The company claims that the drone is suitable for beginners and im now going to check it out whether this is actually true, because this is my first drone that i will build completely from scratch. But in order for you to not get bored during my clumsy building a drone, i will talk to wonderful, elena silverstova copter. Express worker. Elena, is a teacher and tutor of drone courses and competitions. Lets see whats inside this wonderful box, an assembly kit, batteries battery charging a set of tools, radio equipment that is necessary for manual operation, thats the whole set of the copter. You can buy such a set on aliexpress. Moreover, until august 31st, a discount of pools is valid for the first 10 clients among our subscribers, using the promo code, pro robots, which can be combined with all other discounts and promotions on the site. So we will start with building the frame. Elena tell us: how did you come to drone construction? My first education is pedagogical. I was a first year student of masters degree when i was told about quantorium, and they were waiting for me. So, after that i began to keen on aircraft construction, drone, construction and studying the copter. Next, we will attach the stiffness plates. The frame located below goes through the hole. Here we attach two screws. There are resistant ones and screws to fix the plate from above elena. Please tell us: how should a beginner dive into the drone industry? First, you can try to build some kind of constructor yourself, for example, clover as an option, then you can learn how to control it, launch it into autonomous flight.

Then, when you have already learned some basic principles, you can create your own drone or create some kind of project, an engineering or programming algorithm. After you have constructed your first drone. You need to participate in competitions. You can either make your own project after building your own drone and deepen your knowledge in certain areas or use your knowledge in competitions. At what age can a beginner start. There are world skills, russia, competitions, academic competitions, nti, innopolis, open. We also have a copter hack project competition. We have constructed the frame. Now we are starting to install the motor, and here it is important to say that the smallest screws are used when installing the motor, its great youve mentioned that, because i would definitely start with big screws lets, just say its interesting that the motors spin in different Directions, why is that? The motors are set diagonally, some of them spin in the right direction. Others spin to the left, one clockwise. This is necessary to balance the flight. Thus, in order to fly to the right, you need to speed up the motors on the left side and to fly forward speed up the back ones, so the movement is regulated by the speed of the motors thats right. We put it so that the winding goes inside the frame and fasten it. Elena said there is no other way to attach them. If you are wrong. Yes, in this case, the hole will not match the frame its attached with the smallest screws.

As elena said now, we are installing brushless motors. What can we learn here here? We have some mystical numbers 2306, which means diameter and height of the motor, and what power do they have? It says 2300 kv. This is the number of rpm per volt. We built the frame and installed the motors whats next next we install a power distribution board, so we need to prepare the place for that. Elena, tell us how the drone is positioned and what is important for the competition. Well, if were talking about positioning on the street, then the first thing that comes to our mind is gps. If the drone flies outside, it is clear. If we are indoors, the gps will be out of order, theres no reception, sure. So what then? There are special navigation systems that are designed for indoor flight. The simplest one is: are you co markers? It means that the floor is glued with markers and the drone recognizes them and flies over them. Another one is optical flow when a laser rangefinder is installed and computer vision is also applied in both options, a camera is used in the first one. It determines the mark along the camera and flies along them. There are also various positioning systems. Motion capture is used when multiple cameras are installed and navigation is carried out by cameras. There is slam. This is when the drone builds a trajectory for itself to fly so weve put the screws for fixing the power distribution board and we should put it in.

Am i right sure there is one more thing there is an arrow on the frame which indicates the direction of the copter if it is going forward like this. Accordingly, we set the power back. Okay, thanks: it doesnt go in freely thats, okay, just press down a little skilled hands. We need to attach an rpm governor elena. What are they for? They control the rotation and direction of the motor. In general, i can say that everything is well done, i.e. The diy device is made with the mind, lets talk about programming, what languages is copter express programmed in and what do we need to know in general, copter express drones are mostly programmed in python. As i see it, python is used quite widely and can also be used in real life, so weve attached all the details that are necessary at the moment. Lets fasten them with zip ties. Ok, so the drone is programmed using python for ros what opportunities does ros provide and why was it chosen generally? This is the popular framework for robotic systems and for clover as well. There is already the social image and all the necessary settings. All you need is to download this image from the website using the documentation site. Then you should insert raspberry pi and make a few settings here. We go youre almost ready to fly. We cut off extra elements, its convenient to use wire cutters. Well, weve installed the power distribution board and rpm governor.

The next step is to install the flight controller. What exactly is the flight controller responsible for? Is it programmed separately? What is raspberry responsible for this is a bundle, because the power of flight controller is not enough and therefore command messages are transmitted to the flight controller. It is written to install the six millimeter damper struts and to attach the controller to them. Can i use these ones? Yes, you can? You have to pay very close attention to the nuts, because there are a lot of fasteners you have to understand, which one to fasten weve built a frame with motors and a controller, and now its time to connect the rpm governor. This is how we do it were connecting the first right motor from the front. The black wire should be down there as it says here. There is a white signal at the top, then were connecting the motor in front of it and the next connector. In the same way, and vice versa, here, weve got such a connection. The next step is to put the longest round aluminum struts under the raspberry pi controller, so we insert it into the nearest hole Music Music. What have we already collected? The frame is almost ready. Also, we installed the motors connected the rpm governor, installed the power distribution board and the flight controller, and now were preparing to install the raspberry pi. We had to disassemble our construction a little in order to shove the screws because they ended up under the connectors.

So its better to do it before installing the controllers and distributor now weve attached the struts and screws to the deck that affixed to the back for the raspberry pi thats it the struts, are bolted to the deck, and it looks like this. Next, we attach the deck to the frame so that the inscription coax is on the back. Here we go, we fasten it with these nuts, we install the raspberry pi. Our next step is putting a rangefinder. We do this in this way were taking the 20 struts 20 millimeter, the smallest ones, and attaching them to these four holes and now were installing the camera. Elena. Take it out wow such an honor. For me, we have a camera for raspberry pi, so it goes with the lid. There is a computer vision here, camera raspberry pi and a flight controller, its all serious. We fasten it to the deck using quite small screws, Music, so were putting up the camera. Now the camera is placed down and fixed with large screws done we put the deck on top and take the wires to this side. Well, connect the raspberry pi here and the camera as well. May we put the camera on it at once? Why not? Here is a loop, its a very delicate cable, hes, a difficult one. You have to be careful here done now. We open the lid, put the cable in and press it back down how about connecting to a raspberry at once.

Yes, lets. Do it its the same thing here were screwing it to the struts, so next were connecting the laser rangefinder to the second row from the edge the red plus power should be the most recent. Here we go so im connecting the power distribution board to the first stub, the plus side of the red one, to pin two the black one, to pin three on three. As we say in series from the loop. In fact, the pins are agreed were connecting the radio receiver to the flight controller wheres. The radio receiver here well, a flight controller is on the other side. There is a unit here called rcin here its signed were taking the wire and connecting it to the radio receiver. On one side all done, the antenna is attached to the radial receiver. Next were connecting the flight controller to the raspberry pi, using a usb cable pulling. It to the raspberry pi and connecting it to any usb, well weve forgotten to connect the power to the flight controller, so were fixing it now using this wiring from the power distribution board, connector power where it says to the flight controller weve done it as recommended. Weve finally, moved on to the strapping, we should stick an led strip on using double sided tape. As i get tape is a great invention. Do you know when it was invented? I wonder when it turns out to be space technology. When the americans were making the lunar rover, they were given metal, scotch tape with it.

It was the first tape and thats come in very handy, and the duct tape appeared later the blue one. Maybe so weve done this part next were installing the transparent feet and now were assembling Music. Weve got four feet were attaching them to our copter using the right screws here, weve got the copter on its own feet, elena said not to crank up the near beam because well be putting an led strip in here, and we are putting it up before connecting The led strip to the power supply weve installed to this connector and now were connecting the led strip to this, pin just a little bit left as i get it its a protective housing putting on the top deck. Now that the copter is built we need to set it up. Lets follow the recommendations. The most important thing is to remove the propeller so that you dont get hurt. If something goes wrong, yes, we will have very dangerous moments. Yes, even so the intrigue is on so were installing the q ground control to flash our flight controller, taking two cards, one larger and one smaller. We need one for writing the image to the raspberry pi and another one for the flight controller, a bigger card for the raspberry pi, taking a smaller stick and formatting it, preferably fat32, so that the controller sees our stick its very convenient. If you do not have a computer input for an sd card, a card reader is provided in the kit formatting as standard and then insert the flight controller.

Sure the flight controller has a special connector thats great next flashing. The flight controller take the usb that was inserted into the raspberry pi thats right now were connecting it to the computer by the way, its quite convenient that the usb unfolds like this. So we can connect it to the computer. Oh and a second usb cable is also included in the kit. We installed q, ground control and open it in the menu in order to load the firmware. We should disconnect the usb power supply and reconnect it. A menu will appear using it. We can download the firmware. It is in the instructions on the link. Next step is setting up the flight controller and radio remote. It says here the channel is not detected. We need to switch the mode in the radio receiver. The instruction says that if no channel is detected when setting up the mode must be switched to do this press the button on the receiver at the bottom of the instructions, it says to press the bind button on the receiver. It is on the other side. Clamping lets check it out, it should switch over. Yes, something was blinking. Checking that the program has appeared all right. We can move on to setting up the remote control going to the q ground control program. You could check it out now. Turning on the motors to do this, move the bottom stick down and to the right the motors are on, you can run it in manual mode.

All systems are running well, congrats. The flight controller setup is complete great. Can we fly now in manual mode? Only the propellers and battery need to be connected. There are right handed and left handed propellers, so they must be installed according to the direction of rotation of the motors before flying, make sure that all the wires are hidden and there is nothing in the way of the propeller. Well, the copter is assembled and set up now lets see if it flies or not. What do you think? I believe it great? First we switch on the remote control. Then we connect the battery. Then we switch on the copter itself theres a signal now its important to understand that you should not confuse the front of the copter. The tail of the copter is the back side. As they say, the safe place is behind the pilots back foreign. It is important to smoothly lower. You were hiding something from us. You can fly well done. We did well hooray. Now we move on to programming sure sophisticated programming for autonomous flight. What can i say about this kit? Firstly, everything is included in the complete package from all the necessary parts for the drone, starting with the necessary tools, batteries and even flash cards. You dont need to buy anything sure with this educational kit. You can understand thoroughly what a drone is made of fully assemble. It understand in terms of construction and configuration how it can be programmed to perform autonomous operations in general.

Once you have mastered this kit, you can move on to your own real quadcopter projects and even some industrial tasks. I would like to focus your attention on some important points. Firstly, thanks to optical positioning sensors and laser rangefinders, this drone can fly and hover without ar yuko markers. Secondly, the redesigned clover has carbon fiber frame, which is much stronger than the predecessors. This drone is bigger and heavier than the dji tello. Its software and hardware are completely open source with everything you need to build.