This thing looks pretty awesome check that out looks like some jet fighter or something you know what i mean or a spaceship check it out. Guys really. Nice has a lot of impressive features too so check this out. Its foldable 720p wide angle, camera with 150 degree field of view all right, optical flow sensor, wi, fi fpv, has three speeds, headless mode and one key return. So it doesnt have a micro sd card right. You have to download an app and all the videos and pictures go on your phone, all right, theres, your power button on the top – and here is your proprietary battery theres, your optical flow sensor right there and it has four lights on the bottom and one at The top comes in two different colors blue and white extra propellers, propeller guards, um usb charging, cable and a screwdriver all right and the manual. Also it came with this uh cell phone holder. You just hook it up on the remote right here and just plant. Your phone in there, alright speaking of remote, okay, heres, your power button top left shoulder button. Is your speed button three speeds: this is your video and photo button. These are trims, theres, your take off and land button, one key return and your headless mode and it comes with well. It takes two aaa batteries that are not included. So lets start this thing up see if it works. So when i go outside, i didnt waste.

My time, if it doesnt work there, you go. I already bounded this thing. Usually you would have to go up and down, but its already bound um, all right. So, to start this up, you put two sticks, outwards, stay away from those propellers and uh check it out. This is the uh rate button and to turn it off go inwards. Lets check out these lights, pretty nice for knife flying and the one at the top Applause. All right lets. Take this thing outside all right lets. Do it guys, by the way i forgot to bring my cell phone holder what is recording okay so far, so good. Just keeping steady all right all right its in first rates. Let me see the rate first, pretty slow, second rate a little faster and it is kind of holding its altitude hold and it is kind of holding its altitude. Okay, yeah rating third lets see wow. What are you going over there for man come back here? Let me put it in a second. All right lets fly around for a bit. Let me see, sticks, arent, very responsive. Its pretty fast do a pass by here. I think its a lot better. In second guys yeah, you got to go easy when youre flying this thing: Applause and thats the battery life right there im going fully down and its taking a while, but its good that it does have a low battery warning so thats good, so anyways lets take A good look at you, man, oh and thats, what you do when you fully run out of battery um.

I dont know what to say: i like it its smooth its fast, but you really got to go easy.