Well, my friends, I will tell you that is not the case and my Superman ramp is alive and well waiting for its next victim and this time it's going to be the ARMA creighton, the EXB, the Xtreme bash version. This is a full option. Roller you're gon na look at everything inside this box, as I unbox it here today and do a build up for you. I think this is going to be a hundred percent worth your time. In fact, if you're a basher right now don't, let me down smash that like button right now, because I brought this in for you guys to have a look at look on the back. This is what everybody has been talking about. All of the upgrades you have been wanting everything you've been talking about, plus a little bit more look at this aluminum rear shock towers, I'm, loving how that goes, it's going to be extra strong, now straight out of the box. Extreme bash proof I'm gon na, be the judge of that. Thank you very much. Look at this the front bumper. I wonder how flexible this is going to be. Do I expect this to be invincible? Yes, am i being unrealistic, maybe I've always smashed and bashed. My greatest trucks out on that Superman ramp like this, the matte gloss, matte and gloss effect body. I have not opened this box I've been waiting for you guys. I know everyone's been wanting me to do a basher build and I think it's about time.

It'S been super rainy during the month of July for me and although I'd love to be outside on the rocks or on the trail or whatever it just can't, be that way it's just too wet. So it is the season for building. For me right now, look at this act to perfection. Can you believe that I couldn't hardly wait to see it? I just want to make sure to go over this in detail, so you guys can be Tong wagon with me, because this is extreme shape right here. Wow heavy duty front and rear arms with the aluminum, strengthening caps, very smart, forget let's, just get in the box. I want to see what's in there I'm loving how aggressive it looks already. Yes, it is a giant extreme banner. In fact, my dad actually has my original Creighton and it is still to this day one of his favorite machines. He has yeah baby now when I come out to see it I'll make sure to bring the new basher look at this little beauty. Black I'm loving. The look of that already come on you guys got to get out of there come on get out of the tripod. There'S, no point you being in there. We, the Hat, is fire wow. I thought it looked good on the box dude that feels nice and sturdy, but look at look how much flexibility it has I'm, not saying anything. I'M, just admiring insane Copperhead Wow feels like great ridges I'm wondering that still feels kind of soft.

I wonder if it's gon na expand out. That was one of the things I noticed about Mike reiten and you always want to remember like I said it was raining for me right now. If you ever do go outside, you want to make sure to cover up those breather holes, because if you get any extra water inside you know when they're starting to spin super fast on a 4s or like a 6s lipo battery, they can just start to inflate. But I wonder about these ones. I love these rims. Those looks so nice. All the way around to the back. Let'S have a look at that shock tower. Just like the image, the extreme Bosch Wow. It is so nice to have a new basher in here. 2020 deserved a new basher and you know what here: it is 6 s power. Let'S. Have a look! Oh, Oh before I look under your hood sweetheart. I want to have a look at the bottom chassis. I love how smooth it is just because it's a roller look at that. Oh, my god, I almost don't even want to put this in the dirt. I don't want to run this. Look at that. If you can read this just send a. I just want to hang this on the wall that's it okay, guys thanks a lot for joining me today in the unboxing that's, all I'm, going to do I'm, never getting it dirty I'm! Not even going to take the lid off see you in the next hour.

See it now I'm, just forgetting with you, you know I'm, not gon na. Do that to you. I went crazy on the horizon site. Looking at everything, I'll leave a link to the information and stuff look at this in the video description box down below you know. First thing: look at this heck: they already reinforced it. What is going on haha? I was gon na, say I'm gon na go in with my Gorilla Tape as always, and they still probably will but look at this don't just blip bat bash blast. They have reinforcement tape on the inside of the body. I have never seen that before, except for when I do it with some sort of tape, afterwards, I'm still gon na, do it. Yes, it will add weight to it, but the body overall you know it's not like it's gon na be super thick. It doesn't feel super thick and with my kind of weather out here. I know that cold and hot and we get all seasons all year round. So I'll add some tape to that to solidify it. But look at that – oh my god, guys in person, Wow Wow, look at that chassis, brace, Wow, Wow, here's, the motor mount okay, so drinking game. Obviously, every time I say wow you got to take a shot or whatever you got nearby kids pop, obviously oh wow jeez, that is, that is badass. Okay. I love that's one of the things I love about.

Bashers guys you you just want to see how that suspension is right. I know there's nothing in it right now and it totally matters when there's weight in it, but watch the suspension down slap back up to medium. If it's a roller, you must be wondering what the heck I'm going to be putting into it, and since I was on the horizon sight anyway, I just went all in and got the horizon stuff because it was easier and cheaper on shipping. For me, here is one of the high torque surface servos. The spectrum is s60 250. Now that's pretty good cuz. It can run at 8.4 volts. You can see here 382 pounds per inch of torque and plenty enough speed, metal gears. I like that, you know ready to be good to go and then, of course, the powerhouse 18 scale. Look at this on and off road brushless, 20 50 kV motor and ESC combo have a look on the back here. It'S gon na tell us about the B EC look at here here's. The continuous current is a hundred and fifty amps peak current 950, a sensorless brushless motor, which means not really meant for going slow or else it'll kind of cog on you, but still can go fairly. Slow on a roll and 18 scale can take up to a 6 s. Lipo the B EC is pretty standard and it's not like. We really need a big B EC on this anyway we're, not using tons of servos so battery connector I'm, loving it ready to rock and roll let's open this up and have a look on the inside.

This is the first time I've ever used the spectrum. Smart technology and I wanted to kind of get in on what people were talking about – maybe learn how to unbox something with one hand, while I'm filming jeez. What? If I never done this before what I meant to say it was, I pre cut this, so I could get it ready to go and just continue to have some problems with it, but it was more for a comedy effect. Someone'S like why are you using a tripod? The answer is, because is I'm hot. That looks awesome. That looks mean beautiful. This is the smart technology for the smart batteries and this is going to be for two of course. So if you're doing a 6s lipo, you can do 2, 3, s's or if you want to jump one, you could just use one battery, then if you just want to use the one and then the motor very hard to do one handed, you know my whole Show is just full of innuendo, I think the hobby is just any window filled larger than a shotgun shell. The same length, though nope this is a two and three quarter, inch 12 gauge and you can see there is a sizable sizable difference. I love how aggressive this looks and how they've worked in the spectrum logo on the side. What an iconic logo it's been around for such a long time. So here are the brushless connectors for the motor everything's, already pre done, for you look at the caps on there, capacitors yeah pretty much plug and play.

It looks like just dawned on me that some of you might be looking at this and you might be new to the Hobby and you don't know what a roller really means. A roller is just more of a chassis you can see, even though this is a very beefed up chassis but there's, no electronics in it and literally you can roll it. Normally. When you have a motor in there with pion on board everything's kind of connected, you can roll it, but it's not as free as this is right. Everything would be hooked up and have electronics a lot of those are called ready to run. So if you see RTR on the box, you'll know it's ready to run. This is a full option, which means fully upgraded roller that has every upgrade they could think of to put on here first. So hopefully, that helps clear that up on this side, you can see here. Boo boo here is a aluminum servo upgrade. This is going to eliminate any twists in that servo area. You also might be wondering why would they have this top bar across the top? You might even hate the look of it. I actually think it's very shocking and it stands out well, but this is to keep your Creighton from actually kind of turning into a banana when, when it jumps way too high and comes down and hits hard a lot of that force and some all that force And energy sometimes will want to bend that whole chassis and so that's.

What they're trying to avoid there plus they're, also bracing it here against the bottom, with the aluminum instead of plastic, which gives it a lot more rigidity as well. Now, how is it going to transfer throughout the whole thing? We'Ve always said over the years, the more aluminum, the more damage you're gon na get because plastic, normally bends and bounces back, but aluminum tends to bend and never bounce back right, just kind of stays in the bent position. But if it's strategically designed – and it says, they've done a lot of design work on this vehicle, it should be able to put up with quite a few different bashes and hopefully come away fairly unscathed. So we'll see okay. First thing I got to do loosen off this screw and this screw I'm just gon na use the allen key that came right in the kit. I'Ll just slide that piece right out making sure I'm watching the direction, but you can see here there is only really one way it can go in. If you take a look at the end of the motor you'll, see a whole bunch of holes on there, but there are four that are dedicated to mounting screws so I'm, going to line them up with the piece that I just showed you I removed like so I'M gon na find the corresponding holes that I want to make sure that the wires are sticking out the way I'd like accessible.

If you are new to the Hobby, you'll notice that the motor shaft has a flat side to it, that is the side where the grub screw for your pinion is going to be going against. If you look closely here, that is the grub screw in behind now it does come with thread lock on it, but note how far I had to push the pinion in on this motor shaft that's, no big deal it's just accommodating that motor shaft is accommodating for Other vehicles as well, but what I've done is I've pre, lined it up to make sure that everything fit you'll see here it just slides right into place like that. Now I like to have a nice little bit of a gap in there. I usually put a piece of paper: full SCAP it's, just an old trick that we've been doing for years in the Hobby, just to make sure you've got not too tight of a mesh. But just enough like that, so you got to just add a bit of a gap. Then tighten it up now. Take note how I lined everything up again: new people might not notice how they're lining it up but make sure that your wires are easily accessible right. You want to have to be able to get those with your electronic speed control, which really is the the brain where the motor is the heart right, and so these, like this particular esc, has a two screw holes on either side.

They are built in right here on the armor, which is awesome basically ready to drop in before I drop that in I'm. Gon na drop in the servo right here just have to undo the plate here, there's four screws, and then I can just drop it straight in actually, let me remove this red plate. I think that would make it easier to go over this particular servo. Alright, there. It is nice and installed snug as a bug in a rug, as my mom used to say, check this out so now you would think that you'd be over here going oh I'm just going to adjust. You know just install the steering horn right away. No, you don't do that. You got to make sure that that servo is centered. Now you either already have a Center inside unit that you've used or you can wait to plug it into the receiver. Now the receiver I'm going to use today is going to be for my DX five. This is going to be a something that's very straightforward. It'S, a three channel receiver I've got my throttle, my my steering and an auxiliary port. I don't really need an auxiliary port on this one, but if I want to plug in lights or whatever else I wanted, that has the availability. So this is a nice small receiver. The receiver box is on this side, so I'm just gon na place this here for now, because we all know it's going to go there and I'm gon na get this installed by just removing these two screws to begin with, and then just dropping the ESC right Into place and then cinching up those two screws again notice the direction of my wires right.

So I want to make sure to keep the shortest possible distance to my motor and then, of course, these can reach over to the battery when they are ready to go. I just almost caught my mistake right there or I did catch. My mistake – almost missed it. I should say before I cinch that down notice on the bottom. Yes, it's got this neat little sticker on there, but I know from experience when machines like this hit the ground with force and slap. Two screws is not going to be enough, so instead spectrum actually already provides you on the inside check this out a bomb with a giant real 3m double sided piece of stickiness, so it doesn't force that slap and all that force to knock this free. So make sure to install the 3m on the bottom before you actually cinch it down with those screws, very important, well it's kind of self explanatory color to color, and then, if you see down here right here, there's a little clip for each one of those wires. I'Ve just flipped the car, the other way just so I can go ahead and remove the top panel for the receiver box and just get that out of the way, so here we're gon na see where we can route it so right here, if you notice and New folks may miss these things they're easy to miss there. We go get it in focus there come on.

This is where your wires are gon na go into the box right there, so it's pretty much splash resistant! Oh! Oh! Look at this there's a nice seal around the lid very good. So here we go since I know that this is already bound to my radio. I went ahead and installed the throttle and the steering you can see that auxilary and the battery port are open. You can plug lights into the battery port if you want as well. So you do have that ability if you want to put lights into your vehicle as well and really the only thing to do now is to turn it on. But I want to make sure to either a remove the tires or be elevate, the truck just in case there's, any kind of issue we don't want to have something on 6s running away. Well, maybe you guys want it, but I don't enter in the smart batteries. I'M, trying to catch up to date on all this technology, this smart stuff to figure out what makes an ESC so smart. What makes the batteries so smart, like they're, just batteries right nope things are getting much more complicated in the world and thankfully, you no longer have to have a ton of sensors all over for telemetry. When you have the proper radio, the receiver, some of the older receivers are supported still, but this will tell you a whole bunch of stuff and that's why? I want to set this up to show you so here we go.

These two batteries, we're gon na, go in stacked stocked you'll, be like how are you going to stack that it looks impossible now you see there are two smart, three cell lipo batteries. Ah so I was cinching up these batteries don't they look so pretty and secure. Now they're not going anywhere, but then I noticed on the strap earlier. What was this and it's? Actually, this is actually built right onto the velcro strap. This is a wire holder for your bottom battery genius. Oh my dx 5 rugged. I has not seen very much use yet, but I was going to hold this on for a little while till like mail it, but might as well do it now. I love the rugged because it has all this rubber on the side. How many times have I dropped it right? How many times have I dropped my radio and had to worry about it now I've got some rubber on the edge that just won't crack it open like they used to look at that. I love the tire on the side and I know Jason hoy might be watching right now from hi fab. Crawlers. Look how far your idea for the all thumbs has finally come brother. I knew it, you knew it. We all knew we're gon na see one handed driving, because you need your other hand to hold some beer know the camera. Okay, my radio is on my vehicle, is elevated I'm gon na plug in one side of the battery plug in the other side of the battery and all six ready to rock six cells of lipo.

Oh look at this on the top of my radio right there. Smart just appeared it activated. Spectrum did a really great video on their smart stuff. I'M gon na leave a link to it. Just because it's going to be a heck of a lot easier than me explaining in detail what it is. They did a great video there's, a link in the video description box down below, of course, as always with other links to help you get along and your RC adventure notice, and remember that I did not hook up the steering servo right, because I wanted to make Sure it is centered I'm making sure that everything is centered here. On my new model, everything looks fine, so I feel like I can go ahead and now cinch up my steering once it is Center, where I like it isn't just a hobby for ya. Look at this, this is the aluminum steering servo that it comes with awesome, 25 to 30. I overlooked something so that's, no, no good, so I'll have to swap out the servo, but I've got just the servo would mind. Let'S see here miss Reef's RC servo, which one I'm going to go with the triple for it is waterproof and super strong it's got 422 ounces at 6 volts that's. What this kind of truck should have look at that 444 at 7. Point 4 volts. It is a 25 to the stock. Aluminum servo horn will work.

Hopefully I can get this one to fit in, because the one that's in there is fairly low profile, but they do give you these side spacers as well, which I'll put underneath the servo, which will give me a little bit more room reefs, RC servo. Look at how pretty it is titanium gears heavy duty for an extreme basher you're gon na want an extreme set up. I don't even know why I would go with the servo like I did respect to him, but I was thinking it's one of those late night. Things know where you're just clicking away on the website and you like. Oh, I want to try that out ain't. I should just use my resource here to begin with, but that's okay let's see here let's test it out: yeah yeah, all six cells of power. Oh look how fast it is too fast unless you're racing, maybe I'll probably turn the stern steering servo speed down. But look at that, my friends didn't uh. Shall we give it its first little wheel test here so should I really do it hey Dad? Oh, she wants to rip right away. Come on over here, darling, listen! I'M! Just pulling it slowly. So you can hear the resistance in that motor. Those magnets are huge in there holy cow. This looks incredible. Okay definitely got a decal it with the smart, definitely got a decal it with the reefs or year earned for one of the best.

So nice tell me guys what is the favorite color that you have for your basher trucks? Mine has always been black. You know I wasn't gon na let this out of the studio without an RC sparks decal right on the front check it out there. It is my friend this is the exb, the extreme bashing version of the crate nor cratan or wherever you are in the world. However, you pronounce let's just call this one bad ass truck right. I always want to know. Have you made it this far in the video please comment down below. Let me know if you watch the whole thing. If you only watch part of it, if you skip to the end, it does help me make better videos for you in the future. Lets me know what you enjoy. Also, let me ask you guys, does this you know, could you improve this vehicle at all? If there was any improvements, you would make what would it be I'm always reading the comments guys I can't respond to all of them, but I love to read what the community has to say about the videos what'd. You guys think about this insane truck. You know that I've got bashing coming up and this means the Superman ramp. We'Ll see you in the next episode.