Fortunately, it is a very calm nice day in november – and i have my aerojunkies friends over here – flying their airplanes. This will be a good footage of being able to videotape, hopefully some some planes in the air. I connected everything, but there are a couple things i would like to point out. First of all, this doesnt have any optical floor, positioning or ultrasound system, so this has altitude hold that probably through an integrated barometer inside and its very basic. Even my visio had a sd card slot. It didnt have anything else, but you know that will give me a chance to record the videos and pictures directly on the drone. This, on the other hand, is recording directly on the phone, so im going to take a couple pictures to start with, so that you can see the quality. Let me hold it and while im trying to actually Music so it took pictures. But somehow the pictures look really. I dont know why zoomed in its like a Music, not a fisheye lens Music, so lets see if its going to have any dropped frames. So this is the video quality. Looking at me, not very good, not very good. At all. Im going to set it over here and start the more and then go up, okay, so its drifting a little bit with the wind, a slight breeze and what happened the video. So video took a couple seconds to catch up there.

You know it is. It is not its frozen right now and it freezes up quite a bit so lets get it a little higher Music im just trying to see if the video is still recording right now, its recording again its drifting a little bit and my friend is taking off Over here ben donovan lets see, if hell be able to follow the takeoff of the plane. That will be fun, maybe Music, so im going to set it to this is the highest speed. I think im looking at the speed yeah its the highest speed and its making it difficult to take any pictures, any videos thats going to be stable because it just drifts so much and the video keeps cutting off from time to time. If i let go, you see its like going forward because theres slight risk coming from my back im, not sure if its trying to do some stabilization, because, like electronically, not okay, of course, im not going to be able to follow that plane. But this is the fastest flies so lets and its losing altitude. I dont know why im trying to climb up and im trying to come back Music yeah its okay. I guess, and it keeps losing altitude a little bit and now its keep gaining altitude and im going forward, lose the altitude its not keeping the altitude. I dont know how the video is, but you cant see it it doesnt, look good.

It just keeps cutting off on my phone. At least i wish it had a micro sd card and im going to get a little bit of a coverage of the the planes and aero junkies and ill say too bad that this looks like a zoomed camera. Its not like fish eye camera again it keeps cutting off. The connection is not that good. So what im going to do now is just land. It was coming towards me all right lets, put the land button and im going to turn the camera all down. So when its high up, you can see ourselves its looking down a little bit like that and lets fly again. The video should be recording, but i dont see i dont see anything its frozen right now. Thats too bad wi fi says wi fi disconnected. I dont know why the wi fi keeps disconnecting okay, its reconnected. I guess i have to go really high. I think, to get anything Music sensible, even higher Music. There are some planes flying, but now the camera is showing the wrong part of the sky or the ground. Whoa whoa, oh no, Music, whoa, oh no, a little airplane just crashed sad. I cannot even see myself on the camera now i think im w yeah. I just lets land it. I think this is enough. I had enough of this Music, you know what is the final verdict. It doesnt want to come down, come on, calm down, calm down, it takes a while for it to think its, not very agile at all.

I mean the wind is like probably one mile per hour or something not as much Music. I got a trailer on it too. Okay, it landed im, not sure about this. If it were for 25, i will say yeah its worth it. If this is going to be your first drone, go, buy it and play with it. You know just give it to a kid for fifty dollars. You can get better things i mean. Even my visio drone was better it was it wasnt disconnecting this much and it had a micro sd card slot so and it was plasticy like this one i mean. I cannot really recommend this for 50 dollars if it were like 25. 30. Yes, im sorry its just uh itll be so pointing, and especially the camera i mean look. It is like showing all the features on my face, its so close and im like trying to hold it as fast as possible and the i dont think that quality is uh hd anyway, like 720, no way no way. I have seen 720 good 720 hd video. This is not it so im going to stop the video yeah. I mean from time time you get duds, so this i think one of them as a toy. It is fine, but you know fifty dollars too much for it. There are better drones, for example, from holly stone about. You know same price. Maybe it was smaller. I did the review of 14 mini drones and holly stone was a good one and its transmission was better.