Tell robotics recently came out with two new drones that did cover them at ces. They came out with this one right here: the nanos, the autel nano, this ones, actually the nano plus, if you guys, havent, seen my unboxing and first flight with this one ill, make sure its above as well as down below in the video description, but also also Release this right here, which is the light version, or they call it, the autel light, theres a light and a light plus. This one is the light plus, and it also comes in this right here, which is a premium bundle, and i want to thank for sending me this autel light, plus to review a little bit more about them later now, ive been finding nano plus for the Past week and im excited about this one right here, because this is the little big brother to that one, because this one is more compare autel is comparing this one, which is the autel light more comparable to something like the air, 2s, actually theyre kind of putting It in between the air 2s and the mavic 3, which is a pretty big jump too, but thats kind of where theyre positioning it in this video. What im going to do is a quick unboxing show you what comes in this right here, which is the premium bundle and also do what i did with the nano talk a little bit more about the specs comparison between this, the light plus and the air 2s, And if you guys are new to my channel, my name is aldrin estacio.

I do a lot of drone tech tips, tutorials and product reviews right here on this channel. So if thats something interests you please consider, subscribing and also hitting that bell to be notified. When i post new videos, probably be just like the nano, if you guys havent seen the unboxing of nano im, sure everything will probably be just about the same: comes in a little bit: bigger same bag or same style bag as the nano all the stuff neatly Packed inside of the case, quick start guide accessories charging hub charging charging brick as well as the power cord for the charger we have. The remote control lets see if its the same looks the same as the nano plus or the nano, and then because this is the premium bundle. We do have extra batteries here, so it comes with two extra batteries. So when you get the premium, think of it as like, the dji fly more combo, you get a couple extra batteries, as well as the charging hub and last lets, remove the autel light, and there, it is all wrapped up overall, does remind me of the evo 2, build wise just a smaller version of that i do like the new carbon fiber arm, so lets actually take off all this plastic here and it should just pop right off just like so now, just kind of looking over the body. Everything looks very familiar, except we do have a new battery design, which i just powered on accidentally press these two tabs here in the back and the whole battery slides out.

They give me one two three, four five six extra propellers got the cable, usb c cable cables for the remote control, so they have all the cables there same thing here. Remote control sticks, unfortunately, still only have one and, if its the same as the nano which it is still no place to put the sticks when you remove them: nd, 4, 8, 16 and 32 that come in your premium bundle. But overall, that is what the new autel light plus looks like. That was just a quick unboxing to show you what comes in it now. What i want to do is do a little spec comparison of this new outer light compared to the dji air 2s and before we get into the spec comparison between the autel light plus and the air 2s. A quick word from todays sponsor adorama and for those arent familiar with adorama adorama is one of the largest most reputable online retail stores that specializes in everything from photography and videography equipment, computers, gaming musical instruments and even drones, like this, the autel, as well as dji Products, so if youre looking for some of the best deals online, make sure you guys check out, adorama information will be down below in the video description, huge thanks to them for sponsoring this video with the autel lite plus now lets get back into the spec comparison. Now also, actually send me some information as far as where they are looking or where theyre positioning the light plus and they are positioning it in between or at least a competitor to, the air, 2s and kind of in between the mavic 3.

. In my mind, i feel like im, just kind of leaning towards more the air 2s, mainly because this was, for me at least 2021s kind of like go to drone as far as size capability and all that so im. Looking at the light. As kind of more of that competitor to this, even though there are some similar specs to the mavic 3 – that the light does have now well test out all three of them and see how they compare. But in this video i kind of want to go through the specs of these two right here and just like the nano, how theres a nano nano plus on the light version of this one compared to the light plus the light plus, which is this one. Here you have a bigger sensor, better camera, but almost all the other things that they share are pretty much the same now. Jumping right into the price air2s for standard is 9.99 and the standard package for the light plus is 13.49. When you jump up to the fly more combo or hear what theyre calling the premium bundle were at 12.99 and 16.49 for the premium bundle on the light plus now when it comes to size and weight, it definitely is a bigger jump here that it does sit In between the air 2s and the mavic 3, and just putting these side by side, you can definitely see the size difference here. All the way around and as far as weight goes, the air 2s is at 595 grams and the light plus comes in at 835 grams.

Now, when it comes to memory and storage, they both have internal storage. They have eight gig internal on the air 2s. They have six gigs internal on the light plus, of course, both drones can accept a micro sd card up to 256 gigs and the one thing i like the most when it comes to video transmission, they both can get 12 kilometers about seven and a half miles Or so distance between the remote control and the drone now, while its rated for that distance, of course, that is super far away. There was some firmware issues i was having with the nano im, hoping that i dont have the same ones here or i had some disconnect with my app and my remote and the drone, and hopefully i did talk to autel and they said that they have some Firmware updates coming out, hopefully, thatll resolve some of those issues when it comes to flight time. Up in the air, autel was good with the evo 2 and they brought that over to the light plus 40 minutes rated for flight time, with the light plus the air 2s rated for 31 minutes now. One nice plus for autel on this one is that we do have an adjustable aperture, f, 2.8, to an f 11 on the light plus on the air 2s. We do have a fixed 2.8. So if you want to take a little bit more control over your exposure and have that control up in the air, you do have that adjustable aperture here, with the light plus now when it comes to sensor size, they both share that one inch sensor on both Drones and on the light plus, we do have a nice little jump.

6K 30 frames a second on the auto. Now as far as sensors go, we do have similar sensors on both. We do have the front sensors on both the bottom, as well as the rear. Uh, the difference here is that we do have extra set of upward sensors on the air 2s. Both of them do not have any side sensors. We do have intelligent flight modes, things like focus track on the air 2s and with focus track. It allows you to do things like active track, which is the follow me mode as well as point of interest and spotlight. We also have what they call dynamic track, which is autels follow me function. However, at the moment i did talk to autel its not available yet so we you cant, do any follow me functions or dynamic track on the autel. They did mention that theyre looking at pushing a firmer update to it, both on this, as well as the nano in possibly late february, even up to early march, possibly so, if youre looking at getting the drone – and you want it for follow me and dynamic track. Just note that its not going to be available for another month and a half or so on both drones, the light and the nano when it comes to photos, we do have jpeg and raw up to 20 megapixel photos on both of these drones and as far As panoramic modes, they are both offering photo panoramic modes.

I have to check to see the latest firmware if it is now included on the light plus and also some of the automated modes that they do have. The air 2s, of course, has quick shots. So if you want to droney circle and all those it does have that on here and the light plus also has very similar ones, they dont call it quick shots. They just call it automatic modes rocket, flick, fadeaway as well as orbit so very similar, quick shots on both these drones theres. Of course, a lot of other spec comparisons i can go through, but i just wanted to highlight some of the main differences or similarities between these two drones right here. So im gon na get these all charged up. Do some test flights on it very similar. How i did with the nano? So, of course, if you guys are interested in seeing some of these updates make sure you guys are subscribed to the channel once again thanks for adorama for sponsoring this video, of course, if you guys got some value from it, a big lie can be much appreciated. Make sure you guys are subscribed to the channel. This is ultra anastasia with ill see you guys.