So do we now know the price of that sexy new controller Music, hello, im ian and i play with drones and thanks to a sharp, eyed subscriber seeing it listed on argos here in the uk, we can now take a look at a whole swathe of new Pictures of djis, newest drone and whats most exciting for me is seeing the price of the package that comes with that incredible new smart controller with the big screen. Because if the listing is correct, it means that you can pick up the mini 3 and that sexy new remote with the huge new screen with the package price being just 859 pounds: eight five, nine thats around a thousand and eighty dollars now. Whilst that might sound a lot, take a look at the listed price of the rc pro as a standalone product, you see it costs even more rc pro 879 pound. So what is going on? Is this really the price of this package as its being sold out or have argus just made a mistake with the pictures and listed the standard package that was leaked by uh top rc uh website earlier this month, but there that standard package with the uh with The standard remote that was shown at 829 euros, which comes in at just 695 pounds, so is the smart controller package with that huge new screen really going to be sold at argos anyway for just 165 pounds more well as ever, i guess were just going to Have to wait and see because, unsurprisingly, its listed out of stock, but if the price is correct and this remote is compatible with other other models like the uh a2s or even the mavic 3, then what an absolute steal! This is going to be youre literally buying a smart controller with the huge new large screen at the same price as the existing rc pro controller, which kind of means youre getting the mini three thrown in for free.

So hmm, yeah. Look when i see these things online, i can get a little bit excited, but i have to keep a healthy dose of skepticism until its actually released as to me would literally be the sales century for this new package on the argus website. Theres also details of the fly more combat package, giving you the usual case that youve seen with the air 2s and the mini 2 and the two extra batteries along with the charging hub again, this seems a great value of just 159 pounds or bang on 200. So if all of this is correct, you could end up with the mini three, the big screen remote and the combo pack, with the bag and extra batteries for all just over a thousand pounds, and as i said, if that listing is correct and the remote does Work with the other models, then what a package that is going to be sadly, no mention of the heavier duty battery that gets you that 47 minutes of flight time – and i actually have a feeling were not going to get that in the european market, and that Will be so dji can set the maximum take off mass for this drone at 250 grams or 249 grams and keep it under the regulatory radar. But anyway, look as ever. We have to wait and see, but look there we go super short video today. It is always good fun when these things get leaked out and yeah.

As i said, if that price is right for that package, then well thats going to be pretty pretty good. So thanks to daves channel for shouting this out, uh drop us a comment below and obviously, if you actually see it for sale anywhere in stock, then do drop me a comment, although i really think that really is uh wishful thinking, but look anyway ill put the Links to the argos pages below i dont know if theyre going to stay up or if they might be taken down by the time. This video goes up. I dont know, but look you can check the pictures and details yourself still no definite uh sign of when this little beastie is going to be released, but were still guessing sometime in mid may tell me your thoughts. Give me a little thumbs up to help the video along and as ever, wherever, whatever youre doing wherever you are in the world.