It has articulating motors on there. It has seven inch props on some 2205 series race style motors. Those are 1400 kv, so whats the benefit of low kv. We talked about this on the channel before its going to give you a longer flight time, its not going to give you as much punch like an fpv race quad, but this is not an fpv race. Quad this is a bicopter, but the cool thing about this is that it works out of the box. So i charged up the two lion batteries that come with it. They are 4s lions. I havent tried a lipo yet on there, but i think it would give it more punch and more power if you wanted to do that. It also has two beepers on here: a flight controller for stabilization, and it has gps return to home, so were gon na. Do a flight test with it and were also gon na, do some fpv with some dji hd on there and were going to see how this thing flies its totally experimental, and that is the fun thing to me about this. It is completely 100 experimental and something new and fun on the channel, so lets go ahead and have some fun today, with this bi copter, with gps on there, flight controller, stabilization manual flight, all the bells and whistles on this thing, and it just looks really cool. So lets go ahead and get it up in the air and start flying well.

Do some fpv after that ill give you my final thoughts as always on this review. There we go so i switched the switch down and then back up. So now that the stick is all the way down were going to bring it to mid stick, we should be able to come up into a hover lets, go ahead and lift off and lets check out. The gps position hold right now. Im in center. Stick right here, so it should stay in one spot and its. You know right away its not as stable as like a multi rotor like a a four bladed multi rotor like a quad, but it is kind of holding its position a little bit a little bit of wobble there and it also holding its stabilization lets, go ahead And try the yaw thats on the left. Stick here, spinning around its got a pretty fast yaw rate, thats, cool and now lets go ahead and get behind the heli. This bicopter and push the right stick forward there. It goes and its so strange because the body of this aircraft kind of tilts back a little bit and the rotors tilt forward as its doing forward flight. So my fpv setup might actually have to like look down a little bit, which is really something kind of like different for me. So ill just bring it back down, so you guys can see it a little bit closer up and well walk toward it.

Its actually pretty easy to fly see how the the back of the heli just kind of hangs back a little bit and the rotors themselves are completely level Music. That flight controller is working pretty good to control this thing, and i im wondering if the tail actually does anything. You guys think that helps it turn. It does have kind of tail fin two tail fins on the very back. This thing is wild. It looks really cool. I got the white and yellow one and i painted it black because i just wanted mine black. They also are now selling a black one, which is cool and it looks like a silhouette once it gets up there. But line of sight is fun. This is so different. Lets just try some straight ahead fly in here and we are in gps mode. So you know if we let go of the stick or i get you know kind of twisted around. I can just like. Let go of the stick and its going to stop way out there wherever it is, and it also has altitude hold. But what im noticing is that? Maybe the trim needs to come down just a little bit because it seems like it rises. Just a tiny bit. There you go it leveled out right there, thats cool lets, bring it back. We could test out rtl and rtl says on mode 5. Here switch the switch down to okay, so my rtl is set to land straight down to the ground.

When i switched into channel five, it went straight down to the ground, but it was gon na land, so thats good. If it started to fly away or whatever we could uh switch that switch and have it land and that happens on quads as well. You can do you can do two types of return to home. You can return to home to the point where you took off and you can also return to uh the ground straight down. Lets try some non gps manual flying and hopefully i dont crash here. You should probably do that, while the tail is facing you so im going to come back here a little bit, and now you see its drifting kind of turning around a little bit here. It seems to be flying a little bit wonky like that. You guys that does not seem normal. Does that seem normal to you, my man, my controls are all wonky, so im not liking the manual flight mode that sticks off right there. It kind of leveled itself out and i could be in the wrong position. I believe it its time its trying to return to home so that very top switch is full on return to home autonomous return to home. Here it comes down to the home point, so lets just see how close it lands to the home point. Well, switch it out if its going to land in the wet grass, because i dont want it to get wet.

So, no wonder it was kind of fighting me and doing its own thing when i switched it up, but um no manual, gps mode, like the manual, is not that great. So i actually have it labeled wrong there and you guys are learning along with me today, because this is the first time ive ever flown this flight controller and im still learning it. So now im going to switch out and it was going to land about three feet from the from the uh, the landing pad there, so thats kind of cool so now im back into the gps hold mode and now im gon na go with this channel. Five. All the way down – and that should be – that is manual mode. Okay, now were in addie mode. It doesnt have any type of altitude hold anymore or gps hold in this mode. So now i can really get more way more aggressive with the flying. So its a little faster, i could even do this dual rate switch here, which is really going to send it a lot faster and wow thats crazy right into the ground. We got a little crash going there. All right lets, go ahead and disarm it. Its trying to really stabilize itself its like a little animal over there in the grass man its wet now, hopefully that doesnt kill this thing. But the thing about it is that the flag controllers sitting on the outside of this – and you do have a hatch that could go over it, which i really should have on there today, because it is super wet out there in the grass but yeah.

That was pretty crazy. I think the manual mode is quite scary, a great place to fly. Things like this is go out where you have a giant field like this, with no one around and tall grass tall grass is your best friend with helis, because, even though they can kind of bobble around in the tall grass, youre gon na have way less damage Or no damage, sometimes when you go down in tall grass, when i used to fly really large helis, i always flew over tall like three foot of grass sea grass or close to the beach try to keep them out of the sand, of course, but motorists can Get water on them, no problem, but its this stuff right here. You dont want water on, but we are back in business uh. We could take off again, but uh, im gon na make sure everything is dry and then were gon na. Do some fpv guys all right, my guys lets go ahead and do a fun flight. This is all about fun, its not about the smoothest video in the world, because youre not gon na see some smooth video in this ride. This is like completely experimental playing around. I just put the camera on there without knowing what angle i needed. I i do need a lower angle and im going to fix that later, but baby she is hot glued on there and we are going to go for a ride.

So here we go in stability mode and you can also fly it in sort of a manual mode which in fpv i dont, recommend because line of sight. I immediately crashed um soon after going into manual mode, so i ive seen other guys do like flips and stuff with this copter and they get pretty wild with it. But i honestly just i just enjoy flying it the way it is in stability mode, and i think most people are probably going to fly this bike copter like that. So if you are ever interested in kind of building one for yourself and say putting gps on it doing inav, you could go that route and try to build it yourself, and maybe even i could add a different flight controller on this one and have it fly A little better, but the flight controller itself is proprietary. It does have a pretty good reputation, but i have to say it for what it does out of the box. This is what i was hoping for. I was not hoping for a lot of problems with this, because you know for around 500. You expect to be able to take it out of the box and it flies and thats what happened for me today. So, im pretty happy with that lets: go ahead and wrap it up now that weve done fpv and go back to the bench and give you the final thoughts all right guys. So the flight test is all over and uh.

I have to say that that, in all my years of flying was a completely new experience. I wouldnt say that this is the greatest aircraft to fpv, but it is really really fun to be up there in the goggles and having controls that are just completely different to what im used to so in a way, its kind of like learning how to fly. All over again, and as i was up there, i was also kind of learning different, stick techniques that would allow me to achieve like a smoother, more stable flight with this bicopter setup – and you know youre going to have some kind of tail wag with this type Of setup, because of the articulation of the two surfaces and thats going to create some of that rock and roll effect, but overall it was like a fun and just a totally different experience for fpv. For me, its not like a glider, its not like an airplane. Its not like a quadcopter its not as smooth and predictable as a quadcopter and sometimes youre, making um kind of corrections to the flight path uh because of the articulation of the the two arms and so um yeah, its kind of a unique animal and, unlike anything, Ive ever flown before and that thats whats fun to me about rc so um. I i like it and uh im planning on keeping this one for myself when i really want to go out and and and play in the sunshine and out in a big field.

Like this and thats, what rc to me is all about playing around and having fun doing something brand new that youve never done before so um thats the cool thing about this, and i i think the coolest thing is that, even though i had like one little Crash like over in the grass um youre youre gon na crash pretty much everything you fly in rc and for the most part for me anyway, it was about you know i i would say 90 on point as far as the flight controller and the experience of It the fun factor is like definitely a 5 out of 5. id say. The durability factor is probably about 3.5 out of 5 – maybe probably not the strongest body, but it is kind of made of, like almost like a a a plastic that youd see in like a kids like beach, pail toy like a beach bucket. Its kind of that same type of plastic, so i think its going to be fairly durable, its not carbon fiber but everythings. Still working and im running dji hd fpv on here now so im gon na keep experimenting with other batteries and things as well. But thanks again for watching my review on this uh wild bi, copter drone guys take care. Please do subscribe on the channel and remember we got lots of giveaways a drone store. You can check that out at five different ways you can buy a drone now or any of the rc gear that im deciding not to use on channel im, sending it all out to you guys free drones as well.

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