If i cant launch it from the roof of my car so lets just fire up the remote here i need the sticks, so the plan here today is fairly simple. I want to capture a few photos and a little bit of video of the beautiful french broadcaster and that i will make available for you guys to download. So you can judge the quality for yourself ready and it says that we are ready to fly. So lets start by recording some video start. Recording. Oh this, oh lets just stop it again. Here. Stop recording lets just make sure that we are recording 4k, so 4k and 30fps. This is what were going for so lets get the thing. Airborne lets just fly it over here. This grass field so and lets go further up here. We are only 40 50 meters up so so lets just stop. The recording here stop, recording and switch it into photo mode, so now were in photo mode and lets go in here and make sure that everything is like we want it to be its aeb. I also want to make sure that the camera is set to give us raw plus jpeg. We are getting that so everything is available for you guys so lets just grab one here. So the reason why i use a b is because i get one that is overexposed and one thats underexposed and one under neutral exposure. So that will give you plenty of stuff to play around with and also do one where we are zoomed in just for the sake of this test, which would probably hurt the quality a bit, but lets just do that for the sake of it.

This is actually another. Nice feature is if i just press here on the screen, i can just tap this one down here. If i want to slightly underexpose it so right now, i wan na expose the footage with right. Now we are flying in smooth and the sensors are enabled so lets just fly over here where im located. Maybe we should switch it into normal standard mode here. So lets just do one of the quick shot modes just to see whats going on here, so lets. Try and do this whats, it called flick. So im gon na point out the object here so lets see two one go whats it doing. Oh that looks sweet, so i cant see whats in the back of the drone. So i dont want to take that chance. So that looks pretty nice im gon na do a separate video about the quick shot modes lets just test the obstacle avoidance here of the drone, so it senses theres something in front. So, of course, i want to test out the sensors both the front and the back. We tested the front sensors just before then we repeat the test by turning the testing the rear sensors Music, see if they are equally sensitive, so stand in front of the drone and it stops so it seems that they are working so lets do another. One of these just to orbit around this three three two one go so its not its, not doing anything right now, three, two, of course this is early days with the software.

So, of course, there can be issues there, so i had just had to try it again and now its rotating very nicely around the center, so the portrait mode, i had a little hard time figuring out how that was working, lets just try and see. If we can use one of these containers down here, that is being automatically being recognized, so lets just see what it does there so long so im not sure how this is supposed to work close. So i guess its adjusting the drone to get the picture right. Like that, then i can take one thats nice. So if i do it again, i can do home. Do it again, its not 100 reliable, all right so lets move ahead and do something else. Thats the video functionality just say. Oh, so there was the zooming capabilities. You have to zoom on lets, do that on the castle and get in into the side of the castle, so lets zoom it. This is it. This is 16 times zoom thats a lot of log, its, not easy. I guess there is a setting that will allow me to tilt it above horizontal, so lets just go. Maybe if i go further up here up to maybe 60 61. yeah, of course, its digital zoom, so its not perfect, but man. This is a lot of zooming yeah and i promised you a bit of video that you could download so lets. Just do that, so we get a lot of the forest with it, its unfortunate, not the best weather today but uh, but this of around 14 seconds.

I will make that available through the techno media website were running out of lunch break here Laughter. So we need to finalize this so theres a lets say: oh theres, a lot of possibilities here, theres this nice one where we can do this portrait mode lets. Just do a portrait panel, so it needs to shoot six photos to be able to do that, especially when youre shooting castles and stuff like this, like you see in the background with the long long lane in front of it. These images, where you stretch them where they are longer than they are wider, its really really useful. So i guess thats it processing the panorama and i guess we can see it here. Theres this the pro mode and that will allow the possibility to gain access to the manual camera settings where we can adjust the ev. We can adjust the white balance, which should basically be set to gray here on a day like this. This is quite limited. What you can do with these options, because you dont have variable aperture available on the drop, so lets try the return to home function. So if i press the house here, aircraft is returning home aircraft is returning home and then we shouldnt basically be doing quick shots. We should be doing video come on. Stop recording, please pay attention to the area below when the aircraft is landing. I must say its not anywhere near the car, so yeah, maybe its coming towards the corner.

I just cancelled it and i will decide to land it manually and, of course, we gon na try and land it on the roof, because this is what we do here in tech drone media stop recording. So there is a ton of other stuff that we can play around with with this drone, so make sure to drop your relevant questions below the video, and i will make sure to investigate this. This is a was the first flight we have been flying for 15. 16 minutes here thats at least what i said since i started the screen recorder, and this is probably what the bar is saying here in the top 16 32 minutes since takeoff, and we are down to 50 on the battery charge, which is a kind of college. Very nicely, with 28 minutes, that is a claimed by auto its probably going to be different if we use sport mode or any of the other advanced features that are on the drone, but so far no complaints about the flight time from here. If you missed out on the last video that i published with the first look of the drone, where im going through the specs and what you are getting in the premium bundle, you can access this video through this card. And if you want to tag along on. My alter the nano plus journey i make sure to compile a playlist with the videos that ive made so far as well as the future ones that im going to make about this little drone and you can access that through this card.

I hope you like this video, if you did then feel free to give a like if you didnt like it, feel free to press the dislike button twice.