. I have very little experience with the autel evo but i'm going to uh. Try it out and see how it goes. So stay tuned, Music Applause. So, first of all, thank you for tuning in to ready set drone. If you aren't already a subscriber and you like drones, i would strongly encourage you to subscribe, because i talk a lot about different types of drones and today i have the autel evo 2.. Now this drone is one that i've really been anxious to get my hands on, and i have to thank original dobo for sending this to me and letting me borrow it for a good chunk of the summer and fly around with it and give it a try. Now, just to be clear, this is not a full review. I'M, not going to go into detail about the camera specs or flight times and stuff like that i'm. Just going to give you my overall impression of having had it for a couple of weeks now flown it a few times and kind of what is it like to fly, an evo 2 by autel and a little bit of sample footage of what the camera can Do so, first of all i'm very impressed because it comes in this really sturdy case. I'Ll be a little bit big and heavy, but big and heavy is kind of reoccurring theme, because the drone itself is also kind of big and heavy compared to uh dji drones.

I'Ve been flying the mavic air ii a lot lately and compared to the mavic air ii. This thing has definitely got some heft to it, so it does have omnidirectional obstacle avoidance, meaning it's got obstacle avoidance on the front back top both sides and bottom, which is great. You can see the sensors are very clear on it and it does have led lights on the bottom, which allows you to turn on some light when you're going to land or, if you're, trying to get some extra visibility for it. And i have to say i love the orange color. This to me is one of the coolest things about it and most unique things about it. This is so easy to spot in the sky, partly because it's big, but also partly because it's, not white and it's, not black, not that black would be too hard to spot. But i think this orange is just a really great, highly visible color and the orange works really well with the color of these arms that are coming out with this kind of graphite, gray kind of color. Now it is supposed to get nine kilometers of video transmission. Now i flew it and at less than a kilometer i was getting a warning saying that i was getting a weak signal. I may not have had the antennas in an optimal place. I don't think there was a lot of interference but i'm, a little suspect of the nine kilometers distance in ideal conditions.

That may be the case but um. You know, i think, in practicality. You can expect a lot less and there's. No reason that you would be flying this nine kilometers away anyway, the batteries this one has two in the case and again i'm, a big fan of this case. I like how everything is uh cut out custom. We could hold three batteries. The remote is in there. These are 3s 7100 milliamp hour batteries. They do have a charge indicator led on the back, so you push it one time and it lights up, and in this case this battery is very low because i just flew it and with this 3s 7100 milliamp hour battery, you can get up to 40 minutes Of flight time, according to the website but i'd say probably 25 to 30, is a safe bet. As far as how you know the conditions are going to be and when you should really land, so it does have several camera options. The version i have right here is the 8k camera, which has the sony imx 586 sensor. Now this is really all said and done. A camera sensor for high end phone cameras, which is not putting it down because high end phone cameras are certainly uh. They'Ve come a long way from where they used to be, and they they have great resolution and such but it isn't a one inch sensor. There is a 6k one inch sensor which has the sony uh 383 one inch sensor, so it's a bigger sensor, it's, going to give you better performance in low light, but right now this thing's rocking the the 8k sony 586 sensor.

There'S. Also one has this camera plus a flea camera for thermal imaging. So if you wanted to do thermal imaging, you can get a combo that has this camera plus the thermal imaging camera. I haven't tried that and that says um ask for pricing, so i imagine that's. Quite a bit more expensive, but a good option if you're into search and rescue or you're doing some sort of law, enforcement or fire departments, etc. That might be a good option for them and then finally let's talk about the remote. I have to say this is one of the highlights of this thing. For me, this remote has a very bright screen and it really does a great job. It had feels good in the hands. Has the phone connected to the top these two little handles fold down and just kind of give you extra grip, an extra place to hold on to this thing, but that right there that bright screen with lots of information and data on it. In addition to your phone really is to me one of the highlights of this drone, so all that said that's kind of my initial thoughts on this little guy let's, take it out in the field and see how it does so. I'Ve already done a firmware update on it i'm going to go ahead and turn the remote on, and this will actually be my very first flight. With this thing, i, like the little boot up, put the phone in the phone holder again.

One thing i really like about this quad is the bright and easy to use screen that's connected to it that's already on it there. It is and that's a pretty shot: Music it's, pretty fast, too Music, a little bit of rotation, so yeah on my remote control. I get a pretty good sense of the distance height Music speed, gimbal adjustment, which i assume is right here: yep there's a little bit on the gimbal adjustment, so i'm right over Music. There, you can't adjust the gimbal pretty smoothly. Here it comes i'm at 68 meters, which is about 180 feet Music. There, our tap to focus kind of thing, yet Music, very pretty uh, shot nice nice morning to fly too very calm it's pretty loud. I can definitely hear it from this distance and go a little higher. So i guess in meters probably about 130 meters is the top that i can get. But you know it's currently 300 feet away and at that height 130 meters and i can still see it very clearly – uh, maybe it's – that bright orange color and it doesn't look orange. It looks kind of gray, but i can see it against the sky, which is nice back. This direction and Music fly over the football field. I just said video link signal is weak, but it should get stronger because i'm coming back, and i was at about 400 feet when that distance and about 400 feet height when that happened.

But i can see it right up there flying over the field and tilting down onto the field Music people out there getting exercise in this morning, yeah it's really easy to see in the sky, which i appreciate, i guess it's it's big. You know it's fairly big and again it's a very contrasty color nice shot of the canyon down there with those um trees. Now here, we're coming over some houses, probably don't want to go too far into the neighborhood there. So i'm gon na tilt up the camera. Slowly, yeah, it says video signal week so bring it back kind of flying into the sun there now part of it might be my antenna position, uh that's, probably more it's, probably a better antenna position than i have it in now, because i have 23 minutes. 22. 30, 22. 15. Actually, my flight remaining time is dropping pretty quickly, it's interesting that it doesn't drop in real time. It kind of seems to drop. I guess, based on the battery percentages, so it's a very calm day today, and definitely um no wind or anything like that. Okay, now i'm gon na try uh whipping it around in the field a little bit in ludicrous mode, so go to settings flight control, ludicrous obstacle, avoidance, won't work, oh yeah, it's, pretty fast. It does do a pretty good job of stopping breaking after a second and get it into that shot. There we go so after my first two flights with the evo ii, i have to say i'm, pleasantly surprised.

I had low expectations for this thing. Uh i had only flown an evo one, a couple of times before, and it was okay, but this thing really is better than okay it's, pretty solid contender. It is very solid up in the sky stays in place. The gps lock is fantastic. The flight characteristics are good. The ludicrous speed is pretty fast, like more than i wanted to do actually in this field here at low altitude but i'm sure up high. It would be a lot of fun to do, especially if it's your drone and not someone else's, speaking of which thank you to ken donoh for lending this to me, sending it to me all the way to texas, so i could try it out. I really appreciate it: i'll put a link to his channel below which is original adobo. He does a lot of cool stuff, but yeah. I like this thing. I would definitely fly this more if uh, if i had one and if you're considering a drone, you might want to check this guy out it's. Definitely a contender it's it's well made the app works well and generally checks, most of the boxes that you would expect from a drone like this. My only downside is it's a little bigger and clunkier than say a mavic air, 2 or even a little bigger. I think, and heavier than a mavic pro 2., so mavic 2 pro, but still it's very visible in the sky, very user friendly to fly, especially if you already know how to fly a drone, and i think the video quality is going to be pretty amazing.

I haven't seen it yet but i'm going to go check it out shortly, if it's not i'll, put a some sort of a note to say that it wasn't. But again i have high expectations thanks for watching.