Now I haven't flown this guy, yet I just opened them up a couple of days ago, we've had tons of rain and cold weather. So today's sort of the first nice day that I get outside and really fly this guy, so I'm gon na power it up put it up in the air and capture some really good footage, but I wanted to show you how to set it up before. I do so right now, I've got it in the folded position. First thing you want to do is fold out the arms and the way you'll do that is the top two arms first and then the bottom two arms and then, once the arms are folded out. You'Ve got to actually remove the gimbal lock, so the gimbal lock has two little Clips down the bottom here. You'Ll squeeze in there pull this guy off and you'll be good to go. I like to hold it like this and do it with my right hand. So again, squeeze here slide it off gently and you're good to go and I'll, throw that aside there on my bag and we're all set so now, I've got the gimbal free I've got the props fully extended. Let me reinsert the battery you'll hear it. Click make sure it's in there nice and tight I'll, set it down on the mat and then I'll power it up. Okay, well, that's powering up well fire up the application. Now I've got the controller connected to my phone I've got the application started I'll now power up the remote just by hitting the power button I'm so excited to get this guy up in the air it's a little bit windy today, but this thing will handle 46 Mile an hour winds, so we'll get a chance to really see how it does.

Ok, the controllers booting up it's actually powering up right now you can see that and this is ready to go. I'Ll hit the camera any second, now there's the app connected everything's good to go alright. This is the first time it's going up. So let me stand back just a tiny bit spin up the rotors down into the center, where that's, nice and quiet. That really is pretty quiet. I always like to put it up a couple of feet just to make sure that I've got control of the drone spin. It both directions. I'Ll ascend descend with it left a little bit right back forward, yeah it's, very stable in the air. Now I've got it set on the regular setting. As far as speed goes. It actually has a high speed mode, which most people call sport mode on this one. They'Re calling it ludicrous speed, so I think that's really cool all you fans of space balls know what that's about, but anyway, I'm going to put this guy up now capture some footage again it's a bit of an overcast day so I'm, not sure how good the Footage is gon na be, but I've got a lot of places to fly out here. I'Ve got a bay nearby and an ocean, so I'll try and get out there unless the wind kicks up too much so let's. Take it down feel just the tiny bit. No, this is so exciting there. She goes take her up watch out for that tree branch right, oh we're, good, we're, good! Let me get it up a little higher, oh man! This is beautiful.

That footage now I've got into 4k mode right now, I'm. Gon na capture some footage in 6k and 8k as well, but it's want to get a feel for the unit boy. Is that nice it's so smooth in the air it's like they've, adjusted the settings to be incredibly cinematic. You bring her back real, quick boy. This is nice all right, so left and right, yeah it's got it's, definitely got the sensing on right now, so it's got crash avoidance on it, flying pretty close to those branches and it's keeping it away from there and it's warning me if it gets too close. All right, let me bring her in land it and then I'm gon na put it back up and go out quite a distance and I'm gon na bring it up in ludicrous mode. Next, so we'll see how fast that is all right, so it's gon na give me some grief coming in. I think, because I'm pretty close to it. So let me step back out of the way see if I can land it so close. I come to the mat fingers crossed. Oh, I win this kicking. Alright let's put her down. I don't know man that looks pretty close to center boom right in the center Matt anyway. That was the first flight, now I'm gon na put it up in the air. I'M gon na fly it like crazy. Around these trees, then I'm gon na take it down to the bay put it out over the bay and then maybe we'll go to the ocean and fly it there for a little bit as well.

I'M gon na capture some 4k footage: 1080p. 6K. An 8k footage and I'll do my best to render it now remember: YouTube's, gon na down res anything, I post on YouTube to a 4k resolution or even lower so it's, not gon na. Look as good on YouTube is: it would normally so I'll also put up a folder where I'll put the raw 8k footage the 6k 4k in 1080p. So that way, you guys can compare it yourself download those files play with them. All you want just have some fun, so stay tuned and we'll get some flight footage: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. I hope you guys enjoyed that first flight and the sample footage from the brand new Evo 2. Now, as I mentioned, I've recorded both 4k and 8k footage, I put them in a folder there's, a link below where you can go to that folder grab that footage, bring it in to your own editing programs and just see how you like it and how easy It is to edit and I'll have a lot more, that I'll be uploading to those folders, so make sure you bookmark those I'm also working on a lot more Clips around the Evo 2 and a bunch of other high tech stuff. So if you enjoyed this, one, definitely stay tuned because I'm working on an Evo 2 vs.