This song is called drone corpse aviator. You know whats funny. I actually wasnt planning on doing more art spire, because i know their album is coming out and ive already done, two singles and i kind of wanted to save the rest for the album reaction. That is for sure, going to happen. But this song has a cool title like drone corps. Avatar seems like three words that they just kind of put together but well find out what it means and uh. Also, the music video thumbnail just seems kind of cool and, like we actually have like a music video where the last song just had kind of like a visualizer, so uh yeah, im very pumped to hear this, and you know its just gon na be stupid fast. Its gon na be ridiculous and uh im very excited anyway. I think thats, all we need for chit chat. So what do it all right? Drone corps? Aviator? Maybe it makes a little bit of sense, but anyway lets get it. Three two one go violent images, all right: Applause, okay, thats, violent, already, hes violently attacking that drum: oh Music community, oh my god, dude Music, im loving the concept of this video man; Music, because theyre, not human, oh so classical sandy man, it literally sounds like mozart Or something Music whats up Music, good, something that i can follow there. This sounds actually kind of easier to follow right now, okay, so its a dual solo is Music aviator.

Music is Music, come on thats? How? I feel? Oh, that is Applause – oh my god. Okay, i can see why uh the warning – oh my god, dude well done – on the video holy crap. These guys are so fun to react to man theyre so fun to react to all right. All right lets talk about the song. Now, where do i even begin when it comes to our spire? Man like their music, is absolutely insane um. You know why. I think i really love it, its very prog metal and obviously its tech death, but i mean this feels like say: a prague metal band wrote a seven minute song but then doubled the bpm on it. Thats essentially artspire like they wrote pretty much like a seven minute track here, but they play it so fast that its condensed down to wow four minutes. The song is like almost four minutes that could be part of the video, but damn thats pretty long like. I know that it took them three years or so to write this album and it shows, like the amount of details, absolutely insane its so hard to break it down on first listen, but i am going to do my best so lets go through the pros and Cons number one pro is that i thought this song was actually a little bit easier to follow, which was actually kind of cool and, like super surprising, because you know the last two songs were just absolutely insane and relentless, and this song for sure was the same.

Like case here, but i mean, like the drone corps aviator, they repeated or ollie repeated that enough were actually kind of like stuck and also like. There were certain like uh riffs. I think, like the two minute mark that were repeating themselves and they tend to repeat things quite a bit but like i felt like uh, they were actually kind of like slowing things down and making things easier to follow, which was actually like kind of refreshing. For the band, because theyre so like non stop, which i love, but you know for a third single, its like showing the variety to this band, and also i really like the clean sections. It reminds me of moonlight sonata or something especially the first time around. Like sounded really nice and pleasant, and then the second clean setting was actually really nice as well and like those sections of music are so important to kind of like break up the flow of these songs and, like you know, on first, listen, people are going to Think, like its random, like people who dont like tech, death or death, metal or whatever, like oh its random, its just noise but like the the songwriting here, is actually really smart in terms of like repeating things enough where actually things can like stick because like that, They actually purposely do that, which i think is so cool and then the clean sections. They do that purposely to break up the flow of the songs, and i think thats huge.

You know if they didnt have that the songs would just be a lot and its like. You know. The first song didnt have that, but there was enough changes and grooves and i had like an outro breakdown uh. So it was cool but anyway, but with this song like its really cool that they have like really cool smart uh, songwriting ideas to um, break up the flow of the songs and keep things engaging and interesting and refreshing like thats. What i mean like its very smart, like how they get from one part to another man, another pro is like ive already talked about how awesome this band is through my other reactions, but like the music, video was actually really cool like it was a clever idea To kind of like have these guys its kind of like not like robots im, trying to figure out what they were, but like theyre, more like guinea, pigs and uh. Its just kind of funny because, like these guys are just not human thats, my way of interpreting the video and just seeing them kind of like uh go through these tests, or whatever was actually pretty funny like at the end. It just got stupid gory and it just that one shot where he was like talking or doing the growls without his head was actually such cool effects, like very, very cool man like im, trying to think maybe they had some like a hydraulic and like remote or Something to move around or something that seemed like it was mimicking the vocals, but that was really cool.

The music video was just like a really cool um video that we dont typically get from like death metal as well uh, usually the genre music is very dark and um. You know because its talking about you know death, metal, right, um and thats. Why this band is so refreshing man, theyre, really fun and um. When i listen to other death metal bands, they really go into the tropes of you know other death metal, which is like dark, melancholic and evil and sinister, which is cool but its refreshing, to have a band that is just like. Has music videos like this? You know and fun its just really fun um lets move on to the cons. No, i have. I have no cons man. I dont think ive ever had cons listening to artspire, they uh write, really excellent music, extremely fun. Crazy technical, like i, cannot break this down, especially on first uh, listen, but i would love to learn this its going to take forever to learn this stuff on guitar, but i dont, i dont even have an eight string, so i cant but uh those keys that Dean plays they look pretty sick same with toby. They both look uh. Their guitars are cool and kind of selling me on keys man, but anyway, im talking way too much so thats. My thoughts on artspires new song im curious to know what your thoughts are so comment down below spice up my life.

What did you guys think of new tune from artspire? Is it better than the first two singles whatd you like more id love to know? Also, if youve gone to this point of video, i havent clicked off yet then i appreciate the of you. Man feel free to hit that subscribe. Button feel free to leave a like if you enjoyed the video, but on that. Thank you tune in until next time.