If you dont stop, i have to take you in thats thats, not a professional lens, its like very small, its, like look at this thing, its clearly professional, no, its im just shooting for youtube. Thats. It im going to take this with me. I just shoot for youtube, just kidding guys uh. This is scott, a friend of mika and mikas, a fellow komodo shooter and in this video, were going to review the laowa nano more and get some shots here down. In times square lets go if youre new to animal shooting. I have another video where i just explain it. A little bit more um were just like in the middle of a school group here right now, but anamorphic lenses come in different squeeze factors its basically like how wide how much your image is squeezed, they range usually from 1.33 to 2x, 2x or 1.8x, is often Used in cinema productions, those are these big, ass, anamorphic and heavy lenses. This one is a 1.5 squeeze. I dont know if youve seen my survey, video thats, a 1.6 squeeze so 1.6 1.5 is possibly not huge of a difference, but definitely something to think about the squeeze factor. The other characteristics of an anamorphic lens are the flares, and in this case you can get the standard blue flares. This is usually what you get, but this comes also in an amber version. So you see it here in the ring here gives you an indication of what what color the flares are.

So you can pick between two different versions here and we got to try out the amber version. So what i noticed here, i was blending the frames right now, but you see some some of the shortcomings of this lens is the pin cushioning you see it here on the screen. It is bending to the side, so the opposite of barrel distortion is pin cushioning, and you know it looks a little bit funny. I wonder how it looks in post, but its certainly something to think of the lines are not straight on the side of the of the image. So maybe we need to cut off any anyways a little bit of the side of the frame, but something to be aware of again its, not perfect design? Okay, if you, if you ever wonder where the innovation for touristy scams, is originating its right here on bro uh on time square, its on broadway, its broadway too. This is the newest thing. I havent seen this thing happening here: its basically a camera rotating or youre rotating i dont, know well see we will see what happens. Is that an iphone 13, its an iphone 13.? We have a guy, we have a guy with a sword in the back. Oh, it makes bubbles, so the one thing that i forgot to mention is that the squeeze factor is actually constant throughout the full focusing range. So that is something that is not usual for cheaper anamorphic lenses and on the other side, the close focus distance is actually really really nice.

I will show you some footage from up here from the balloon to give you an idea of what it looks like and how close you can get into the faces of people. Um dollars go right all right. This is officially your first time in the police car, at least in the u.s ive, been in germany before okay, so this lens comes in three focal lengths right now. This is the 50 millimeter 2t 2.4. It also comes in 27, t 2.8 and 35 t 2.4 theres, also a 65 and 80 millimeter coming later this year and you can get those adapted for all kinds of mirrorless mounts from sony. Uh two rf mount lenses, uh like like thats, the one im using right now. There are also options for ef and pl, but you have to keep in mind. They have a protruding uh glass element, so you cannot use it with a speed. Booster. In case you were thinking about like making it basically a full frame lens with that in terms of cost. Each lens runs at 999 dollars right now on kickstarter, you can get it for 8.99. The ef appeal mount versions are a thousand four hundred. Ninety nine dollars – and there are some deals also if you wan na – get it um as a bundle. Okay got away with the camera. Again, someone forgot the laundry here, its still drying all right. So what is my conclusion? What do you think about this lens? I think, first and foremost its impressive, that it fits into such a small compact form factor it is, i mean its even impressive for normal lens to be that small and that this is an anamorphic lens thats, mind boggling, actually, clearly, it is not a perfect lens.

Weve seen the pink cushioning youve seen a lot of images honestly, so you can form your own opinion about it. It is fairly fast with t2.4, but the flares i heard mixed opinions about it. I actually im fine with it theyre like obviously the more expensive one have a little bit more character in the flares, but overall, if you want to get started with anamorphic and you dont want to break the bank nor your back when you carry it around, i Think this is actually a good good starting point, but let us know what you think about this lens in the comments down below big big. Thank you to mikhail for shooting all the bts, a fellow komodo shooter, and as always thanks so much for watching. If you enjoyed this video hit the like button below, if you enjoyed it even more so hit the subscribe and the bell, and as always thanks so much for watching, have a good morning have a good night. Whenever and wherever you are around this beautiful world. Bye.