The first thing i wanted to see is just how big of an image quality the video is between something like this and the air 2s, and also the mavic 3, because autel is kind of positioning this drone in between these two now. This is in the full review video im going to be coming out with that later, mainly because were still missing a bunch of features on the light plus that they said that theyre going to be coming out with in future firmware updates. So, besides the video comparison that im going to show you between these drones right here make sure i see it till the end of the video, where i talk about some of the experiences with the drone, some things that ive noticed in the footage and just how The characteristics are ill talk, a little bit more about that after the video comparison and before we get into that comparison. A quick word from todays sponsor adorama and for those who arent familiar with adorama adorama is one of the largest most reputable online retail stores. For all of your camera gear lighting equipment, audio gaming and even things like this drones, the only thing i like about adorama is that they have a big deal section on their website. But what a lot of people dont know is that they actually have a huge inventory of used equipment. So, if youre looking at getting into some new equipment, you might want to at least check out their used section on their website.

Some of this stuff is used and some of the stuff is just basic, open box equipment. So if you guys are looking for things, i would definitely just at least check out the use section on adoramas website and, if youre looking at some package deals on drones. Like this, the auto, as well as a dji, they have a bunch of different ones on their website ill, make sure the links are down below in the video description and now lets jump into the video comparison of these drones: Music, Music, so Music, so Music, Music. So, Music, Music, Music – and there is just some video comparison between these drones right here. I definitely need to get out and shoot a little bit more like. I said this isnt a full review, because i still need to do a couple of things. I still need to do a full night test between these cameras right here, as well as another test with the dynamic track whenever that comes out, because we do not have the follow me function or dynamic track on the autel just yet theyre supposed to be releasing That within the next month or so and with that said, lets just go through some of the things ive noticed or experienced, with the light plus after flying, it uh some things, of course, in comparison with these right here, some things are a little bit quirky with The drone now to get some of things out of the way the drone actually performed and did really well so its not like theres a bunch of bad things.

The drone actually does really really well up in the air im, comparing that to the evo 2, especially, i think they fixed a ton of things from the evo 2 up to this one. This is kind of like a mini evo 2, but the flight characteristics on the light plus, i think theyve definitely refined it a lot more now when it comes to build quality of the light plus, definitely a big thumbs up there. It feels solid. The weight feels really good. It feels solid in your hands. Now there was some new firmware that came out for the light plus recently right before i flew it, which was good. Of course, you always want to have the latest firmware, so they can get all the bugs fixed. The one thing i did notice is that when i did do the firmware update and everything took a longer process, this is 15 minutes on the app it probably took about 30 to 45 minutes for the first round of firmware updates to install and then what was Interesting is that, once i did the firmware updates im like oh good to go, you actually have to do the firmware update on each one of the batteries, which was something i wasnt used to, because if you do a firmware update on the air 2 or the Maverick or the dji ones, youll normally do one large firmware update and then, if you put in a new battery later, itll normally do a quick update just on the battery here.

It actually did a full update on the craft itself and the battery. So the first download ended up being a lot longer 30 to 45 minutes, and some people might just have different experiences and then, after that it was about 15 to 20 minutes per battery. Now, the only thing i did notice when i was up there flying is that they were missing profiles, or at least they just didnt have any other profiles, not even a log or a flat profile in the app for the autel light, and i was kind of Looking forward to that, because actually evo2 actually has a really flower and actually kind of almost too flat of a profile, but i thought they would at least bring that over here. In you know a log format here they didnt bring it over. So you do only have a standard or normal profile out of camera. One of the things i did notice too is that i would actually see the propellers in a couple of my shots, but it wasnt that so much because i wasnt too too concerned on that, because it does shoot at 6k or technically its not 6k, its about 5.4 k and i can actually punch into that just a little bit if i needed to crop those out, but it was weird because i havent seen something like this in a while, where i would actually get that sun flicker from the props on the video.

I tried emulating it when i went up in the air with the air 2s and i couldnt figure out the angle that i was hitting it at. But couple things i did notice that there was a flicker depending on the angle youre flying at because of the propellers, and also some of the propellers might show up in the footage. Now, if youre flying a dji, remote control, you know here on the remote. It does have the cine normal and the sport mode that switch here on the very front which i i really like, because you know when youre out there flying you normally want to do like a quick switch and move those over. We dont have that on the new controller, however, what you can do is actually program your function button to be the switch, which i thought was really good and definitely recommend highly recommend doing that as a tip switch that out to change your speed. The function button. You can either set it as a single tap or a double tap. Uh that way youre able to easily go from the you know the slow mode to medium to sport mode. By hitting that switch. The one thing i did notice that every single time you go to sport mode though, because sometimes i want to click through quickly is that they would have a warning, which i get theres. A warning that pops up that says youre in sport, mode obstacle avoidance isnt going to work.

However, they need to have a dismiss or dont show again button, because every single time i go to sport that that thing comes up so its great that its showing you and telling you that theres, you know you, you need to be warned about it, but if, If vatel can just make a dont show me again, then thatll be great. Another thing i noticed too is that, when youre shooting in the video mode, its actually shooting in the auto, so if youre, shooting video itll normally shoot in just auto, if you click on the video on the side, in order for you to get to the adjustments Or if you want to get to the pro mode, you actually have to get out of video and then move it down and scroll to pro mode. Now you might not think thats a big deal, because, if youre a pro mode, you should be in promo, but i just think it would be easier if you just had everything the settings in one area the same way dji has it where youre in video and If you want to go to pro all you do is hit from auto to you know pro, and then you can have the adjustments there not have to come back out of the menu scroll through and then go to pro mode. One thing thats great about the light versus what happened with me with the nano and like i said this might just be a firmer update issue, but i didnt have any disconnects like i did with the nano when i flew the nano for the first time.

I had multiple disconnects uh, but with the light i flew about four to five batteries, i didnt have any disconnects. I also didnt push it too too far out there. I was probably at the most two three thousand. You know feet out there, so i wasnt trying to test any range, but even with the short range on the nano. For some reason i had some issues, but just wanted to say that so far as of right now, i didnt have any you know, disconnect or dropouts with the light plus now when it comes to flight characteristics. Comparing this one to the evo 2 theres, a huge improvement on the light plus for the most part, it does what you expect it to do up in the air. Now, one of the main reasons why i would still fly the evo 2 is because of the geofencing kind of lack thereof. Geofencing, if you were in some, you know certain restricted areas: the autel drones. You were still able to get up in the air. Now recently. They had a firmer update on here, which updated the no fly zones im, not sure yet, because i havent gone to the areas where i know are completely restricted as far as the dji apps go. So i do need to test this out in the geofence areas, where i know that dji cant, you know even start the propellers up. I want to see if i could take this out there, so if you guys know that if theres still geo, fencing or full geo, fencing, uh or lack thereof on the autel drones, let me know in the comments below im going to get that out there.

Hopefully, this weekend and test that out the only thing to notice when performing those quick shots with this one and also on the nano. For some reason, it would lose me as a subject a lot easier than the dji drones. Even doing some of the basic things like circle uh a rocket for some odd reason it it doesnt do what dji does if youre used to the way dji does their quick shots. What itll do is itll. You know you draw a box over the subject and the drone will actually move a little bit to make sure its targeting that area or making a pin. Where that person that place is you actually see the drum move, and then it pins it here this one doesnt pin it itll actually drop a pin on it, but for some reason, every time or a lot of times when i would try to do a quick Shot it would mark it and then itll start moving and then all of a sudden, the marking and everything will just go away like itll, lose it and then the drum wont track it anymore. Now i thought it was just like one or two times. I thought it was just like a contrast thing, so i would move into the sun and then id try to select an object, and it would continuously mark it initially and once it starts, moving itll lose it, and also when it comes to speed of those quick Shots you werent able to change the speed so for some reason, when i was trying to do a circle, it was just going way too slow and im sitting here, trying to tap to figure it out, and it just would not change, speed or wouldnt.

Do anything and it said, im going way too slow, i just kind of x out of that thing and just did the circle myself, but certain things like that, i think, like i said. I think they can fix that over time, uh with a firmware update and there it is guys just some of the things i thought were a little bit more noteworthy that i felt after flying this drone. You know these past few days, i felt some of the differences that you can really tell between this one and these types of drones and how the drone performs how it works in the app what youre expecting to see what youre expecting to do. Quality wise across the board, i dont think youre gon na go wrong with the quality of any one of these. I think if autel can just do another couple firmware updates to get some of his quirkiness out of the drone. I think itll be solid overall. Of course, ill be making a follow up video talking a little bit more about the geo, fencing and some night shots with this in comparison to these drones right here. So if you guys want to see those make sure you guys are subscribed to the channel, of course, if you guys got some value from this one, a big like would be much appreciated. Make sure you guys also check out some of the other autel and dji videos i have links will be above as well as down below in the video description, thanks again to adorama for sponsoring this video.

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