That is the Mini 3 Pro I mean it is a super small thing, look what the two sizes are but to discover. If this drone is for you, we are going to see it in the next video. Here we go. The DJI Mini 3 Pro is going to set a trend in the world of drones, With a 11.3 inch sensor and quality up to 4k 60fps. I was surprised by the incredible image quality it captures horizontally and vertically in a drone that fits in your pocket To take them back in history. Last week, with my friend Kay, we traveled to the end of the world.. Without any plan, we decided to explore this part of southern Argentina.. We arrived at the hotel and we started planning where we were going to test this new drone, The Mini 3 Pro. They call it pro and I think they call it that for something quite specific, which seems to me to bridge the gap between professional and beginner pilots in a drone. That really does cover almost everything, And why do I say this Due to the characteristics that make it a drone for everyone? First of all, size and weight are one of the things that seem most obvious, but really when I travel. While I have a very heavy backpack, this type of drone really changes. The I play completely weighing only 249g. It weighs a little more with the fly combo battery, but really the control and the drone are super light and fit anywhere in the backpack or, as I said before, in the pocket, without talking about.