This is a solar power bank, 30, 000 milliamps, a really huge power, brick that you can use to charge a lot of the things that you have around your house, including your rc and thats. What uh intrigued me about it, because, obviously all these power banks, you can charge any of your rc stuff like a lot of the drones. I review and quite a few of the cars come with usb powered chargers, and this certainly can charge that also has wireless charging lets. Take a quick look at the packaging and well discuss all the features and then well take a look at those features before we end the review. So we can see here it says, of course, a solar power bank, so it can charge the internal 30 000 milliamp battery in there, using just sunlight, though as ill explain, thats a really really slow feature charging more of an emergency, and it also has wireless charging. As you see here for your cell phone, if your cell phone supports wireless charging – and you can do that at 10 watts – it can do 20 watt of the usbc fast charging. Some more features on the back ip67 waterproof just a few little things, a built in led light, which ill also show you guys so thats enough with the packaging. You just get the power bank. You get a usb c cable. You can use to either charge the uh battery or you can use it to actually charge your phone or whatever youre charging, so you can use it multi purpose there.

It comes with a little lanyard that you can use to put it into theres a little spot here right in here where the lanyard can go through and you can attach it to your backpack or whatever that way. If youre walking around youve attached your backpack, it can charge itself in the sunlight and your instruction manual. So first off lets discuss that solar charging um, the solar charging says, takes about 111 hours to fully charge this guy im sure thats. If it was all the way dead – and here are your solar panels built in here, so this is where its going to collect sunlight. So you want wed, want this side facing the sun. Youve got your battery meter here and then your power button is here on the side. So if i press it, youll see here that its fully charged right now, weve got 25 50, 75 and 100.. The red light means its ready for fast charging, and this green light is will light up whenever its outside and its uh charging itself off the sun. So as soon as you get it in the light which ill show you guys some video here with it outside and the green light is lit up because its in the sunlight outside. But it looks in the video. It may look a little hard to see. As you know, the sunlight looks like all the lights are sort of flashing, but the green light lights up and its charging the internal battery.

That way, youve also got your led light here on the back and whenever you turn it on, you hold that in, and this comes on well shine it down towards the table. I dont want to blow out the camera im filming with with a bright light, but you can see here you press it again and it will go to a dimmer state. So if you dont need it quite as bright, you press it again its going to go to a more like a uh, sos flash and if you press it again and go to a strobe light like maybe you want to have a dance party, you can see That, if you really want to get someones attention, you press it again and it turns off. So this is your solar panel. This is your light. This is also the side that you will use for wireless charging. Let me show you that, and um well be done with this. So i got my daughters phone because hers has supports wireless charging as long as its lit up youre going to make sure you press it and youve got power turned on and my daughters phone should come up here and say its charging and there we have 97. It was almost fully charged and its charged lets take it off again. Hopefully it stops put it back on there and then youll see the circle come up saying its charging, so it should charge pretty quick on the 10 watt charging on this side.

So just be sure you use this side, you may think its this side for the solar panels, but thats, actually not the wireless charging side and then here are the usb ports theyre under this rubber flap. They do that, since this is considered waterproof to protect those inside here, you got your two usb, a or full size, usb ports, a usbc and a micro usb. You can use all four of these to charge one something at the same time or you can bring the power in using either one of the uh usbc or a port excuse, usb c or micro usb to actually charge an internal battery off of like a wall Outlet and uh using the us, you know a usb adapter to a wall and that will charge us much much faster. I think it was like a minimum six hours um, whereas its gon na be like a hundred plus hours to charge it fully off the sun. So again, all your ports are behind there. Your wireless chargings on this side, your light and on this side, youve got your uh solar powered. Um. Excuse me, yeah your solar power charging and lets show you guys really quickly charging something off the usb port on here. So i got a usbc cable im just going to go ahead and plug that in ahead of time here its plugged in im going to turn the power on and lets see if i plug it in here, ive got a a drone battery.

This is fully charged. So hopefully it lights up and it does, and now it shows us charging, so we can charge it right off this youve got in the field. You want to charge another battery for something something like this is perfect. You dont have to worry about running your car battery down or plugging your car. You know into it. You can do this out in the field and carries in your drone, rc pack or your backpack, whatever you use for this stuff, so its going to charge at a pretty good rate off, though as well. So this is a 30 000 milliamp hour. So this is a really big battery, so its going to be able to charge a phone several devices for quite a long time. So, if youre interested in something like this, i highly recommend it ive been using this for the last few days and i really enjoy it and again the solar power is going to really provide a nice backup if youre out, camping or whatever – and you know you Can at least get this charged back up some off the sun. I mean realistically 111 hours, youre, looking at what five days sitting in the sun of course, thats straight hours and youre not going to get that many daylight depending on the time of the year. So the solar power is more of a backup to get some charge back. You really need to use an actual usb powered wall outlet or something to charge this quickly.

If you really are being realistic about it, but the solar is a nice option and a lot of people are going to like this wireless charging for their cell phones. My pixel, unfortunately doesnt support that thats. Why my daughters phone but im going to charge it off of wireless for a phone, its just so handy, you have to mess with cables. If you forget your cable, no big deal so yeah that wraps up this review, its pretty basic. I just thought: itd be nice. The features a little different on my channel like this. If youre interested in the annie, fong, uh, 30 000 ml milliamp power bank ill include a purchase link to amazon, where this is available down in the product description down below, so be sure to check that out. Anything you buy helps support my channel, but youre not gon na pay any more. In fact, many times i have coupons, youll actually save money if you buy it through the link, though, at this time i dont have any coupons for this particular product. So if youre new to the channel be sure to consider uh just subscribe, i mean mostly its rc stuff, but occasionally i will do something a little bit different like this.