyve got the curry logo molded right into the plastic on the front and rear axle housings. The transmission on the inside is a different design than youll find in any other axial.

The gearing on it is lacking, though theres not quite enough gear reduction in that transmission thats, still something that wasnt updated, not the best situation there. The motor that comes in this truck is a 35 turn and thats gon na have a bit more pep than you would expect from a 35 turn normally just because of that lack of reduction in that stock transmission, something that theres not much they can do about. Without redoing the transmission design, so you can use the smallest pinion that you have available to try and help that otherwise, just make sure you dont run too hot of a motor, otherwise youre going to end up with a oddly fast trail truck the esc, thats used In this is the spectrum firma 40, which is an all in one receiver, esc, combo, thats, nice and compact, and in something like the capra, its needed, because theres not much room inside of these buggies, definitely a bit of a pain to work on to get inside. You have to disassemble a large amount of the truck its eight or ten screws just to get things off, not that convenient in in any way to work on so try and get your stuff set up in there and hope that you dont have to get in There often this rig also has stainless steel links out of the box, all the way around its nice to have a beefy stainless link like that they still have those adjustment screws through the center, which are just a huge pet peeve of mine.

I cant stand the look of them on a truck like this theyre, its like a turnbuckle style. I dont know it just bugs me. Theres no reason to have that on a trail truck, but it does have led headlights and a little light bar included out of the box wired into that its on all the time plug it in youll have some lights. Also, these shocks now come in this dark gray, anodized color. These are around 100 millimeter long shock. They do have a bleeder screw on the top, which is nice compress. It make sure that theres not too much oil in there that would over pressurize and blow out seals and then put that bleeder screw in make sure that everything is functioning properly. The shocks are nice and smooth out of the box. I will say some of the better shocks axials ever had and in the case of this rtr at least theres no oil around the link mounts or anything like that. So they seem to be retaining oil just fine so far, but with that you guys have seen the capra before likely lets get this new version out on the rocks and show you what the real difference of this truck is all about stumbled across an actual little Competition course so im going to run on time, yeah as long as like the tires, you know, may be touching the stone and ones heading up right here. Two right here get yourself over here without hitting four and up to two freeze up back down four and then you loop, you can come in that channel or more braver line into here for four five crossing across to the right for six looping wherever you want To then, i recommend coming down on the right side of six in that channel because you cant go through it backwards.

Obviously so entrance right there into seven eight nine and finishes on a nasty tent. How many minutes six minutes! I went through with a plus six, but a finish im gon na have tony film on so tony was staying a little bit away so ill just kind of give you a voice over what im doing here. You can see this gate just used a little bit of rear, steer there just to square things up being that this course was made for scale trucks. The rear steer was handy just to be able to fit the wider capra through the gates, so gate two. I had to drop down. There was a gate below me to the left of the truck there, so i had to try and stay a little bit higher. I did kind of approach it on just so keep the truck as flat as possible and then use the rear, steer to maneuver it more square to the gate. It did push the front end a little bit past, but i was able to correct it just by pushing the rear, steer further and then straightening up and were going to drive up that now, just driving through straight a little bit of rear, steer to correct it. To make sure we dodge the gates, three is up through this little v crack here. I also noticed that i had a smudge on the gopro i apologize for that, so need to traverse across these cracks without high centering, try to straighten up and then get squared to the gates, with the rear steer going in correcting just a little bit to stay Away from the gate at this point now, im just trying to decide on how to get down to four four is the one that i had to avoid when approaching gate.

Two. So im going to go on the high side and drop down into four with the poor, gearing in this camper youll notice that i go a little bit too fast down that it was. I was lucky that i was lined up properly, but it doesnt have enough. Drag break because the gearing is is a little bit lacking so now ive got to line up and go through this uh kind of tight wedge spot here its hard to see from this camera angle. But this is kind of a tricky gate. A vanquished drive shaft a little bit of rear, steering up the hill there. You know in there for that then just get myself squared away using the rooster just to turn around quickly, which was nice. I was on a narrow, ledge there, and this truck is wide. So i steered with the rear just to keep it up on there. You can see it fell down a little bit at the end it doesnt look like i used rear, steer on that gate at all maneuvering around again super tight turn around. As you can see now, im going to go back down past six and then kind of do a uh turn around that large rock, where thats uh gate sevens hiding behind you might be better in here off. I was doing my scale truck, so i had to move out there. This would just not be a line. Youd be able to easily do with a normal scale truck and front, steering only tight, steering with that to try and keep me close to the rock and then drive right through it.

This gate 8 was a real, easy, just kind of a gim me gate. Just have to fit through it. No rear steer at all just drive. Gate 9 is harder than it looks here. Basically, you kind of had to hang off of the side of this uh that boulder there. The width of this truck was was more difficult, but i was able to drive in a way that it kept the traction that i could just kind of use. The rear steering to to push me around and keep me in contact with the rock the whole time break over with the the tall stance actually worked out. Okay, there, gate 10 is a is a tough one. I ill struggle here for a second ill, actually flip over and have to to come back and reapproach it. Up to this point, i hadnt had any penalties on the course that was not a penalty there, because it flipped over backwards, but i have to take some reverses. There was one reverse right there, another reverse right there, so i still havent. I still have quite a bit of time. Another reverse so thats three reverses you can see. I was getting a little flustered and rear, steering the incorrect direction of what i thought i was going to go now this way. I kind of take a approach where i come at it: diagonally to stretch the wheelbase a little bit. I was able to get that left front tire up there to hook and then drive it right up and then just correct a little bit with the rear steer to fit through without hitting the gate there.

It is nice, nice, nice, bone stock. It actually did really well no weight. No nothing rear steer changes, the rear series, its a not its an unfair thing, totally Music. How you doing thanks for the calm course dixie yeah yeah, no problem, not bad. Thank you were done, a lot of fun to run the comp course. I was really surprised with this little thing: no weight, no overdrive, just four wheel steer, it still sits. High gearing is too tall still man, it needs to get. It needs a lower ratio, but overall that was a blast so today, out on the rocks, the truck did way better than i expected in the past. The capper has not been my favorite performing truck, but with the four wheel steer, it totally changed my feeling on how it drove, and i actually really really enjoyed it – the gearing still a problem. It still needs lower, gearing just abs. I will say that if youve never owned a truck with four wheel steer, this is a great one to pick up its capable right out of the box theres plenty of upgrades and options for the capper that you can pick up and turn this thing into whatever You like in the future, but out of the box right now how this ran. I was super happy with it. I was super happy to find that they had a comp core setup at the event today, so that i could take this through it.

That was not an easy course. If you were running that course with a typical scale truck, you would not have found it nearly as easy as this truck made it look 4 wheel steer, does take some getting used to if youve never done it in the past. A little bit of just getting used to the button arrangement, even i fumbled a couple of times still just remembering, which way is left, which way is right. That course that i was running was a six minute time limit and thats a pretty common uh time limit for a 10 gate course like that. So that would have been a course you would run across pretty often in a comp situation. Now i dont think i would use four wheel steer as much on a trail situation as opposed to something like dig, which this truck also. Has i really like to run dig in my trail trucks, but four wheel steer is definitely one of those things where youre definitely in technical situations. You know youve got a difficult rock pile things like that youre trying to find your way through it granted you dont always have to use it. It is the nice thing about it, but some things to think about either way, but overall, im happy with the capra again, which has not been the case up to this point so lucky for me got another truck.