It is super bright today its going to be interesting to see how it handles the harsh lighting conditions that we have got here not ideal, but im going to be putting this through quite a few tests. So first of all lets get this up in the air. So the auto evo nano plus is the premium combo, which i unboxed in the last video – and this is a sub 250 gram drone but whats different to other drones in this sector, that this has obstacle avoidance and some extra added features, but not only about a Fantastic camera on board this drone, making it have fantastic photo and video quality. Now im going to get to all that and show you its great features, but all new drones out of the gate have some issues and niggles so lets just address them first. Firstly, the frame rates. At the moment we only have the option to have 4k in 30 fps 2.7 k in 30, fps its not only until you drop down to 1080p. We have the option to have 60 fps or 30.. We would like, and hopefully get 24 fps and 25 fps, and the second thing i do apologize if youre wearing earphones is the app noise. This start recording the constant, sound and feedback stop recording from the app and finally portrait mode. So this mode is where you drag a box around yourself and then what its meant to do either in photo or video is blur the background, and it has different modes closely.

Just on your own medium, like a couple of people or long, if youve got quite a few people with you, but at the moment i cant get this working. I noticed. Captain drone also had the same issue, so it must be because this is a pre production drill and the firmware will address this. But at the moment i couldnt get that working and then the noise of the track and everything was driving me mad. So i just moved on, but this should be fixed really soon now lets remember this is a pre production release drone that ive got, and i have been told by autel that a firmware update is coming out really soon and will address and add new features like The new dynamic track so its great that autel have been open about this, and now we can get into the main thing about this drone, which is its good points. The obstacle avoidance system on here is really accurate. It has front back and down position sensors on this drone, so you can see here on the screen its got information about yet the aircraft nose and its tail – and it gives you the information red means, youre really close to an object, and then it goes into Yellow meaning its quite close to one and its accurate, as you can see here as im flying towards this lamppost here its in yellow and as we get closer, it will turn to red and then because im just slightly off, it will allow me to go past.

It but it slows the aircraft down here head on its now red and as ive got my fingernail on the right stick pushing straight forward. It will not move, it completely stops and it is decent. Now i have noticed or try to look in settings there. Isnt a way at the moment of it swerving around an object, it just stops and it will stop accurately and fast as im flying again into this lamppost. As you can see, it will just stop and will not. Let me proceed. It will only. Let me do this when i actually increase the altitude now now its gone off. I can then continue so its great to see that we do have some kind of protection on here, even going at a fairly quick speed straight into this lamppost. Here. The drone will just automatically stop and will not let you hit any of these objects, so this is fantastic to see on these small drones. So what about quick shots will quick shots on here as well? You do have four of them: youve got fadeaway rocket, orbits and flick flick at the moment, its probably my favorite one. So we all know what quick shots are by now. Fadeaway it can. You drag a box around you and then itll just keep going, but it works and it works well, and the video quality is also decent, so loads of us like quick shots, do we all use quick shots? Well, you cant teach yourself these manually, but flick on here and orbit.

I find are the best ones rocket weve seen millions of times, but this works great and from an app perspective. The first firmware updates on here the quick shots are working great. I do like the quick, the flick one. This is where you drag a box around something it will go towards it, and then it will just quickly swerve around and then back off, and you get a good video as well, something which would be quite hard to replicate doing the flick, quick shots. So quick shots really good. Now, video quality on this drone with its slightly larger sensor than the mini 2 50 megapixel camera. The video quality is brilliant from the first firmware update like this as well. Everything out of here the natural colors and its got a really decent, auto focusing system on here. So i would compare the video quality from this drone to something like the air 2s. The camera quality is just that good. Now all of the videos and photos youll see today are not edited. These are direct out of this drone in harsh lighting conditions, so this is a fantastic and probably the biggest advantage that this drone has at the moment now. Stability and gps, lock are also super important. Just look in the corners on this image now fairly high up. It is really stable. Hardly any movement there whatsoever, so this drone for its size perfectly stable at high altitudes. Its also got a zoom on it as well.

Id only recommend using up to four times it can go 16 times zoom, but the video quality because of this larger sensor, theres not much noise there at four times zoom at all, so that is really usable 16 times zoom, i wont use, but four times you Can certainly get away with so the zoom on here, because its got that larger sensor 50 megapixel. It is good the photos as well on this with a 50 megapixel. Camera are really good. Quality were fairly high up here and you can see you have different photo options. Photo quality is fine, thats good. Also, you can zoom in on photos the same up to 16 times. I probably just for photos ill use one or two times, but youve got things like single burst, timer, auto bracket photos and then well go into some of the others later on, and you can do 4.3 or 16×9. So photos are great and well go through that in a later video. Now the return to home function on here is brilliant. So from this distance away now im going to activate the return to home. Do this on the actual controller or the app so im going to do it on the app here and then once its gone to its desired or your custom altitude, it will come back to you come back to you really fast and the good thing about this Is that it is spot on, so the accuracy is brilliant.

Okay, so thats just landed now and its landed in directly the exact same places where we took off so from a landing point of view for a return to home its remembered where we were and that mapping on that is absolutely spot on. So its landed perfectly pretty much exactly the same spot where it took off as well. So great lets move to that next location, all right, so weve now got golden hour, so a great time to showcase the video and photo quality in this now location. I also show you how to do extra things like hyperlapse as well, but im more than impressed with this video quality. We need to remember as well that this is still a 240 gram drone, so it has all those advantages that that drone will bring you, but with these added features now at the moment, this drone has the potential to be the best portable 250 gram drone out There now i say potential because at the moment the firmware isnt all there. We are missing some features at the moment, but it will get better. Also say this should be arriving by the end of january. We will then be able to test out the dynamic tracking that active track on here able to drag a box around you or a vehicle, and then it will track you and then you pretty much have everything in a small 250 gram. Drone like this, that you could possibly want the obstacle avoidance centers work great here, as you can see, im taking this photo theres a seagull sniffing around the back of the drone, and that alerts me here by saying 2.

4 feet away. There is something so i can quickly move away. Another feature i was impressed with on this drone was this signal so in an area like this loads of wi, fi interference and the gps signal on here was remarkable, i only had one bar drop out the whole time when filming and the signal performance on here. There was no lag, the feedback to my phone. Having that 2.7 k feedback on your phone makes a massive difference and just look here at this video quality. The image looks nice and sharp ive got good saturation and nothing is color graded here, theres, no lots added. This is just straight out of the drone. The zoom camera on here works well as well, and weve also got that still that harsh sunlight directly facing the drone so were going to use the two time – zoom again here just to zoom in to this, and you can see now on this image theres. Hardly any noise on here and its more than usable in two times zoom now again, once again, in four times, zoom youre gon na lose some of the quality and you start to introduce noise into the image. What do you think from a small draw like this? Its not bad is it. I think the video quality on here is the main draw and thats what speaks for itself now youre going to have this video quality youve got the obstacle, avoidance, sensors and then im hoping all the other features on here.

Not only improve and get better, but we might see more extra features added as well, so for my first flight with this, i was thoroughly impressed. Just while were here again well take another photo and show you another photo so here, because i know a lot of you want to buy a drone for photography, not just for taking videos. So photos on here are great. The image is super stable, keeping everything nice and composed. You do have pro mode options as well, which ill go through in full video at later dates. But from here you have program manual, you have shutter priority and you can change the iso. The white balance shutter speed the exposure values – these are all completely customizable and you can do this in both photo and video. So im hoping free will are watching this and you are working really hard developing an nd filter which is going to be really nice and lightweight. I cannot wait to test that because you know i love my nd filters, but yeah photos and videos if thats what you want in your drone, primarily for and then all the other features are just extras. Youd be really impressed with this and hyperlapse as well. At the moment, this is quite basic. You only have the option of either manual or orbit, but also do say that this is going to be improving again with this firmware update. So for the orbits im just going to drag a box here just to the left hand, side and what it will do.

Then it will then go around and then just create its own hyperlapse. For you and then youll see here its now drag the box itll just lock onto that get into position. It will take a number of photos that you set and then, after that, youll be able to then go and view all the photos and either create your own edit by color grading them in your editing software, or it will give you the video as well onto Your phone and you get your own hyperlapse and it is customizable. You can change the photo intervals. The video duration, the speed of the drone and all them values will then increase or decrease the length of that hyperlapse, but its great to see. So all these are ready to start with.