This is all about the beta fpv hx115 lr, its another 1s little tiny micro, size, 3 inch, toothpick style long range drone that you can put elrs on there or you can put other types of receivers. This one does run 5.8 on here and it has some differences between the happy model crux 3 and lr that we looked at yesterday. This one is very similar, but it comes in two different options. You can get the one with the one s450 battery option its going to be a cheaper battery, but youre only going to get three to five minute flight times on that type of setup, with the bt 2.0 connector. So a little bit of difference in size as well. The nlr is a little bit bigger, as you can see right here, its going to put them close up, so you can see them in focus there and well put them on the scale both together and well. Weigh them with the battery and without the battery, but this one can also be set up to fly a 1s 18650 lion pack on top here. So all you have to do is 3d print. The parts and wire it up its pretty simple, its just a positive and negative connection, its not super difficult to wire that up there there are instructions on the internet, but were gon na fly this one today, im gon na give you my opinion on this one. The setup and what i think about the way they built this one up and also the tune as always and the durability factor for this one and what they use for the power system well talk about that as well.

Its a little different than the nlr from happy models, so compare contrast today and a little bit of flying, and so, if you want to see what you can get for the nlr in comparison, this is a great video. I mean this is theyre both 130 dollars. So, which one should you get 15 minute flight time ready to go or five minutes flight time so um yeah? I know what my choice is, but were gon na go ahead and fly this one review it today for you anyway, just be just because i have it and uh it is fun to fly and pretty smooth. So if you want to fly close proximity, this ones going to fly a little more accurate, but indoors are outdoors. It can also be a rocket a lot of fun, so watch out for the cairns guys. Here we go out into the world of karens. Here we go okay, guys watch out for the cairns they are close by, but were indoors right now, so were not worried about the cairns um. This should be a care and free zone right here. Im flying my drone leave me alone, so were gon na go ahead and start out with just stability mode indoors and if youre, a new guy just start out on stability mode indoors the tune on here i have to make a comment about it is: it is Fairly soft, if youre gon na learn acro, i feel like this drone is a good acro trainer.

If you want to learn how to fly acro and not really break a lot of stuff or a lot of props, it is possible to take this one outside and learn somewhere where theres kind of some tall grass, you can set up a beeper. I think the the another difference between this one and the crux 3 is that this tune is a little softer. The vtx is 350 milliwatt in here, so its probably going to be a little stronger signal back to your goggle, meaning less break. I feel like the antenna on this. One is a little better. It is like a right hand, circular polarized antenna, so i think thats nicer. The crux 3 has a dipole on the back and that ones also built into the flight controller, so thats an aio vtx and look how solid this vtx is out here, but see how slow that roll rate is its dialed back quite a bit, and it is A lot softer ive talked about a long range tune before people. Ask me what should the tune be like for long range? Typically, we like to have it nice and smooth and soft on the sticks. It just gives us a little better cinema quality type video when were trying to be smooth and flying through canyons or mountain surfing. This is nice, but it feels like youre flying long range, even in a big field like this. It just feels like youre way out there, because this quad is so small.

I mean scale is relative right, so thats kind of the way this field feels, even though i could walk and pick this quad up right here and if youre gon na fly a lipo again the flight time on this ones, gon na be limited, freestyle flight around Say three minutes: five minutes for a cruising flight on a brand new battery. If you have an older battery on this power system, the big difference between this one and the other one. The crux 3 is that this one has 1102 motors, which is kind of an older type of motor than what the crux 3 is running. The crux 3 is running 12 series motors 1205s, so on the 18650 theyre pretty efficient and those are 11 500 kvs and the 1102s are coming in at 18, 000 kb. So these motors are more hopped up than the other ones, even though theyre bigger they have a little less amp draw than these motors are pulling so with the lipo its going to give you yeah again a shorter flight time lighter weight. Quad, though, so its actually fun to fly for freestyle and in this flight im going to do a little bit of freestyle for you so were going to check out the roll rate. Look how slow that is! Thats, not super fast. So this is. This is good for beginners and i like to to give these tips out for the new guys that are getting into our hobby whats kind of safe.

To start out with this, one is a great acro trainer look at how slow that roll rate is and depending on your skill level, that might seem fast to you, but im used to a lightning fast tune on a 5 inch race quad. So this one feels kind of like a pontoon boat in comparison, but it can get going on a pretty good tilt and it does some nice low proximity, type of freestyle and again this one has a great vtx one here: its a standalone, vtx 350 milliwatt versus The crux 3 is 200, mil a lot so youre getting a little bit better vtx here, but honestly on 200 milliwatt, you can go miles out. You can actually get miles out 125 milliwatt, its not comfortable, but it can be done and right here, im coming around this tree right here and i just happen to fail safe right here in this flight test, which is good a little bit of durability test. I had a little bit of mud on the front of the quad, and all i had to do was take back off and finish that battery. So i got about three minute flight time out of this quad um, with my one s450, its also a little bit cold and cold does affect the batteries as well guys. So keep that in mind on a warmer day if the lipo is a little bit warmer, keep them in your car, nice and warm and youll have maybe another 20 seconds on that lipo battery 18650 same way.

Keep those warm in your car keep the heater on. If its winter time, right before you get out, but what a great day for flying and again i got ta make some comments for the ant camera. I say great day because this camera looks good its on both of these quads either one you decide to buy its on the hx uh 115 and the caddux ants, also on the crux 3. and now were getting down to the bottom of this battery. Look at the the battery voltages in the bottom left. You can see im also cruising at 35 to 38 throttle. I found that if i went up to about 60 throttle that my 1s lipos really sag out extremely bad im, just going to do one more fly over the van there and i was going to go to the end of this road and turn around. But look at my battery voltage start to tank now, and this battery is really sagging down at the bottom end, and the one thing that bothers me about this quad is that when that battery gets low on this quad, this is what happens. Just complete blackout and im on the ground there might be a carrying around waiting for me in the bushes somewhere. All right guys. Welcome back from the flight test, the hx 115 long range um. First of all, it weighs 59 grams with the battery. So thats a lot lighter than yesterdays review of the happy model.

Crux: 3 nlr. This is a long range 18650 type of drone that gets a 15 minute flight time. 110 grams total takeoff weight there with the flight controller, escs motors props, everything frame and the receiver on board. This one has an elrs option for long range, which this configuration some guys were making some comments in the video yesterday. The anti karen drone is the the coined name of this one im flying my drone leave me alone, t shirts for this one coming soon. Hopefully this ones set up for long range. This one is more of a backyard flower. I mean lets just be honest here. This one is called a long range drone, but until you have an 18650 battery up there, youre not going to get 15 minutes flight time out of a 1s 450. The 1s 450 is like a three to five minute battery. You know it is weighing in at 59 grams with that, but its only a five minute max cruising flight time, so um quite a bit more weight. With that 18650 battery i mean in comparison. Youve got an 18650 by itself, weighing in at 46 grams, so thats heavier than some tiny whoops out there, and this one s 450 lipo is weighing in at 13 grams, so man its almost like five times heavier than the 450 here. So but you get a much longer flight time out of the line and these are easier to find too and theyre, not proprietary, like this bt, 2.

0 connector. Now, if you do get this version, the reason you know why would you get this version over the happy model? Crux 3. Lr. Well, maybe because you dont care about long range and you want to fly something small and light and fast around your backyard. If you have even a smaller sized backyard, you can fly this one comfortably with a handful of batteries and if youre going to go this route, i would recommend getting that beta fpv six in one or really 12. In one charger it can charge bt 2.0 from beta fpv those batteries or it can charge your standard ph, 2.0 connectors right here. So three on this side, three on this side and you have a switch on here for changing it from standard lipo, which is 2.4 volt to 3.5 volt, and that is the difference between regular lipo and an hv lipo. So if you see hv on the battery, you can charge it as an hv at 3.5 volt, but do not charge a battery thats, not an hv battery. As an hv battery, you will blow up the cell, so this one happens to be an hv. It doesnt say hv on here, but it does say 3 4.35 volt on here, so you can see that real, close right there thats something to look out for that means that youre going to get a little longer flight time on an hv battery versus a standard. Lipo, but i take this everywhere, i go.

I i run this in my van on my usb port on my dashboard, and you can also run it from an external battery bank or just plug it into the wall. These are. These are kind of convenient. If you have a 1s quad, so the big difference you know, elephant in the room here is the flight time for the lipo setup versus the 18650 setup. The 18650 is a battery that you can find just about anywhere. Local vape shop sells them, and this one is going to be more proprietary and a shorter flight time, but the cool thing about both of them is that they can fly long range. It does come with an elrs receiver on it. If you want to beta fpv has their own version, and this one has the nano tx module support. This receiver will also bind up to the happy model. The nano light module that they released for elrs, so its cool that you can use the same module or go back and forth between these two receivers. So both are elrs and they both run on crsf protocol, which is awesome but yeah. If you want to, you can get a tpu conversion bay for an 18650 to go on this one and its not hard to solder that up to this quad guys, all it is, is a simple, positive and negative wire that goes straight to where your original battery Lead goes positive and negative on the flight controller and you can see theres a big fat wire that goes up right here and thats, a red wire thats, your positive going to the front of this and then the black wire in the back.

You can see right straight through this hole right here, that is the ground wire going to the back of this terminal. So, instead of having this little tiny bt, 2.0 connector with positive negative, that doesnt show you, which one is positive, negative and typically in our hobby, the flat side is the positive. So the one the terminal on the flat side is going to be the positive wire and the one on the rounded side up top is going to be the ground wire same thing on, like the xt30 and the xt60 configuration so thats kind of universal in the Hobby but its cool that they have the option to run an 18650 on here. So if you bought this one, you know its not the end of the world. You can make it a long range drone, but as it stands with this type of lipo configuration its not a long range drone, its more of a backyard cruiser. So this one has an f4 12 amp ao app flight controller on here with a built in spi, elrs receiver. The antenna comes out the front on this one and i believe they had the antenna coming out the back on this one, the original one that i got. They also have the spi tower right there. You can see this little tower that im pointing at right here. That is your connection to elrs there, and they both have similar props on board. These are three inch props and they are pretty standard for most of these toothpick drones.

Now this one, i feel like will probably be a little more durable and a crash because it is lighter its way, lighter so durability factor this ones going to be lighter and and probably more resilient to beginner crashes. But this one is going to get you out there way further and theres like the same price, so thats thats, the big thing. The other big thing that you need to know about both of these is that, if youre looking for one that has a stronger vtx, it would be the beta fpv version. This one has a 350 milliwatt vtx one here, and this ones not a built in vtx. This one actually stands above it and i put a little piece of tape here between the vtx and this top plate, because this is really stinking close right here, almost touching that carbon plate, you do not want that vtx to touch this carbon plate. So, whereas here this has plenty of room in between that carbon sandwich and this bottom plate and this bottom plate is actually plastic, so this is not going to be conductive. Carbon fiber is conductive, so you want to be super careful there. You dont make any contact top or bottom here. Ive had people build stuff in the past where they tightened down the top screws too much, and then they had some problem where the flight controller touched the bottom plate. So you get an instant uh puff of smoke when that happens, so um yeah thats a whole other topic in another video.

But this is a lot of fun and ill leave the the link for both of these down below and as far as you know, the one thats going to fly the longest and furthest its going to be the the crux 3 nlr thats, the one you want To grab for around the same price, if you want to fly 15 minutes, if you just want a backyard cruiser, the hx 115 is fine either. One of these are anti karen drones. Theyll keep away the soccer moms and theyre super super super super super quiet, especially that 1s configuration very quiet, but once they get up in the air and they start moving just a little bit yeah the guys, hopefully, the karens going to leave you guys alone, im Flying my drone leave me alone right ill. Try to get you guys, those t shirts, but make sure you make your comments on this video down below and uh, be sure to subscribe on the channel and youll be entered to win that center race 20. Coming up from flywood at the end of this month, right here on the channel guys take care and be safe and keep it in the blue out there happy fpv everybody.