So let’s start off with the basics. The evo2 comes with a half inch sensor that can produce images that are 8k for the longest time. Dji was the only name in drones when it came down to the consumer market. Now, thankfully, we have something that is american made. Now that actually competes evo2 has eight different cameras to help create the 720 degree obstacle avoidance. The blades are an impressive eight inch diameter, which is really big compared to other drones in the same class. This drone has a 48 megapixel 8k image now what’s. The benefit of 8k 8k allows you to zoom in up to 200 percent without losing that 4k quality. So you can export in 4k zoomed in 200, without losing 4k quality. The real question is: how does this thing fly? Well, let’s, go, give it a shot Music, so Music, so we’ve come out here to e town park. I want to get some footage with this drone to see how well it can track these motorcycles right over here. Now i’ve heard some things about its ability to track due to its omnidirectional sensors. However, i don’t know how it’s going to compare to the skydio 2.. So today’s test will help me determine if this is better or not as good as a skydio2. So let’s go ahead and get this started so to get this thing to turn on it’s kind of like the dji, you push the button once and then you push it for a long time now, you’ll hear it start up when the fans start going, you probably Can’T hear it probably can’t hear it through the microphone so to get this to take off you’re, going to put the left and right joystick at the bottom left and bottom right, respectively, that’s, how you start the propellers now that the propellers are going push up on The left stick now let’s take off Music Music, so we came out here to the middle of nowhere.

We’Re gon na see what kind of special shots we can get using. The advanced features on the drone for the automated shots, so let’s see if we can get some cool shots. You’Re going to take the two sticks point them in towards each other Music. In order to access the dynamic shots, you’re going to click here in the top left of the screen, you’ll see the manual flight, dynamic, track, tripod, parallel track viewpoint, orbit smart orbit, gesture control, precision, flight, dual stability, hyperlapse and orbit hyperlapse let’s go down to dynamic track. Now that i’m on dynamic track, you can see that there’s the green circle. If i click on that green circle, it will track me now it’s tracking me so when i walk it’s gon na follow me now. This is great. If you have an object that you need to be able to track for a video shoot say, for example, a music video, i do a lot of music videos. This drone will continue tracking me so to pull up the dynamic shooting modes. You have to click. This top button in the top left now to pull up manual, flight dynamic, track, tripod track parallel track viewpoint, orbit smart orbit, gesture control, precision, flight, dual stability, hyperlapse and orbit hyperlapse as well as vr. So the first one i’m going to do is the tripod track. If you look here at the screen, you’ll notice that there’s a green circle around my body.

I click that circle. Now the drone is tracking me like a tripod. The drone will stay still and spin in a circle. Let’S see if i can lose this drone, nope didn’t lose it so the next one we’re gon na try is parallel track. Parallel track will stay parallel with me. While i walk Music now let’s get into the fun stuff. Let’S have a little bit of fun. Music Applause, Music, Music, Applause, Music, so i think we had enough fun. For one day i say we go back to the studio and check out these shots to see how they look all right. Let’S go. I lied. I didn’t go to the studio. I actually came out to the pond by my house. I actually wanted to talk about my experience with the autel evo 2.. Now the autel evo 2 states that they can shoot 8k in 24 frames. A second now one thing i have noticed is that the 6k and the 4k images all seemed like they were better put together. I feel as if the 8k is just a gimmick, so that they can say that they are the only drone that can shoot in 8k. I would definitely say to save your money and buy the skydio2 or one of the other drones that has a full one inch sensor, as opposed to the half inch sensor that the autel evo ii has. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this drone to anybody at the price point.

I really hope that you would save your money and buy something that’s a little bit better. My name is josh with lost mentality.