Ive already opened it, but other people show how it really is. This is the drone inside. This is the part that you can stick your phone, but if you want to all look cool and maybe have your remote control fixed, then okay, sorry im in pajamas its very early in the morning, but yeah if youre, if youre, somehow your model works. Okay. But this is a very cool drum lets. Let me explain the drone. The remote control is really bad. It does not work unless if yours does, but it only works by its app ill show you that later in the video. But if you just want to look cool or if your remote works, you could just use the app for the monitor and use this with this connect it. So yours might have more packaging than mine, because i already took some of the packaging out put this together. Like that look, it has like little lines you can put in between, but i like that. So if you just just for whatever reason, put the double legs in the remotes, for no reason but look – you know i dont know i dont know just dont put this through and make sure it does go through. Do you see that little pop out thing right? There thats lets put that going through get this piece put it on the edge huh Music yeah theres right there, oh shoot some things are a little difficult for me, sometimes its difficult, but yeah.

You need to screw that in so you got ta. Tighten it a little bit, you need to hold it with your finger and then, on the other side, turn how im doing it see that tightens it and it gets tight enough. However, you want to there that that size tank make it see. This goes like that, if you do have baby siblings, you might not want to put this with them. They might want to grab it and break it, but yeah. So this charger comes with it theres instructions for you guys to see, but guys this is gon na. Be crazy what im about to say, but the drone has its own wi fi. So if we go to somewhere bad service connect to the drones there, you go not good wi fi, but the wi fi is also to fly the drone. This is how it would come. You need to unfold the legs, see. Look this part. It would be folded, pull out like that theres a little camera. I didnt expect it to be this little, but its still like this cool little drone thats fine, you could still take good photoshop yeah, the the the camera does not look down. I dont know if i could do that. I really dont drive this much because im still trying to get used to it, so i dont try to get good photoshops or anything no im just trying to get used to it and again this does not work, dont use it and if you want, maybe it Might work, but just put the phone right here and just start playing on the phone and use this as like a little bottom grip like this.

This thing is very wacky when i mean whacking that the these things could bend everywhere. Everything then im doing that. Theres, not many changes um. The thing is very like if youre, if you on your first flight, you might actually crash in like two seconds but its very hard to fly at first, but when you get to know, get used to it, then youre, fine, youre, fine, wait hold on what come On down me, so it folds like this just fold. The legs like this hold the legs like this and youre starting right here in the back is the charging station. It might look awkward like this. Just it might look like its peeing, but youre gon na have in this position just to make use as little space while charging. You need a charger right here right there, but on top is the button, but right there that little hole thats the charging space you hold down this button. There you go. It starts flashing. This part of the this part in the middle. Both sides would start flashing red. That means its fully charged, so you might not want to charge it when its flashing red, like that, but yeah thats the entire drone, its a very cool little girl. I highly recommend it, but not too much that that, as if, like hey mr skeleton recommended it, it broke whatever it is, and it stole like 30 dollars of my money. I dont highly recommend it like hey.

Get me in trouble, hey unsubscribe to me. No, i dont mean like that much i mean like enough that, like, if youre, if you think that the x pack 2 yeah the x pac 2, is good enough for you, then okay yeah, i do recommend it, but i dont recommend it so much that you, You that, if that hey sue me if, if anything, doesnt work no im just saying i recommend it im, not saying that you need to. If this is the drone, you need to buy or anything no, no im, not saying that so dont just sue me or something plus just dont, see me why? Okay, let me get this out of here, okay, um and whenever you want to store. Oh, i forgot all right. Okay, this part does not come on this. One does not come with the package already on. You need to slide this on and this i like keeping it on like ill show you the case when everythings stored ill show, you see im showing you how i like it. So what i like to do is like connect these two parts together, even though theyre not um on the thing like that, put the charger on top, but and under this see i will show you one more thing. So it comes with instructions. But if you see this, this is really important. This has all the material extra parts extra wires and whatever and whatnot, etc, etc.

It has all those stuff just in case, if you need it, but you you do need some of it right now when youre unboxing. So yeah, once youre done with that, throw the other cardboard away and im, showing you how i like to okay. So its basically like that, like that, if you cant see much okay ill, tell you in the next video but yeah. This is just the review later.