. The nano plus has a 1 over 1.28 cmos with a 50 megapixel camera, while mr mini here has a 1 over 2.3 cmos with a 12 megapixel. Camera has an aperture of f 1.29 has an aperture of f 2.8. Both shoot 4k at 30 frames. A second and have comparable flight times, although dji claims they have 31 minutes in ideal conditions, while this only gets about 28 minutes. These are both in the sub 249 gram weight class. I weighed each one with a battery i decals and sd card. By the way. The sd card and decals weigh about a half a gram together then i weigh just the batteries themselves. The nano plus has more optical avoidance on board, so its going to weigh slightly more. However, i did notice a slight issue with the build quality. This may not be true with every nano plus, but the one i had the battery didnt slide in easily. I had to sort of push down on it in order for it to seat properly, not a deal breaker, but annoying. The mavic mini only has downward facing sensors, so you can bump into things accidentally if youre, not careful. The evo nano plus has sensors all over the place, except up and its the sensors that i think, make the nano plus a mavic 3, because at this point every new drone iteration is incremental. Battery life has been the same for quite some time. Range is quite the same theyre similar in that regard 10 kilometers, but where the nano comes in as the heavyweight is in the pocketbook autel wants you to give up 949 dollars for this guy.

While this is still 449, which means you can get two mini twos for the price of one nano plus. Is it worth it to you to have similar cameras similar flight times, similar ranges, but with a few more extra sensors on the nano lets? Take it out and fly it and see what the video looks like another thing were: testing today is flying in cold weather because its 25 degrees out here, oh man, all right, go forth. Minnie, alright, im gon na fly the same route for both of them. The mini having no forward obstacle avoidance shouldnt, have any problem getting through this little thing. No problem im going to continue on down to the tank. Well, here we are at the tank and you can always test the stability of any gps drone by just letting it hover in space and looking very closely at the corners of the image to see how much its moving around you can see here, its very stable As i zoom into the corner here, maybe a little bit of movement, not very much at all now well go up if youre able to pan to yaw very slowly like this, especially with a teeny, tiny drone, thats, really really good and hows. That picture look. Does it look like the horizon is a little off, i could probably have calibrated the gimbal now to bring her home first. How does it do with the shadows, bring her back and see if i can land at my hand, bring it right in here land? In my hand, sweetheart there we go and now the nano all the sensors are on by default.

Here we go okay, wow, okay, now its out there, gps signal is weak. There may be deviations in the home point please pay attention. These are helpful, prompts um, but they are annoying so going over into i dont think itll. Even let me go through that building. I might have to turn off obstacle avoidance. Oh, it is. Let me go in okay. I have stopped okay, its doing one of those things were positioning mode, no gps positioning. Please fly with caution notice that the mini 2 did not lose gps when it went under that thing all right, so lets go over to the tank. If i can get through the trees and everything the same way um, if this was my drone, it is not – and i thank the person for lending it to me, but i would turn all of this stuff off because it does slow you down, but it is Safer with it on so so far, the signal is good, so here we are at the tank that is so annoying that sound. I apologize that is really annoying so lets. Let it hover in space and see how stable it is just like we did before so. Okay, let me zoom into a corner and see how were doing oh man, that is impressive. I think it might even be a little bit better than the mini. The horizon seems to be a little bit more straight. Of course it did a self check on the gimbal and now ill do a yaw to see if we can get it to go as nice and smooth as the mini.

Oh yeah, impressive. I have this in standard mode. You can switch it to. If i can take my frozen hand out of my glove here and show you, you can switch it to sport mode and all that obstacle avoidance stuff will be off, you can have it in smooth mode, which is like tripod mode im going to put it back Into standard all right, hows she doing with the shadows, does it look better ill put them side by side? This is with no nd filters that i would usually use on a bright day like today, like maybe an nd8 um, and i havent changed the color palette to anything. This is just pure camera, and maybe i can land her in my hand, if i can get in here with all the obstacle avoidance come on, you can do it all right, hello, back up a little bit there, Music come on yeah. You guys both did a great job. Can we go back to the studio now yeah? I was just gon na say its very cool lets get back in the war. Oh yeah, the controllers. I actually like the nanos controller from autel a little bit better, its a bit more ergonomic, and it just feels better in the hand it feels sturdier just for grins. I weighed these guys too. Neither one of these controllers has neck strap support, so it could be a consideration which one is lighter when youre going to be carrying around in just your hands over time.

So in the end, i really really like the nano plus a lot. Its got great flight characteristics, its comparable in almost every way to the mini 2, but the price. Oh, if money is no object. This is the winner. Well, thats it thanks for watching thanks for coming, please let me know i am not able to breathe in this thing. I really appreciate it. Oh thank you very much. That is, you feel better. You stop laughing. If you would like to win this charger display case for the mini one, original mini owners go ahead and comment below give me that thing, and i will pick a winner from those who commented. I think we already talked about this. Stop it stop it until next time, buh and bye. You can hear that fan in there Music and it does that the whole time not annoying when its flying and you cant hear it over the blades, its actually a good thing, because thats cooling down things when youre recording in 4k kind of unnecessary today, because its So freaking cold initializing aircraft attitude, please take off later mm. Hmm self checking thats good its important to self check men.