This is a new series where i am going to take a popular, build formula. Turn it upside down, put it on its head and use my own list of components instead of this popular spec build, and now this apex frame has one of the most popular spec, build formulas. The mr steel formula that we have ever seen – and i did my slight variation of that when i used the apex moon boot in a previous review of the apex, but i want to vary off a little bit further im, not using an air unit. This time im using a vista unit and im using the ifly beast 30×30, all in one flight controller, esc combo board in order to reduce weight even further to see if i can reach close to that analog weight level with dji on board. Without giving up any performance at the same time – and my goodness so this was kind of a restoration build for me. I got this frame in trade and when it actually arrived, it was missing a lot of pieces. It was missing the camera plates. The wire covers a few standoffs, most of the hardware and uh, for some reason, this one paint this one uh panel was painted blue and so things just started clicking. I had the all in one beast board in full review. I had a set of these hype: train van over blue motors and theyre, so beautiful so rare so hard to get.

Even though i tep i pretty much race on the rcn power version of this motor, i couldnt bring myself to actually race and destroy this motor. So i was like this is the perfect opportunity to throw all this together. Uh. It was missing the skids, but impulse rc publishes the stl files for this. So i printed my own versions to save a little bit of weight there um. So i was able to reduce the weight that, with this runcam 5 4k and a 1050 milliamp 6s pack, i got the weight all the way down to 624 grams 624 grams. That is in the realm of mr stills, builds when he is using a session. Five. Now session five is almost extinct, so you cant really use it anymore. So this is a lighter, almost as good alternative, and now that you have access to be able to use that gyroflow software. You can get very gopro like footage with a setup like this, so how does it fly? My goodness, this amount of power in this motor, this 2207 1860 kv uh van over edition motor, which is the same as the rc n power is just a dream. Come true, of course, im running it on crossfire. The build was super super easy. You just solder up your motor wires, your xc60 and youre good to go because the ifly beast all in one theres, a video out on the channel on that has plugs that you plug in for your receiver and to the dji unit.

So, like the soldering and build time for this was so minimal, and this is probably one of the cleanest builds that ive ever made like. I said its been so long since i wanted an all in one that i could really trust to build a five inch and have everything cleaner, lighter, easier and faster to build and man after conforming conformal coating that beast 30 by 30. Everything fits in there nicely its super low profile since theres only one layer, i do have the wiring for the vista and the camera going underneath right here and then, of course, it comes back up here. Heres the vista wiring. At the back, i used a generic sort of antenna mounts right here and zip tied this on there right here. My crossfire model t is going to go down there. Yes, i am using express lrs for my racing and micro builds, but for five inch freestyle war. I may be going a little bit further in range and where i absolutely want the control link, because this is a much more expensive build uh. I want the strongest controlling possible cross fire. You can see that i have attached my vista unit only with double sided tape, but its not just any double sided tape. It is this uh, 3m 30 pound mounting tape. This is some serious grip on there. So i dont have any worries that this thing is going to come out now. What else do you notice about this mounting in the back? I have it slightly offset to the right, not centered.

Why? Because i wanted to attach my capacitor right here and be able to zip tie it to this portion right here. This is the ur uav pre wired capacitors on there. So it has a little cap on the cap with some wire leads, so its very easy to install. Then i also use one of these. This came with a couple of 470 35 capacitors. I installed one at the pigtail, so double capacitors, because i want this to be safe. I do have a nebula pro sorry guys, if youre not able to get one. This is my own personal stash ive been waiting on. What should i actually use this? For was this a success, and i have to say yes, its one of my favorite builds uh because it went together so quickly. I was able to get out in the air flying so quickly. The the vegas like its almost two lights, the amount of power in this motor is just so juicy at this weight level, my goodness the speed it feels almost like a race quad, because its just barely a little bit heavier its about 100 grams, heavier than my Average race, quad and uh that difference is not that big. So if you really want to be able to do aerial acrobatics and have a lightweight feel, it feels almost like flying one of those five inch ultra lights, that amount of float but with like way more speed like a whole nother gear.

In order to shift into so i have raised the camera angle a little bit. I may put a throttle cap on here to reduce some of that get a little bit of that control back, because its just like so much more power than im used to the other thing that i can do, though, is just run the hero9. If i want to add a little bit of extra weight to bring the weight a little bit higher, bring the control a little bit better, just a little bit more weight. So i could run a larger battery and a larger gopro and then itll feel just perfect, and i love having that flexibility to be able to run light. If i want to to be able to run heavy, if i want to to be able to get more or less flight time, depending on how i want the quad to feel and uh, one of the easiest builds ive ever done. So this is the johnny 5 edition formula i5 beast all in one rcn power motors. You cant really get the van over v1, but its just a colorway option, so ill leave the link to the motors that you can buy. That are the same as this. There is the nebula pro dji camera, of course, uh and crossfire very simple, build green list very simple, build to get you going. The goal with this johnny five edition was to see if i could reduce weight and see if i could reduce build time so easy to build up ill, have some of the walkthrough for that in here this all in one uses plugs, so you dont even have To solder anything to the board other than the boaters, its so quick and easy, and it just comes out looking so clean, my goodness one of the most uh attractive builds ive ever built.

So, within the comments guys, i know theres a lot of controversy surrounding the apex right now with some of the comparisons to the aos 5. um lets just address that theyre both complex builds. You know the apex looks simple, but with the key in here with all the extra hardware, with all the extra little pieces with these camera plates instead of 3d printed mounts its complex okay, but, like a lot of complex, builds its worth it when you fly it, It flies better, then it looks simple, but theres a lot of uh extra development that went into making this one of the best flying quads out there. I personally, like the looks of it better. I personally like the ability to mount cameras to it a little better than some of those other ones out there. So this is going to be my freestyle quad, that i use to get hd footage for the channel when im not reviewing another freestyle build, and so because what i noticed would happen is, i would sell off every freestyle build after i reviewed it and there had Been a handful of times where i needed a 5 inch freestyle build to get some footage and i didnt have one. So this is going to be my personal freestyle rig the johnny 5 edition apex thanks guys, Music, its me Music, Music, deep in my legs, is Music: Music, Music, Music, hello, Music! Please, Music! Do you do Music, Music, oh Music, um, Music, Music, Music.