The second reason: oh, we dont need to show that one uh, oh uh, oh, oh, no and heres. The thing nope Applause ive had so much practice since ive been here, i mean its been what a couple years or something im a pro now nothing to worry about. Even that dogs excited for me right. Give me a couple barks if im going to make it. Oh damn come on dog. Well, it was nice knowing you hero 9.. Now he barks and remember theres, that wire down there right right near that persons yard. So i made it. I made it yay now to push my luck. Ill fly up here through this thing, mr confident, oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness! Oh that was fun outside and then the uh outstanding over. You mean over like this oh im over the water, thats, no good and then back in and then oh yeah. I think thats it. But you know what im thinking nope Laughter, okay, okay, you werent worried! Were you no its all good, so that was gon na? Be it that was gon na, be the entire video just a short one, to prove that i could fly through and get back which i did but then chris wanted to one up me and to be honest, i did kind of egg him on. We will leave you with chris successfully traversing the bridge of death. Little did we know the adventure.

We were about to have good luck. Buddy Music, did you see me, go up in the rafters im, not challenging you or anything. If you fly with anybody on a regular basis, you kind of know how to push their buttons, and i knew that chris wasnt going to leave this challenge on the table. Not only did he go through the bridge in the upper part, but then he turned around and did it again and thats, where our adventure truly began show off Laughter, oh god, oh no, no, no! Its in its in glad. It won me my dick for saying that yeah. What can we do? Oh my god, finally were not short one, oh my god. No chris im! So sorry chris chris wasnt mad at me for trying to break the tension, but he did have to do that thing. That you do after your quad falls into a body of water. You go and see if you can see any bubbles where it went in or prop floating up or something i feel responsible, because i did challenge him. I heard that clunk and then you did you automatically disarm. Probably shouldnt have done that huh. I couldnt tell where i was and i dont want to go. Tempting fate anymore, but youre right, i shouldnt have disarmed. I didnt realize it until i was watching this back to edit it, but it seems as though i egged him on yet again its a lake, its a lake, its not that deep right there you can get it.

It went about 30 feet behind that. Behind that thing i was watching it the whole way down. If it were like five feet, would you go get it this cant? Be that deep people? This is a lake, not a river and thats. What led to the next bit of adventure so uh we havent given up yet we found somebody here by the bridge. On the other side, are you, okay, buddy, yep, okay, hes, all right, um, nice guy there who knew somebody who had a drone that guy there? Who knows me from the channel, who also has a pontoon down there so were gon na get into pontoon, and then chris is gon na see how deep this thing is. Hes got goggles and we got brad over there gon na film us from the bridge. I i think thats our ride right either that or were trespassing. Our rescuer arrives so nicest guy in the world kevin offered to take us out on his boat on his sunday that we interrupted and help us find. The drone so were going to try to use a magnet, even though its a carbon fiber frame to hook up on the battery, because you say it will the batteries. Will he rescued you rescued a mini mini with a drone guy drone guy yeah. We find him everywhere at first, i didnt believe kevin, but i tested it myself and it turns out that the lithium ion batteries of a mini one are magnetic, while the lipo batteries of the mini 2 are not magnetic.

So if you want to rescue your mini 1 out of the water with a magnet go ahead and do it, it will work but mini 2 owners. Your sol, you got underwear on ive, got underwear on ill. Just take your shirt and paint. Yeah. Take two shirt: pants off and well get you a towel. Man, yeah ive got sweat clothes up there i mean we got to retrieve his magnet for him. If you retrieve the magnet, we can probably retrieve the that im telling you itll stick to that. Okay, heres! The update the update is uh um. Our drone friend here has a rare earth magnet and he has retrieved a mini before out of water with it, and so now its stuck to the dock, so chris is going to go. We have to go in the water to get it so were going to try them if we can just beat it down. You cant. You couldnt, write this any better. Oh yeah, the old life life jacket upside down. That way, you can float around and drink your beer. At the same time, oh thats great. What a great idea, how much beer do you think youve consumed on this boat? Uh? Oh, they took the garbage up. I was gon na show you. This is just from today, so you feel this thing yeah. This is my daughter and her friend. Okay, you do know how to swim. Dont, yes, dont dont drop the hammer yeah.

I need the magnet to retrieve the hammer right. Is it moving down any well yeah? Oh, we got it youre the man, oh thats, got to be refreshing, though its got to be. Is it a little a little bit fun? Did you think youd be swimming today, chris Music, chris? If we find your joint and were able to retrieve it, this would be the most epic drone retrieval ever Music. Hey brad didnt expect this. Today did you you had a gps, always expect the unexpected. With ken herron, i should have brought my beer. Hopefully this wont last long. Okay, we wont keep you from your beer line. It went in like right here were right on the spot. Im gon na say is over. In that way i was. I was looking at uh at the dvr and it it looked like it was a bit towards that way. We stayed out there dragging the bottom with that magnet long enough for kevins beer stash to get warm, so we decided to call it a day. Hello friends nows the time where you reach deep down in your pockets and send those super chats poor chris here he needs a new drone lets see what we can do for him. Oh, i found something i found something: oh, oh, hey all right! There you go there, you go all right. Well, welcome to kentucky there you go the day is not wasted. Laughter lets find out if you can even magnetize and lift an fpv quad and nothing motors, yeah motors motors a little bit from the from the nut but thats it.

If it was flipped over, it was likely to happen. It would have if it was flipped over, but how strong thats pretty strong. I felt really bad for chris, because his shirt was so wet. He couldnt wear it im just driving along with a shirtless man. Next to me: no problem arent, you glad the windows are tinted yeah, but if i have to go to the store, then ive got to put this on okay well ill, buy you a shirt and well get you. I will get something with a cute little anime character on it or something itll be fun. Okay, can you get the heart yes and sparkles got ta, have the sparkles, and so the search began for the girliest shirt. I could find all right chris im gon na. Go pick you out a nice shirt all right, make it good its gon na be really good. Cant! Wait to see it all right! Hoodies, no, its got ta say something stupid on it. Hello hi id like to purchase this sassy saucy and a little bit bossy shirt. Okay, if you want to see something hilarious come on out to the parking lot, is he going to wear it yeah right now? Do you want to deliver it to him sure all right? I got you okay, he can help me. Okay, oh awesome, hey chris, we got a shirt delivery for you, which one do you like. Do you like? Do you like sassy saucy and a little bit bossy, or i am country sassy, small town, classy and just a bit smart assy thats, the first one yeah lets see squeeze into that.

Oh, its gon na be super tight, oh thats, so so oh dude yeah the manager inside wanted to pick yeah. Oh thanks for the assist, no problem, all right ill, get you new one man well get you hooked up. Well, show this footage on tnl and well get super chats out the waz get you back because theyll be like got kens a dick Laughter for making him challenge like that. Well, at least youll be able to retrieve his magnet for him. Yes, yes, so dont get it near your testicles, no more kids! In fact, when you retrieve it give it to me, so i can put it on my testicles. I dont want children. Okay! Here we go bark twice if im gon na make it dog you dog, isnt it sad.