But when you sit down on your computer, you want to have the best quality on your screen. This is not a regular review. I got this drone by hotel and i just wanted to go out and shoot a few scenes film. My reactions and my feelings before i do the crash test, as i am recording this. The hotel evo 2 pro 6k is the king of specs in the drone niche. The 6k on a 1 inch sensor outplays the 4k of the mavic 2 pro, even though the sensor size is the same. The extra resolution we get from a hotel should give us an edge in the battle of the top drones. The mavic 2 pro was close to the phantom 4 pro v2 quality, but not quite as good cp. Hotel drone is a bit heavier than the mavic 2 about 200 grams, but this shouldn’t be a problem. If the image quality is awesome, i mean, if you’re, seeking for the best image quality, you may sacrifice a bit space and weight right. Music well hold on, because we got something a bit misleading here. This drone’s promised 6k is actually a 5.4k video, which is exactly the same video resolution we get from the new air to s naughty naughty hotel, not a real 6k Music. Hmm, Music, Music, Music, Music we’ve been testing the drone, the hotel evo2 pro 6k one inch and overall, i must say, it’s very similar to everything we know from dji drones.

However, there are a couple of things. I know this is very subjective, but there are a couple of things that are a little bit, for example, on the controller, the sticks are a little bit like abrupt. So when you’re actually flying and trying to be a little bit cinematic, you know the drone may be like a little bit too abrupt and – and you guys know that i always tell you to and encourage you to film everything in manual. But in this case, as it is kind of abrupt i’m really missing those quick shots that dji drones do have as this video is about feelings. Well now, we’ll have a few minutes of me talking and telling you what i felt when flying with this drone and actually the good things among some really good. Things is, first of all, of course, the sensors. You know that this one has 12 sensors and they work in the normal mode which make it really nearly impossible to crash not like in dji drones, where you only have them in those beginner or cinemates. Here you can fly pretty fast and every single sensor will be working chibo. Do you see this gimbal? Well, yes, this is the 6k one inch sensor, but the good thing about the hotel gimbals is you can actually change them yourself and if you do have another hotel drone, you can replace that with the other camera, which makes it also very easy in case of A crash – and you know what i’m talking about, because we’re doing the crash right after this video, you can easily fix it ever since we told you we were reviewing this drone, you guys kept us asking about the tracking capabilities it’s.

True they aren’t as cinematic as we would wish, and sometimes the drone behaves a bit strange. We didn’t lose the tracking at all, though, but i definitely would track a car manually instead of using this function, to get a smoother result. And finally, one of the also good things is that you actually don’t find on dji drones is that you can take a picture while you’re filming to some people. I don’t really know why this is super important, but just let you know that this phone has the capability of doing that. Now. Let’S talk a little bit about the bad things and some things that really got me bothering a little bit. First of all, the activation process – and you got to get through this on every single drone out there, but it’s like a couple of hours, charging the battery and the controller and then you’ll need at least one hour or a little bit more to upgrade the firmware And all those things so expect at least three or four hours before you can actually fly this thing you know to be spending your time with that. What about the flight autonomy guys 40 promised minutes? We know that it’s not true, and i don’t know why hotel dj and all those brands keep telling us those lies about the flight autonomies. I mean okay, but it’s when we took off with the drone the first time it said 34 minutes, so i believe that’s.

The maximum that we’re starting the drone off with what about the 2.4 gigahertz frequency, this drone does not have the 5.8 and some people may say that this is a problem i got to say we didn’t have a problem. We lost the connection once, but it was fine. There were a bunch of things in between the drone and the controller, so it was kind of fine dji’s. Oq sync here seems to be a little bit in front of this because we all know by now that the ocusync is awesome Music, Music – to finish off this video guys. Just let you know that overall we’re impressed we’re, happy we’re, um overall good with this drone uh a couple of last things. The extras are a little bit expensive in terms if you want to buy a battery or some other stuff for the drone. But – and the last thing would be that also. We saw right now when flying that when the drone breaks in front of a wall of a tree it, the braking, is a little bit different from dji drones. It takes like more space and it’s a little bit slower, where dji’s braking is a little bit more aggressive, but apart from that we’re happy with the drone. I hope that you enjoyed this video that you like the locations where we come for you guys and nothing really else to say, always remember, to leave the thumb for cheevo. Also, nothing really has to say guys always meant about to keep calm with your thumb and tuck your heavy to leave the thumb for jibo, also because he’s doing right now, he’s like this holding the gimbal and he wants to die literally he’s like but um alex.

How are you today bro it’s a little bit? You know cold, but i like this place. Oh sorry, um.