Youll see some drone footage like this, as i show you around the property before giving a detailed review at the end before we get started, dont forget to leave a like and subscribe. I have a ton of costa rica videos coming up all about our 10 day trip. This shot gives a pretty good overview of the property. The rooms are individual buildings and there is a main road that circles. The entire property well start by heading to the thermal pool, which is on the left side of the screen. As you can see, it has a pretty nice view of the volcano and the thermal pool is heated with geothermal water, theres, also a swim up bar hot tub and a little kiddie pool Music, so Music on the other side, theres a deck and plenty of seating Options around the pool the deck overlooks the river and a patch of trees with the bathroom underneath it Music right near the thermal pool. Is the lobby theres a standard check in desk and a little seating area and souvenir shop Music turning around the restaurant and pool are on the other side of the property. The restaurant is open from 6 30 a.m, for breakfast to 10 p.m. At night for dinner, we ate at the restaurant for breakfast, which was set up buffet style. There is also a great view of the volcano. Pretty much anywhere on the property has a nice view as long as the clouds arent blocking it right next to the restaurant is the main pool.

There is also a swim up bar lots of seating and a hot tub Music. It has a walk in entry on one side and gradually gets deeper. Music here is some more seating at the edge of the pool area, Music walking back from the pool and restaurant area theres a little pond, apparently theres a crocodile inside so make sure you dont go for a swim Music here you can see a top down shot Of the rooms and all the landscaping, each room has a little patio and lawn area, so you can sit outside and all of the plants make. It feel very private and heres a ground level shot of walking around the property Music now well, do a room tour. It was a pretty standard room, but on the bigger side, room 119 had two queen beds: a fridge and a huge bathroom Music, Music Music. So now its time for the review portion of this video, obviously im home right now, but as we were staying there, i took a few notes on my phone that i am going to share with you guys and before we get started. I just want to say that obviously, this video isnt sponsored im just making it to help people out and also for myself to remember where we stayed during our trip. So lets get started not to start on a negative note, but the wi fi was definitely pretty bad there. It would just randomly not work, it would say i had three bars, but nothing would work, nothing would load and we actually saw some other people complaining at the front desk about this too.

So it wasnt just me and my family having this issue but youre on vacation and you dont really need the wi fi, so its kind of a first world problem to be complaining about, but i do have to say that there was good service at the reception. Everyone was so kind and they were very knowledgeable about the area and they gave us a bunch of tips about where to go and also how to get to the airport and what time we should get there. And what time we should leave and how the roads were all sorts of that kind of stuff they were very nice and very helpful. Also, it was a very, very nice property tons of beautiful landscaping, just right outside our little room too, and all over the place. It was a very nice place to just go walk around because all the paths were paved and you can walk by each room and always have a very pretty view. I loved the regular pool it wasnt very crowded and also had a great view of the volcano, but the thermal pool, i thought, was a little bit dirty. The water was kind of cloudy and there was sand in it, but i think that just might be how it is, naturally just because it has thermal hot spring water and it was kind of i dont know i just didnt really like it all that much. I thought it was a little bit too hot.

It kind of just felt like a hot tub, but without the jets, so we spent most of our time at the regular pool, but that was great also the thermal pool wasnt exactly what i was expecting. I just had it in my mind that their thermal hot spring area would be like a river that was hot, that you can just go swimming thats, definitely on me, but i thought that id mention it just in case someone else is thinking. It would be the same way. It was just like a regular pool and i think that they just pump the hot thermal water into it. Like ive mentioned, there is a great view of the volcano. Pretty much anywhere you go. The restaurant had a great view. The pool had a great view you could kind of see it from the lobby area and from our room. It was really pretty. I also really liked how there were separate buildings for each room, and you didnt really have to deal with noisy neighbors above you below you and to the sides, and it felt pretty private with how separated and spread out everything was well. You kind of did have a neighbor, because each building had two separate rooms in it, or at least thats how ours was there might be a few that is just one family per building, but the wall separating them was a little bit thin so like it would Be the bedroom then the bathroom for one and then the bathroom and then the bedroom so like theyre connected by the bathroom, but not like connected.

I hope you know what i mean. I im not good at explaining things. The bathrooms are like back to back thats. It and we could hear the people next door talking a little bit and also their kid freaking out in the shower wasnt the biggest deal because it wasnt in the middle of the night, but the walls were a little bit thin. Also for the location, i thought that it was pretty great it wasnt directly in downtown fortuna, but it wasnt that far from it either we drove in to get dinner two nights there, and also it wasnt very far from the place that we hiked to see the Volcano and it wasnt far from that really famous waterfall – that everyone wants to see there, so the distance was definitely pretty good. I think it was nice to be sort of out of the downtown, and also it was near a bunch of the other hotels. But i do have to say it was a little bit hard to find it because its kind of like around a corner or not like a corner but like a bend and its like right here and i dont know how we missed it on our way there. But we kind of had to backtrack a little bit. It was a little bit of an ordeal but its fine, because we made it and yeah thats pretty much all i have to say about this hotel. I really liked it during our stay and thought it was a beautiful place, so i definitely recommend and if youre looking for places to stay in other parts of the country, i made three other hotel tours.

One and manuel antonio hako and also monteverde so definitely go check those videos out if youre looking for places during your vacation – and i also vlogged our entire 10 day trip there.