Would you go get the drone? Please uh? What was it its orange? Its orange yeah okay ill be right back, oh no, james thats, an orange close one i want is a little bit bigger, bigger, yeah, okay, ill be right back, that is orange and it is a bit bigger, but the one im looking for flies: okay, james its Orange but it doesnt fly. I need the one that flop Applause there we go there we go here. It is. This. Is the autel evo light its a cloudy day, so the light is diffused and flat so before it is actually dark. Dark yeah im going to fly up to the bass pro shop. I was up there earlier heres what it looks like on the inside. By the way, the memphis pyramid was built as a 20 000 seat sports arena in 1991.. Its 321 feet tall and has base sides that are 591 feet wide. The pyramid stopped being a sports complex in 2004. It was reopened in 2015, as bass pro shops mega store with an indoor lake restaurants, archery range bowling alley and hotel rooms. You can take the glass wall elevator up to the sky, high catfish cabin and check out the view you can see the city of memphis mud island and the hernando de soto bridge that takes interstate 40 over the mississippi river into arkansas. I want you to know that it cost me eight dollars to show you this right.

Was it worth it? No, no, no nah its pretty, but maybe five bucks right. Five. You pay five yeah. This controller does not have lanyard support, so i put a zip tie in there and then just made it myself, because you never know when youre going to need your hands free for something all right. Ah its so steady, i love it. I dont love those beeps. All the time lets get up a little bit higher all right im going to take the same route that i did with the mini that day under the highway. So i dont fly over any cars man that looks good lets get above the tree above the tree. Okay, all right, thank you! Obstacle avoidance, yeah gon na come around this way. It may not be the most graceful flight, but gon na get up here and check out the pyramid still a solid signal, maximum flight distance. What 1640 feet? What is a bunch of boos? Did it adjust according to the area its in, because, as you know, autel doesnt have geofencing turns out its not geofenced at all. In order for you to have no limit on the distance, you have to set this up at a location with gps. Here i am inside trying to set everything the way i want it before i go out to the location and since it doesnt have gps, it puts a limit on your flight distance. So then i bring it outside, let it acquire gps, and this is a sneaky little gray area of legality where im guessing the reason they did.

This was so that if something happens and they go to the telemetry, it will tell them that you opted to go further than their recommendation. That would free autel up from some liability. If it came down to that. But again you have to set this every time at the location with gps. So i wonder if we can even fly out over the br to the bridge there, you want to try james aint, my drone. What did you say its? Not my drone yeah, it aint. My truck james, what is the name of that bridge? I think we learned that last time you told me what it was hernandez. Yes, this is the bridge that was in the news for a while, because it was broken im going to park this right here. I am over water, so just leaving it right. There look at the corners of the video to see how well it is steady, its locked into position. It looks pretty good im going to press return to home. I havent used that yet it will go up to the 300, whatever feet that i now i will tell you using return to home every time. Youre flying a drone is not recommended. Just learn to fly the drone back to you, because, once its out of your control, will it uh still be controlled, as in like the elevation up and down lets find out, let me see the height is its still going up, so if i bring it down Against its will, it can, it will go down and you can still control the gimbal.

Will it land on the table where it took off from? I would be so impressed how accurate is it i might have to pull the table out of the way? Oh man, oh man, is it gon na? Is it gon na clip the table it is. I dont want to clip the table close, but no cigar, okay, very good, all right! So, as you can see, it is dark, dark and were gon na fly. This thing and see how well the sensor works its a full one inch sensor. I have a feeling that this sensor and this setup the way it does colors and everything it might be better than the dji phantom 4 pro 2.0 – maybe well fly it over the bridge, hopefully, while its doing its light, dance and ill put them side by side. So you can compare. Oh the light came on thats bright light. Damn. How do we turn that off? I think it automatically goes off once you get up to a certain distance. I believe. Does it? Okay? Yes, it does. Oh, it did. Okay great. I can still see it without my glasses, its just blurry so lets take the same route, but remember you have to turn off the obstacle avoidance if you want to go under and through things before we start going through things lets get a shot of the city. Heres, what the city looks like on automatic settings, the city of memphis tennessee.

It is a little dark james. What do you think it looks a little dark? Do you think its the phone or uh? That is definitely dark in this. It is dark yeah. So im going to try to change the settings and, of course, ill have to stop stop recording all right. So its got a night night setting super night and lets see super nice. Oh thats, nice. Oh, that is lets see what just regular knight is thats. A little dark lets do super night now. Will it let me zoom with super night? No, yes, yes, oh yes, it will. Okay yeah it does. Let me zoom all right, very good. Oh, that neon looks good Music. Oh my goodness, look at that. I changed colors. I love it: okay, Music, it did. It again still got your eye on it, yep all right, very good, fast forward to other side of bridge, all right. Now, im gon na fly out over water. If youre seeing a screen record of this and its not 4k, then something bad happened, youre sure booking it am. I booking it. Yeah, oh good, im gon na just park it right here and wait for the light show to start, hopefully itll be soon. In the meantime, you can see all the reflections and the highlights and the water. You can even see that tree thats silhouetted in the reflection of the water from the light from the bridge, so this is really really good video.

I do like this little feature that lets. You know how much the aircraft is pitching and you can at a glance, tell how much the wind is blowing and that is uh pretty unique to autel. I like that, a lot. Oh there, it goes there. It goes its doing its dance, so cool all right, im gon na set the exposure in focus one more time right there, like that Laughter. That is cool. I havent seen that one yet im gon na just go ahead and put these screens side by side with the phantom now to be fair to the phantom. This is recording at the same resolution that a phantom 4 2.0 can do. Okay. This is not recording in 6k. This is 4k, so side by side. What do you think, of course, its different nights different light settings, but you can kind of get an idea heading in for a closer look. Have you seen that one i have not where the top of the bridge is dark, but its doing the little sparkly thing that is neato? I dont know what it looks like in the screen, because i aint looking at the screen, but from here it looks great. All right at 41 battery im gon na head back white. There we go. Okay, stop recording its awesome, its the perfect size, its quiet. What im? Sorry it is quiet. This is an extraordinary drone. The autel evo light more videos coming up with it links for everything.

In the description, including these lovely eyeballs that keep your drone safe from the birdies, thanks for watching thanks for subscribing until next time, buh, because you never know when youre going to need to use your hands for something. Oh, i almost got you did. I get you just a little bit im. Sorry james! Oh my god. Okay lets practice the stunts. You got ta kind of look at somebody. You dont wheres, the stunt coordinator. Well, arent, you glad you watched this video. You think anybody ever goes over this bridge and then it just starts doing a thing and the drivers like people that dont know. Actually you can only you dont see it on this side. You can only see it on this side. Oh, you cant see it from the roadside. No, while youre driving down the bridge, you dont see it. That is some brilliance right.