The drone reviewer here, if you like the content of this video or anything on my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button and ring the notification bell, so you dont miss any future content with that lets begin the other night i hosted rotor talk, live and Was joined for part of the show by mr ron braun, we discussed all the great news coming out of autel robotics, so without any further ado lets roll that clip in its entirety. Now yeah big news, thats huge news. All right did, i say huge. I meant to say huge guys: miguel silva welcome miguel hubsan. Does an 80 release compared to dji, which does a 95 lauren you just you, you really kind of like to nail things on the head. Lauren. You did that fantastic. There tell news, wow, theres, so much autel news. I could probably talk the rest of the evening. I know rons going to be joining me here in a few minutes, so hell probably be joining me in the middle of this. So what im going to do is go over these articles that were out on drone dj just to kind of um. Give you give you a flavor for whats going on here all right now, you know, theres been quite a few leaks have come out regarding autel. So were going to go over and these articles are drone dj and theyre out on build a drone, reviewer, facebook group and page.

So, if youre looking to find these articles thats, where these articles are okay, autel drops official teaser photo of sub 250 gram. Nano drone theyre, calling it the the nano drone. Okay, this is the first official t, so you can see theres different colors, theres, red white, orange and gray right here, all right, um. The weight will be over in a nano second, all right, so its official. This is, this is coming: okay, um, its 250 grams um theres, really nothing about specs, except through obstacle avoidance is a feature, could be extremely useful for newcomers first time. Drone years is right now the only sub 250 gram drum is the xeno mini pro. The companys credibility is nowhere near hotels, got ta love. Whoever wrote this article for drone dj kudos to you all right. The nano is a big pivot for autel robotics, because this is the first time the drone manufacturer is venturing in to the hobby drone market and its plan to do so looks pretty solid on paper. So this is something that um having milked enough buzz from these leaks. Autel then decided to drop an official teaser photo over the weekend, confirming the nano drone series would indeed come in four colors as speculated and to confirm the name of this new drone to capture the photo with the title. The wait will be over in a hashtag nanosecond here. All right now lets move on. There is another article here all right.

Video shows secret, autel, evo light nano mini drones in the wild. All right you can, you can take a look here and see. This is one of those autel concept drones right here you can see heres heres the nanos right here now, theres a theres, a video here that cedaw posted and im going to. Let you guys watch that now heres the evo mini – and this is theyre kind of talking about highly portable smart flight features, uh 30 minutes of flight time. Flight range 10, kilometers, uh options, evo mini without obstacle, voids uh, evo, mini plus, with obstacle avoidance, sensors um. Now theyre also talking about and then theres the autel evil light is aimed at professional content creators um uh, aimed at the main target of the dji air 2. So the maximum flight time of 40 minutes drone will also have two iterations autel evo light with a one over 1.2 inch cmos sensor, autel evo light, plus with a one inch cmos sensor. We can expect these bright, yellow birds to capture 4k video 60 frames per second with a host of social media friendly, smart shooting presets through obstacle avoidance, should be a given theres, also an interesting vertical shooting mode that would allow the operator switch between horizontal and vertical Angles with a single click here: okay, um again, you know ready for release couple this information, the video. If youve, already seen above and appear that autels new drones could be nearing release.

However, given the ongoing global chip shortage, theres a possibility, a product announcement come much sooner than the actual worldwide shipping date. Well, keep you posted here, okay, um wow ron brown. How are you, sir hello? Is this? The all tell show this is the autel? Oh okay, im in the right place: okay, thank you and welcome everybody in the chat. Sorry uh uh! Well, i mean might come my usual time here. I dont want to interrupt the show. I think bell was reading off the specs to these new rumored hotel products. Wow i mean you know you talk about dropping a bomb, you know its just like you know. Sometimes these bombs, just you know, go like this. This was a nuclear explosion. Right um, you know i i i dont know how else to describe this ron. I mean its like theyre, coming out with possibility of three different drones. Has anybody ever launched the uh three drones like in one quarter uh, i dont, i dont, know ron, and you know the the thing that gets me is okay. You know in in it the drone dj article did say you know there could be a big difference between the announcement and the actual release. Okay, you know we found that out with the original evo, there was a huge gap between the announcement and the actual release, but with this you know it talked about the chip shortage, all right and how that is a possibility that that may be whats driving this.

You know what im saying: hmm interesting yeah. I mean, of course, this isnt an announcement, its a leak so, of course, um. This isnt a follow proxy. They have every rate to change things that came out in this league, but but youre right bill. I mean like uh, i mean this must have been a rough morning for frank wang when he got up and and and reynolds i mean theyre assaultive at all levels. Theyre going, the nano is going after the mini market. The late model is going after the er2 market and and now just just when dji is on the you know, on the verge of releasing the beloved mavic 3, with its wanted sensor and eight eight uh uh lop stops of obstacle zoom all of a sudden, the Evo threes, coming out with a four thirds model i mean uh, i mean how how dare they do this bill? Yeah? You know, you know it its just like you know some somebody somebody frank wang did not enjoy his wheaties this morning. Im going to tell you that uh, you know to find out, and i was just going to mention the evo 3. uh. You know theres talk about this. My my my big, i dont, want to call it a concern, but my my point here is: do they have the capacity to crank all of this out over if theyre playing over in china? That is a big question yeah they.

You know, i mean they theyve. Never tried to do anything in this level before so that doesnt mean they cant do it, but they have no its uh, its no data for us to say: oh theyve done this before. Thank you, hannahs launch that we we just dont, know and yeah. You pose a a big question: the ramp up all these products well get back to the things you showed it looked like the um. You know the the nano and the air you know were scheduled, maybe two months ahead of the um evo three and and all these drones whats just mentioned, though theyre totally and outdoors dji. Each of these drones has different levels. You know i mean i think theres gon na be three evos, which is not uncommon and djis had variations. There are high models, but theres gon na be two different lights. Theres gon na be two different nanos. I mean like how theyre gon na make all this stuff yeah im kind of scratching my head, because you know it lists theres, a different light, theres two different light models, theres two different nano models and im sure with an evo 3 theres, probably multiple models of The evo 3 as well, there is a of one incentive for a third sensor and another i mean yeah theres, at least three versions of that. So i mean you, i mean we hey, hey, im, not knocking. We all want variety right.

We all want choice. Oh yeah, but you know, and its like, okay and think about this all right.