If you dont know already, autel robotics are about to launch two new drones, the auto evo light and the autel eva nana, and even though its not due for another few hours, ive managed to obtain some. Absolutely fantastic uh promotional material regarding these drones. So what im going to very quickly do is it is near enough midnight here in the uk, so yeah im going to show you and have a quick look through some of these specifications with you and then what ill do is once weve got all the information Later on, in a few hours time, i will possibly pick this up with another video and lets talk about it in more detail. But, first of all, let me share these images with you and lets talk about some of the main features. So, as you can see, first of all, we have got the four advertised colors, which is absolutely incredibly exciting and exactly what weve been expecting um the evo nano series make every moment mata and, as you can see, it is sub 249 grams. Exactly what was expecting this one is a really really super super super, exciting thing, and so not only do we have the image transmission of 6.2 miles. We also have multiple frequencies. So not only do we have 2.4 and 5.8 weve also got 5.2 as well, which, quite frankly, could help a lot with quite a lot of interference and just giving us that extra transmission frequency and options.

This one is super super exciting, and not only do we have that massive 6.2 mile range, which is 10 kilometers, they are telling us that using their autel skylink technology, we have got a 2.7 k, 30 frames per second feedback to your mobile device. That is absolutely mind blowing for this sort of thing, which also slightly worries me at how much this thing might actually cost by the looks of it were going to have. Two models were going to have the either nano and the eva nano plus the difference. For me, by the look of it, is the size of the sensor. Obviously the nano plus having the bigger sensor. The nano plus looks like its going to have the uh one over 1.28 inch cmos sensor capable of 50 megapixel photos which is really really exciting. The ryb color filter, which is on the huawei phones, um again, thats, really really exciting um. I am skipping through this quite quickly. I will do a proper video but yeah. This is absolutely breaking hot off the press and cinematic shots with a single click yet similar to djis, quick shots. It looks like weve got four there, some sort of uh what we would call rocket and droney and circle and im guessing thats, some sort of ascending helix or something like that. We have got obstacle avoidance and what seems to be interesting is it looks like that for front downward and rear. We have got two sensors, so thats gon na, of course, increase accuracy and yeah.

Im really excited for that, and a lot of these features are something you want on the dji mini 3. ive obviously already had a quick look through this and theres. One thing im really really excited for well see when we get to it movie: master, quick and easy movies, um easy editing, templates, quick, sharing, thats pretty standard, so basically gon na have some sort of feature built into the app where you can quickly put together. I would imagine a couple of quick shots: a couple of uh little edited shots um just to quickly share to social media thats, always nice um. This is the one that was worrying me um when it said 28 minutes battery life, rather than giving the flying time. It looks like its been completely clarified here, more battery more time, more creativity, the either nano can fly continuously for 28 minutes and it doesnt actually stick whether thats in windlass conditions or what what wind conditions um, but it does stay 28 minutes actual flying time. Now. Thats comparative to what sort of dji sir um, with their sort of 30 minutes date, one minute flight times on there on their drones. But realistically we all know that as soon as youve got a bit of wind, you dont realistically get that so 28 minutes advertised. If we get 22 23 minutes, i think thatll be more than more than good enough. This is one thing that seems to be quite exciting: um and dynamic track 2.

1, so recruit your nana to automatically follow any person animal or vehicle. So you can focus on your activities while your nano handles the cinematic side. Yes guys. This is a sub 249 gram drone. It has obstacle avoidance three way and it has active track. How well this actually is going to work itll be interesting to see, but i cant wait to get my hands on this drone and uh. Hopefully that will come soon and i will be testing it out for you guys. Its super super exciting snap and in seconds um, so this is similar to djis. Quick transfer system done, shooting simply place your smartphone close to the nano to upload photos and videos at a speeding rate of 160 megabits per second using the auto sky app. That is incredibly fast and this next one im super super excited about. Whilst many of you might have said, the controller looks a little bit like a toy sonar sound, hear everything, record, voices and ambient sounds on the ground through the remote controls built your microphone thats. Absolutely fantastic, wow, Laughter um that i dont know i dont know how that works. Actually thats gon na be really good for content creators. I mean i am assuming that. Obviously, the controllers got microphone to record your voice so effectively. You should be able to go fly and then narrate your flight all within the uh. The app and recorded that on the controller thats gon na save screen, recording thats, gon na say potential app crashes, um lots of strain on your phone.

That is super super, exciting im, really really impressed and happy with that thats the standard, even nano and as you can see its that got about half inch, uh sensor and so slightly less still got the three axis: gimbal um and slightly less on the megapixels as Well, um im not entirely sure what the prices are at the moment, but yeah, i think thats, the last of my slides. Is it yeah? It is right guys. So let me know what you think to all that that is the breaking specification of the eva nana um im not entirely sure again what frame rates were going to have? This does say: 4k 30 frames per second. It would be nice if it was 60, but you know what for another competitor in that sub 249 gram: drone market um, you know, with 2.7 k feedback with three way obstacle avoidance and with active track, and that cool um feature being able to uh record your Voice on the remote control and 50 megapixels and depending on which model you buy forty on or 50, i think thats a really decent offering. We need to see and wait to see what packages its available in when its actually going to be released and what options its going to have in terms of any additional battery packages, or anything like that. Does it come with a case we dont know yet excited to find out, but please let me know in the comment section below what you think to that, and hopefully this is the first video on this um like because i obtained this material im sure there will Be a little bit more coming out once the actual launch is done, but i wanted to just i was super excited.