Hey ive got a product that i want to show you today that was actually sent to me by a company called uh anyphong, and this is a wireless charging bank and uh. It immediately got my interest because often im out in the field, i need to charge more batteries on my drones and need a way to do it. This uh. Not only can you charge it up and use it just as a normal power bank, its also solar powered, so you can add or actually charge the power bank itself while youre out there uh. So anyway, it looks interesting. Its got uh some water resistant capabilities and some other things so lets lets, take it out of the box and take a look at it and we can talk about all the various features there. Okay, so this is the uh any fong solar power bank lets uh lets go ahead and pull it out of the box and uh yeah might as well look at the box here for a second uh. It talks about it being an ip67 waterproof. Now, i would probably say its probably more water resistant than waterproof. It is a charge bank. After all, so uh yeah, i mean i think you can get it wet. I dont know that i would submerge it uh, but it does include a lanyard built in flashlight uh. You can charge four devices at once and it is high output, so lets go ahead and pull it out of the box here.

Okay, so here we are there. It is and uh yeah so immediately see: weve got uh a usb uh, a to usbc uh charge, cable and a nice uh little lanyard, so yeah thats kind of handy. It looks like it may be a hook and loop yeah its hook and loop so that you can adjust the size of it, so thats handy and then of course, uh. The obligatory uh paperwork here, thats included with the uh with the power bank, so uh yeah. I would recommend that you probably look that over and lets pull it out of this little bag here. Okay, so now that weve got this guy out of the box. Lets take a quick look at it uh it is. This is the quick charging side, you would simply put your phone on there and turn the device on and its capable of 10 amp quick charging, so thats pretty good on the other side. Here this is the solar power bank side. So this is the side. Youd want up towards the sun to to charge the device itself uh and then i believe it could also solar via solar, can charge other devices when you have them plugged in but yeah. So these lights right here tells you uh uh the state of charge. So let me just do a little quick press and you can see that it came out of the box uh three quarter charged and that red light means that its capable of quick charging uh the the one light next to it is green and thats solar charging And if youd have all four blue lights lit up, that means its a hundred percent charge.

They ask you to charge it up a hundred percent before you use it for the first time so uh. So i will definitely do that. Uh, okay. So, on the flip side here this is also the the light and that should have a few modes here so lets. Try that out yeah there we go and then short press yeah, thats a little dimmer and then thats flashing and thats annoying. So lets turn that oh thats really flashing yeah, so lets turn it off. So you have two levels of flashing and two levels of brightness there, so uh yeah i mean i i guess if you were in an sos situation and you needed help, that flashing would be would be kind of handy but other than that, its mostly annoying. Okay, lets take a look at the usb ports on this guy and its got four of them and its got two usba ports uh that are of the quick charge, three status. So uh you, you know. Obviously, you need a quick charge, cable to charge a device but its nice to know that you can do that, and i believe they said that this is a quick charge. Cable, that comes with it, so charging a usbc uh device on with either one of these usba ports to usbc. You would get quick charge with the cable that comes with the with the power bank, and it also has a usbc uh. That is an input and an output, so in other words you would use that to charge uh the device, and then it has a micro usb.

That is also, if i read this instructions correctly, thats just an input, so i dont believe you can charge a micro usb device uh from there, but i guess the point of it is that would have to be now that i think that through that would be Micro, usb to micro usb, so why would you do that? You would have a usba to micro usb, so that is an input only and the usbc is an input and an output. So that makes sense to me now that i think about it. A little bit. Uh but uh yeah, so uh. The other thing is, it is also, i think it says, ip6 waterproof. Excuse me, ip67, waterproof now heres the thing it is a power bank youve got this cover that goes over the the usb connectors. I would say this im sure youre safe, getting it wet, but i certainly wouldnt submerge it. I i dont think so. Lets talk a little bit more about use cases with this uh power bank. I i can tell you personally im going to be using it when im out with my drones. Uh often i am away from my car and uh and need to charge some batteries up and with this uh, 30 000 milliamp battery. On this thing, uh, i should be able to charge several drone batteries with it, and i guess one of the things that they brag about is that you can charge four devices at a time.

I suppose that would be one uh wirelessly and if you had a usbc and two usba devices, you could do that so yeah. But in any case i dont know how often that would come into play, but it is available. Now. I guess if you were trying to charge your phone and and a device battery at the same time, a drone battery that can come in handy or i guess, if im thinking about it, the remote control on the drone. So i was really tickled when annie fong asked me to review this and uh. So this is a product that uh that im going to use and i suspect, use a lot and it is available on amazon. So i will put annie fongs link uh in the description and its available there and its a pretty reasonably priced. I know if you guys follow amazon. They have different discounts at different times, but uh. I think youre going to be able to find this at any. Given time between 30 and 40 dollars roughly around there, so yes, i look forward to using the uh any fong, thirty thousand uh milliamp power bank. I think its going to come in handy for me uh flying drones, so i guess thats about it and again i want to thank uh any fong for sending this to me for a review and again, im gon na put a link uh their link in the Description down below uh, this is marcus crawford with the idaho quadcopter channel out, and if you like this kind of content, please consider subscribing to my channel.

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