So united states under part 107, when flying commercially, were required to have an anti collision light on our drone with a sufficient blink rate to avoid collision and visible at least three statute miles away now, both of these anti collision lights that i have in front of Me the wi fly strobe and the lume cube strobe both have sufficient blink rate of one blink per second or 60 blinks per minute. They also have that sufficient three plus statute mile visibility, but beyond that which ones the best. I think there might be good applications for both in certain situations, but were going to kind of figure. This out took some notes. The vi fly: strobe is 15 on race day quads, the lume cube strobe is forty dollars on most websites that i found on including amazon and a couple others both the wi fly and the lume cube. Strobe can be viewed 360 degrees and three plus statute. Miles of visibility, the wi fly: strobe is 6 grams in weight. The lume cube strobe is 10 grams in weight. Now the battery for the wi fi strobe is 160 milliamp hour, one cell battery and its right there, the battery for the lume cube strobe is inside and it looks like we might be able to pull it apart. Im, not sure if thats supposed to be done. However, it is also weather resistant. They both charge via micro usb right there. They also both come with their micro usb cables for charging.

They both also give indicators when theyre charging and when theyre completely charged the wi fly strobe charges in 1.5 hours for a total usage strobe time of four hours. The lume cube strobe charges in around 60 minutes. It says with 2.5 hours of strobe battery life. So you do have some mounting strips. These are just velcro that they give you and you can see theres a little bit more surface area for the loom cube strobe to stick to a drone loom. Cube strobe is also a little bit taller than the fly. So you got ta also think about that, if its going to get in the way of any obstacle avoidance sensors, now the vi fly, strobe has three white high powered, led lights, also a red and also a green one versus lume cube, which has four white leds And then to change the color to green or to red, you actually have to add an attachment, a filter to that light. So, basically, to turn on the vi: fly strobe. You press this button and you hold it for about a second. Maybe a second and a half turns on and it blinks twice every second. Then you press this button to cycle through each other mode. So im going to press it once thats like a still about one second but longer intervals for off and on and then continuous thats really cool on camera and then were going to go through the red led which acts the same way were going to cycle through.

Every button press does the same thing and theres continuous and then well go to green. So the green, red and white are all programmed to do. The same thing then were going to go back to the white im going to hold that button again and it powers off. Then the loom cube strobe here hold this for about three seconds. This will the top little hood. There is a button and so that blinks once every second and then we press it again and we get that longer. Duration of the light on then well hold it again and thats on continuous like before, and then we press again and were back to one per second, then we hold it for three seconds and it turns off very similar control. However, we had our red and our green options basically built in as opposed to having to put on these filters, which i think is a little bit more cumbersome. One good thing about the wi fly strobe is that it remembers what you had last like what setting you had last before you powered it off. So if i were to turn it on and if i were to go to lets, say green strobe right there and then hold that button to power it off and then power it back on by holding that button were still green. So we have the wi fly. Strobe right here you can see, i have it right in front of the battery.

So if i want to swap out batteries its going to be easy to do its as far back away from the obstacle of wind sensors, though so well see if it engages them, theres the light as the drone boots up very very bright. One thing im noticing about the velcro that that vi fly gave us. It doesnt seem to be very high quality. Look how much this moves kind of has me concerned, and i really push it down and hope its not going to go anywhere, but that is very loose. In my opinion, no obstacle avoidance error messages which is awesome. Now it really depends where you put the lights on your aircraft. So since i have it on top, i cant see it when its up in the sky. I dont think thats a problem. I think that any collision avoidance sensors need to be like more level with the horizon or level with the drone 360 degrees around which it is so, even though i dont see it from below. If i were to lower the drone. Look at those clouds. If i were to lower the drone there, it becomes visible, see that now the light doesnt look terribly much more bright than the uh, the lights on the aircraft. But i guess the blink rate is the good thing about this and the lower. We go the more. We do see that that light becomes more prominent than the drone itself. The lights on the aircraft itself so anyway, well go back up and right about there yeah right about there.

Our vantage point goes away were about 100 feet up and 500 feet away much further than this. I dont think im gon na be able to show on camera, but um the drone is still higher than we are so were looking up at it and we do still see a little bit of blinking, although if we were to be more level with it, i Think wed see it a lot more all right, heres the loom cube strobe, and i put it as far back as i could before we got to the battery. So this way i can still swap out the battery well even thats. A little close. I could still swap out the battery without having to take off the light. Now. I think that the velcro is higher quality on the loom cube, but the fact they only give us one means that ive stuck this and restuck and unstuck. This couple times and im already starting to see that its, not quite as sticky as it used to be – and here we go with the loom, cube, strobe, also very nice. So it looks like it might be a little brighter than the wi fly, of course were using four white leds as opposed to the other one, which only had three, because the other two are multi color um. So lets go ahead and get this up and see what it looks like a little higher up. Okay, we still got a.

We still got a view of the blinking even down here, thats good, raining a little bit. How about that talking about um! You know how this is weatherproof, but i am 500 feet out 100 feet up. The interesting thing is, i actually dont see it as much as i did. The wi fly theres much less of a visible strobe. Oh my cameras having trouble auto, focusing on that little dot so further out from the same viewing angle, i dont see the loom cube strobe as well. Also, i noticed the obstacle avoidance of the drone is being affected by the lume cube strobe, not all the time, but sometimes sometimes that little error message in the upper left will go away and then itll come back, but its definitely at the frequency of the blinking Of the strobe by loom, cube didnt, get that with vi fly, uh higher viewing angle with loom, cube, lower viewing angle or more, i guess, surround viewing angle with firefly, and this also seems to get in the way of what im thinking. What im, assuming is these obstacle avoidance, sensors, theyre sensing, something one thing im noticing about the loom cube? Is that every time i try and press it on to make sure that sticky is stuck? I turn it on by accident, because that whole top face is a button. So if you just barely even touch it, you have turn it on. This has led to it being turned on inside my drone bag for long lengths of time and just wasting battery.

I dont think thats going to happen with the vifly version. Vifly did send me this strobe. However, it was my idea to pit them against each other, so i do appreciate vivefly for being willing to do that. I think that either one is good for various purposes. Like being weather resistant for the lume cube, or you know having a wider footprint, if you need that ease of use is great for this one also probably easier to zip tie around, maybe an fpv quad. If you needed to – or something like that, so i think that there is use for the vifly. For that reason, i also think that the price 15 versus 40 means that you could probably pick up a couple of these, maybe even three of them for nearly the price just a little bit over the price of one of these thanks so much for watching everybody.